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   Chapter 14 What should we do

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I chuckled at her text. So she finally driving her own car huh.

"Have fun at the social. It's too bad that I am not invited." I texted her back.

I was smiling like a maniac when Kelly gained my attention by slamming the files on my desk. She was glaring while I apologised for my action. She continued the Little meeting between us as she beginning to explained the status of GRC or Grimaldi Relief Centre.

"We received a few positive feedbacks and a few negative one. It's normal for something like this though. I wonder if we should proceed on introducing this proposal for the upcoming department meeting. Your thoughts?" She looked up to me.

"I think we should proceed. From certain point of view, I think this city need this centre for it to become a city with tolerance towards others." Kelly suddenly laughed at my comment.

"Alright boss. Anything else?" Suddenly I remembered something important.

"Milan and Grace Bonavich. Put their name in the list of people meeting me today. They said they wanted to see me in the office. I think that is all. I don't have any plans for today right?" Kelly nodded before she excuse herself.

Once she's out from my office, I pressed a button under my desk. The curtains covered the windows behind me before a plain wall facing directly at me opening up, showing a huge monitor hiding behind it.

I turned it on by pressing another button under my desk and smiled when the Astor family's crest showed up on screen.

Like always, I'm just finished my routine report for my uncle, the king. He told me that he felt guilty that his first born son would be the next in line for the throne while it's suppose to be me.

I just don't know how to tell him that it's okay if Daniel's the one who will rule that country. I never wanted to be royalty but ... since mom's born as one ... that makes me one as well. I sighed.

I'm glad that my parents decided to moved away from Astor and not embracing in being a member of the royal family. Taking care of a country probably the least job I wanted to do.

I heard someone knock on my door as I sending the report. "Hold on." It's probably Nicole's sisters. I waited until the report were sent before I sign out from the Astor official site and letting them both in.

Milan were shocked when she walked into a dark office room. I almost forgot she's not a fan of dark places. "Sorry." I apologised before I pressed on the button under my desk.

"Does Nicole know about us meeting you?" Milan asked. I shake my head no to replied her. She looked at Grace before they both facing me.

"I want you to make her beautiful." Grace suddenly said as she pointed at Milan who's nodding her head with hopes in her eyes.

"Make you beautiful? But you both look beautiful as always." Grace suddenly stood up and shaking her head together with her finger.

"My sister need to be super sexy and beautiful. She has a prom to attend. And I have a bet with my friends about it too." She mumbled the last part but I heard her clearly.

A bet? What kind of bet a 14 year old can do?

"I understand. You want to have a make over for your prom? Is that why you make the call to me privately? Why do you guys have to be so in discreet about it?" I asked before reaching for my phone.

"Because we want to surprise them all. Milan need to be extra beautiful. My sister need to be sexy." Grace seems determined. "Did something happen?" I asked while texting one of my stylist available.

"Friends in school don't believe us that Nicole marry someone as famous as you. They started to making fun of Grace, saying she's telling a lie. And some of her friends make fun of me for being ... like this." Being like her?

Well I do noticed how she dressed like a boy sometime but what's the problem? Androgynous famous is in right now.

"I understand." I pressed a button on the office telephone and called for Kelly. Seconds later she came in.

"Kelly be a doll and bring Milan to the studio. I texted Queenie about her situation." Kelly nodded and lead Milan to the studio.

Grace stayed with a smile on her face. "And you young lady, your going back to school. I'll send you myself." I stood and showed her what I'm wearing.

"This is okay right? Let's do something about those friends of yours. Okay?" She nodded excitedly. I grabbed my car keys on my desk and my handbag before leading her to the parking lot.

I told Kelly via text to letting Milan stayed in my office when she's done while I sent Grace to her school. I noticed she's not opening the door to the passenger seat as she just stare at it for a second.

"What's wrong?" I asked while opening the driver seat door.

"We're going to school with that?" She asked.

"Well it is a car after all. So yes." I smiled before ushered her to opened them.

