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   Chapter 15 I'm What !

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It's been a week since we went to Chris's funeral. She was fine when we went home but a mysterious call that she received after that made her out of character.

Ava seems different after that call, like she's totally not herself. I wonder who's the caller? I wanted to ask her about whatever matter that has been playing in her mind but, I don't want to add more burden on her shoulder.

"Your going back to the dorm today correct?" I was startled by her sudden appearance at the door. I was just finished packing my bags when she appeared. I nodded. She looks like she wanted to say something but it never happen.

"I'll send you. Just tell when your ready." Again I nodded before she went inside the room and sat on the bed. She sighed before laying on it.

"You look like your having a bit of trouble? Anything you want to share?" I went to sit beside her and touched her thigh.

"Share? Alright. I'm stressed out." Stress? She got up with her elbow and face me.

"Tell me, you had sex with that dead man before?" Where does this coming from?! I was reluctant to answered her but when she seems serious and glaring, I complied.

"We did. We were 16 when we had our first." She suddenly laughed at the fact. "How many times have you been together intimately?" Thats a personal question between Chris and I! I sighed.

"I've lost count. We've been together for so long and recently broken up. What do you think?" She got up to a sitting position before buried her face on her hands as if she's crying.

But I know her well, she's not even crying. That's her way of dealing with her anger.

Why does she have to be so angry at something that will never happen again.

"Ava ... I'm your wife now. Don't be this way." I placed my arm around her shoulder.

"I'm not completely honest with you." She suddenly said. What does she meant by not completely honest?

"You've been keeping a secret from me?" I asked before she slowly nodded.

"What kind of secret?" I am curious and nervous at the same time. While keeping a compose composure, knowing she's been hiding something from me after I've been so honest with her, every single scenario has been running wild in my brain as I wait for her to speak up.

"Your actually my second wife." She said lowly but I heard her clearly!

I immediately removed my arms around her and stood up from the bed with expression of disbelief. I don't know how to react to what she just said so I glared at this so call wife of mine.

"What are you saying? Are you saying I'm just someone you go to when she's not there for you?!" She wanted to hold my hands but I spat it away.

"No don't say that."

"Is that why you proposes the contract when we marry each other? Was she the reason?" She shaking her head no.

"THEN WHAT?! WHY MARRY ME WHEN YOU HAVE A WIFE ALREADY YOU BITCH!" I can't believe I have to face another betrayal like this! I wanted to run away but she managed to hugged me from behind.

"Please don't run away. She knows about you. She went to our wedding. She even sign the marriage form that stating her consent of our marriage." She does?

So she's not actually cheating on her first wife?

"Wait, that's impossible. There's no way someone could be that kind towards others. Your bluffing. You don't even have a first wife right? Your trying to get back at me, right?" I laughed it off but she didn't laugh. Instead she hugged me even tighter.

"I'm not lying. She's in Astor right now. She was furious when she learned about the contract we had together. That's why I tried to revoke them. Nicole ... I'm sorry for lying to you. At first I was trying so hard to make you to hate me but .... my heart decided to not listening to what I have to say."

I'm her second wife? Is this even real? Why could her first wife even agreed to be sharing her wife with me? Is this even reality right now?

"Why are you telling me this now?"

"I don't want to lie anymore. I just want to let you know the truth before it's too late."

"Who is the woman?" I asked with bitterness.

"She's the daughter of a duke. It's safe to say this is all a political marriage." I can't believe this is happening to me. What did I do to deserve this?!

"Why did our parents force us to be together when your parents know that your married to her?" I asked because my curiosity are over the top now.

"I ... I don't know ... I'm just following orders." I can't believe this. I'm a home wrecker. I'm a fucking home wrecker! I finally managed to release myself from her hug and wanted to leave her alone when she covered the door with her body.

"Nicole. I'm sorry. I know I've been a terrible person. Please, come with me to Astor." What? She wants me to go to Astor? Don't tell me she wants me to meet her first wife!

"Why should I? If you want to go just go. I'm going back to the dorm anyway." I went to my bags but she hold it down. She suddenly kneel in front of me, grabbing both my hands, begging.

"Please... come

t. I know her too well. She's probably talk to you about some matters and that's all. But she would never use force except when it's necessary for her to do so." She explained.

Well that's good. But, if she does resort to violence, I will happily accept it since ... I am at fault in this matter. We finished our food and I continued to read my book while Ava looking through her work. Sometimes I feel sorry for her.

I've been neglecting her and I don't feel good about it. But ... I just ... i ... can't change the fact that she lied to me ... yes I did lied to her a lot when we first married but I come clean immediately after we were busted.

But still, she's always been good to me even after I lied to her.

She does yelled a lot when that happened but ... I can't forget how loving she was. I sighed heavily until it gained her attention. She was looking up to me when I walked towards her and suddenly sat on her lap.

"Whoa. What's wrong?" She asked.

"I'm sorry for being an asshole." I apologised.

"No ... it's me who suppose to apologise to you. I've been a bad wife and I've been lying to you. I'm sorry." She rested her head on my chest as she hugged my body.

I was at bliss at this moment. I soon realised that this bliss will soon end as we landed in Astor. With her first wife there, I, the second wife shouldn't be in the way. Maybe I should try to tolerate about this matter.

Like Aaliyah said, its common right?

Who am I kidding! I probably get too possessive when i see them both together. I sighed mentally. We stayed like this for a few minute before I went to her side and hugged her sideways as she continued to do her work.

Little did I know I was doze off until she woke me up and told me that we had arrived in Astor.

"Welcome home Duchess Avalynn ... and Duchess Nicole I presume." I was still in daze but smile at the man who spoke to me.

Wait, Duchess? Me?!

"Duchess Katharina has prepared a car for you both to use. It's waiting for you. Don't worry about your bags Milady, I'll be taking care of them." Me, a Duchess? How is that even possible?

Damn this title really get into my mind.

"You okay? You look surprise." She asked when she helped me up. I can't tell her that the title gets into me. She'll laugh at me.

So ... the first wife didn't pick us up herself huh. I was surely thought she would be the first person to meet us since she haven't seen Ava for so long. Ava took my hand and we both walked down to the car that's waiting for us.

"Welcome home my Duchess." A driver opened the door for us after he bow.

"Lady Katharina apologised for not being here herself. She has a pack schedule today. But she did told me that she will be home to welcome you both." Ava and I went inside the car.

I can't shake the feeling that this first wife seems to be very important here in Astor and she's a Duchess to boot.

Who am I compare to her? I am nothing! I'm just a student who's struggling with her grade while this first wife is a Duchess!

I am so out of league.

"You seems distant. What's wrong? Worried? Nervous?" I nodded.

"Don't worry. She may be important in this country but she's a human being like us. Come on, she's your wife as well after all." I still can't believe that I'm this kind of relationship.

How did it come to this?

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