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   Chapter 13 Ava's Truth

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NICOLE'S POV (Put on Vespertine Bloom while reading this chapter)

She winked? Why would she ....

"Hey!" I was surprised.

Without thinking of asking my permission, she took my crutch away and carried me like a princess to the middle of the dance floor. Everyone were looking at us, wondering what she's planning to do.

"I was hoping that you would, you know, weight a little heavier than this. My my ..." she chuckled before she started to twirl around while her eyes focus on me.

"What are you doing?" I asked, worried she might hit someone on the dance floor.

"Dancing of course .... with my wife. Since you can't dance with that ankle of yours, why not carried you like a princess?" She smile before she avoided collided with Mary and Prince Daniel. I blushed in deep shade of red when everyone's eyes were on us.

Man, this woman really knows how to gained attention to herself. I thank God when the music end and she finally let me down, giving my crutch again. I sigh in relief. "Wow... just wow Nicole." I heard Mary said when she went to my side.

"Who would've thought your into that kind of things. I never seen you do that with your ex." Of course they don't do what she did. They doesn't have the balls like she does .... even though she's a woman.

I noticed she's dancing with her sister now. "Anyway, why are you here? I thought your getting mushy with Prince Daniel." I nudged her side. She suddenly sigh. "Those bothers stole him from me right after we end the dance. I know I know it's normal for him to dance with anyone else since he's single but still ... I want to have him." She made a cute tiger sound to end it.

"You sound like a preseason rather than a woman who seek romance." I commented. "Seems like aunt Amelia land herself one of the biggest fish in the sea." She was referring to THE president himself. "Well, Ava's taste in men for my aunt seems a little high."

Suddenly a man who looks like a prince greeted us. After introducing himself as Prince Zachariah, he face Mary and asked for her hand. "May I have this dance with you?" He asked politely. Mary winked at me before she took the Prince's hand.

He lead her to the middle of the dance floor and started to dominate the dance floor with their aura. Seems more like a challenge for me joe that both Prince Zacahriah and Daniel made eye contact.

Mary doesn't seem like she noticed but ... I think .... Daniel was jealous of this development.

"Here we go again. I can't believe those two. But, seeing from his reactions he seems to be fond of Mary." Ava's right. Daniel seems rather agitated. Wait, Ava? I thought she's dancing with her sister.

Not long after, Ava's parents gained everyone's attention when he announced his big news to all of the investors and guest of the party. The thing is, I didn't practice my facial feature at all for this party like I did at the runway show.

When my father in law announced both of our name as the new face of this company, I was baffled. I never knew that having the second largest share holder would permitted me to be on this stage, smiling at all these important people.

"To think that someone like her hold the second largest shareholder, it's funny how the Grimaldi throw away its good name down the sewer." Not many people as open minded as my in laws and the rest of he Grimaldi family. It's comical how I manage to stand here, listening to those old farts talk bad about me.

What's so wrong being average? Is it a crime to be here even if I'm not from a distinguished family?

"Don't worry about them. They don't have anything better to do. Just smile and treat everyone equally. Act according to the situation. Do not let your feelings get the best of you." Ava whispered as we in the presence of the investors.

She's right... every action I took will reflect on her as well. I can't thrash her name that's easily ... not again.

"Say Lady Ava, would be you attending the gala hosted by Princess Aqua? It's for the opening of the country's new theme park but I'm sure there will be a lot of chances to gain more investor for that new project of yours."

Seriously I have no idea what are they saying right now. What is this about Ava's new project?

"I did received an invitation from the princess herself but, I need to make sure of my wife's schedule first." What? My schedule? What does it have to do with me? Hold on, I am her wife. Meaning I have to be where she's at huh? I can't help the feeling like I'm marrying a politician.

"Seems Prince Zachariah and Prince Daniel fighting over a woman again. Honestly those two, why do they always fallen for the same woman?" They chuckled at how Mary handle things between the prince's.

"I'll be right back gentleman." Ava excuse herself and went towards them.

"Ahhh. Seems like our Lady Ava will end this feud like always. You see Lady Nicole, Ava always be the one who stopped those two from fighting since they were little." So they're childhood friends? I wonder what kind of life does Ava born into.

I mean, at first I thought she's only a model and her family one of the leading names in the entertainment industry. But now that I'm in the family, so many things keep popping out from the hid

uch a beautiful woman like those two can even do such thing. I mean, what did they do wrong?

"You know what, just sit at the counter, don't do and touch anything ... I mean it." I warned them. They all raised both their hands and went to the stool bar.

I sighed before started to do the cake first since the cookies will only take few minutes to prepared.

I noticed that my wife discreetly taking pictures of me but I know what she's up to. It's not that hard to realised that she's been taking them since I can see her phone's reflection from the mirror behind her.

"Fiona, you should learn how to bake as well since I love pastry." Veronica nudged the model's side.

"I like spaghetti but did I ask you to be a cook?" Fiona retorted. Ava chuckled. "I have such a beautiful wife yes? She even know how to make my stomach happy." Ava showing me off.

While waiting for the cake to be done in the oven, I proceed to make the cookies. I even taught them a thing or two how to make the cookies crispy enough to eat. When I heard the oven's beeping sound, I went to grabbed the cake from the oven and placed it in front of them all.

I noticed Ava swallowed the lumps in her throat. I even smacked Veronica's hand when she wanted to try the cake. Satisfy with the result of the cake, I placed the cookies inside the oven next.

While waiting for the cookies, i took the melted chocolate from earlier from the fridge and spread it all over the cake making it looks like a chocolate cake from the outside.

"And that's how you make a red velvet chocolate cake." I end it all with a smile on my face, happy that it all turns right.

When the cookies are done, once again I smacked Veronica's hand from taking it. "This is mom. Not you. Beside its hot. You'll burn your fingers easily. By the way, you all only eat them when mom said you can have some, then you do."

"Demon." She mumbled but I heard her clearly.

"A devil actually." Ava added.

"True true." Even Fiona joining in.

It's not lunch time yet but my mother in law, Aaliyah was drooling when she came into the kitchen. "Look so delicious. Give me a spoon and a plate." I did as told and even cut a slice of the cake for her to taste.

"Is it really okay for you to have dessert now? You'll ruin your appetite mom." Ava warned her. "You can have a bite as well. Dig in." Veronica didn't even hesitated to take the freshly bake cookies and so does Fiona.

Aaliyah moaned when she taste the first bite of the cake. "It's beautiful. Ahhh... I can see the heavens now. I was right to marry her to you Ava. She's a great baker." I blushed when she compliment me.

"This baby is happy as well." Aaliyah was rubbing her belly.

"Really? Hey little sis or bro, you happy in there?" Ava leaned in her ears to her mother's visible small bump.

"This is phenomenal." Even Fiona compliment me. She's not so bad after all.

"My god. Ava, please, can I have her?" Both Ava and Fiona hit Veronica's shoulder. I smiled while they enjoyed the cake and cookies. It's fulfilling how they like the things I made.

"Hun, thank you for doing all of this for my mother." Ava thanked me before she leaned in over the counter and kissed me on the lips.

It was so sudden that I didn't even get to return the kiss for her when she pulls away. I blushed even harder as Veronica made fun of us.

"Ava and Nicky sitting on the tree .... K I S S I N G!" They laughed at us.

Ugh, stop it you guys... my heart can't take it.

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