"I don't know how to open them." I laughed before I went inside and opened the door for her. "It looks so complicated for me to handle. By the way, is it just me or every time we met you had different kind of ride each time?" She asked before shutting the door herself.

I smiled while shrugging my shoulder.

"You kept Nicole's photo in the car?" Huh? Wait, did I forget to put the picture in the dashboard?! I gave her my nervous laugh. "Yes. She's staying in the dorm for the whole week." Grace turned the picture over.

"What do you see in her? For us, she's a demon who always force us to study. She's evil!" She whispered the last part. So her own sisters thought she's a demon and a evil person? Hah!

"Have you seen her room? It's nasty." I raise my eyebrows.

"Nasty?? She's not a fan of cleaning?" Grace shaking her head no. "Mom alw

angry isn't she.

"Your being disrespectful. Apologised to his family right now!" She's even yelling at me in front of his family! I gave her a glare before she glared back at me with more intense looks.

Now that's scary. I sighed heavily before facing his parents.

"I'm sorry for letting my feelings taking over." I said before turning to Nicole. "Happy?" She was shaking her head before she went to Christopher's mother. His father on the other hand, watching me closely, afraid I might doing something indecent again.

"Why are you wearing sunglasses inside?" He asked. Honestly I didn't even notice it myself. I took it off and heard a few gasped from nearby guests. What so shocking after seeing me?

"Avalynn Grimaldi ... so Chris was telling the truth. That Nicole marry a woman." So he did talked about me to his family? I wonder what else he talked about.

"It is I. Why? Marrying the same gender is a big no no in your family here sir?" He shake his head no.

"It's just ... Chris was planning to marry Nicole ... before this whole thing happened. Nicole was like a daughter to us. After we learned what he had done to her ... we were sadden and angry at the same time. We never expect that he's like that." Thats right! Your son here is a big bad boy.

"What? You expect your son to be good in the eyes of God? Listen here sir, I'm sorry for being rude but I will never forgive someone who nearly cause my wife to be rape." I said this into his ears as quiet as possible.

Angry as I am, I wouldn't want his family to suffer more embarrassment in front of all these guests. "I'm sorry ... I didn't realised I raise a son who acted that way to his love one." He apologised.

"No ... I'm sorry. I shouldn't be rude to the dead and your family. I was raise to be a lady and what I did today clearly showed how unladylike I have become."

I noticed Nicole talking to a woman at the corner of my eyes.

"Say sir, who's that woman talking to Nicole?" He turned. "That's my daughter, Chris's little sister. I believe she was the one who told Nicole about his death." So she's the person who made her cry.

It didn't take me long to noticed wide variety of pictures on the wall that has Nicole's image in them. Seems like she's part of the family with this many photos of them together. There's even a picture of her and Chris on the night of the prom.

Family barbecue, birthday parties, even Christmas and thanksgiving, Nicole's there with them. I didn't even realised I wonder into someone's room when I noticed the scenery. I looked around before entering the room for more peeks.

When I came across a picture frame of Nicole together with Chris, I immediately pieces the puzzle in my head when I'm actually inside Christopher's room.

Nicole did told me that she knew him since elementary school but to think they've known each other for this long ... it's quite unsettling.

How could he betrayed her trust and sold her off just like that. Not to mention that he even sold Mary, Nicole's best friend!

"Your not suppose to be in here." A voice startled me and it was the little sister. She ushered me out of the room and close the door behind her.

"It's your fault he died. It's your fault." She looked up to me with tears in her eyes.

"I won't forgive you. Not ever. You'll die knowing you just kill someone dear to me!" I smiled at her before i wiped her tear stained cheek.

"Oh honey ... I will die in peace now that he's dead. Don't expect me to feel threatened. You don't know what I've been through in life." I didn't mean to warned her but ... it just had to be done.

She seems frightened by the fact that I just threatened her. I let my hands off of her and watched her go. I sighed.

"This is mess up!" I said before finding my wife.

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