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   Chapter 12 Unfortunate Day.

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"Fiona ..."

She ignored me as she walked down the hallway. What's her problem now?

"FIONA!" She finally turned her head to me but somehow I can feel the hostility. "What do you want? I thought you push me away for that wife of yours." That's how she want to play?

"My personal life doesn't have anything to do with our professional life. I want to discuss about your recent behaviour with a magazine cover shoot. You've been quite rude with everyone lately." She sighed.

"So what? Why do you care?"

"I care because you're representing my company ... my reputations. If you screw up, the company will suffer its losses. Come here and let's discuss about your action." I opened the door wide enough for her.

She went inside without saying another word.

When I closed the door, she took a seat on the chair behind my desk instead of the chair provided for the guest.

"That's my chair." She ignored me while spinning the chair like a maniac. It's my own fault for I never teach her how to respect others. I've been spoiling her before I met Nicole.

Now .... she's in such rebellious way. I sighed.

"Hey Ava ... what do you see in that average looking woman? When it comes to beauty, I am exceptional ... body figure, I am more bodacious .... the only thing that she's capable of is the brain but .... I have my own degree as well. What do you see in her? Tell me."

We're talking about this now?

"I see my future with her." Her face changes.

"Future? Then why did you lead me on? Why did you give me all those gift ... all those trip we had, the fun times, you even bought me a house!" She just lost it.

"I did all of those things for my friend." Her mouth is moving but no words came out of it.

"Friends ... You know I love you... why did you have to choose that wench over me!" Yup, she finally lost it. I sighed.

"Fiona, please ... this is not what I want to talk about." She slammed her hand on my desk before she went on and forcefully kiss me on the lips.

The familiar feeling came rushing towards me once again. I pushed her away as all the important papers scattered everywhere on the floor. "That's not an acceptable behaviour Fiona." I wiped my lips as she cried on the desk.

"So my feelings were unacceptable in your eyes? That's harsh Ava." She wiped her tears.

"Just forget about me. I have a wife now. Your a beautiful woman, you'll find somebody else to fill that hole in your chest." I sighed and let myself be professional again.

"Now, your behaviour ... I've received a lot of complaint for you action. You will ruin your own image that you build yourself. What's wrong? Except for my marriage that is." She looked up with her tear stained cheek.

"Everything is crumbling down. Every single thing." Crumbling down? What does she meant by that?

"My life ... it's ruin ... one of my father's friend were spreading false rumour about me when I decline his hand in marriage. You ... you leave me alone when I needed someone the most. You push me away Ava. That hurts, a lot." She begin to cry again.

I took a box of tissue and gave it to her.

"My life has no meaning ... my career is on verge of dying as well." Basically I am to blame? She's blaming me?

"Everything can be fix." I took out my phone and made a call. "Tell me, what's his name."

Her tearyeyes looked up to mine. "Caesar Rogers." That name sound familiar to me somehow. "Rogers as in Rogers Steel company?" Fiona nodded.

Oh ... this will be fun.

I told Kelly what to do to clear her name as well to clear my company's name as well. When I'm done, I noticed she's now on the love seat, laying down. "Aren't you going home? I thought your wife would be waiting."

"I'm staying in the office tonight. I haven't finish sorting the dinner party sitting area." She replied with an oh.

"So she's not at home?"

"No she's in the dorm." I picked up the papers that's on the floor. Honestly she could help me sorting these things out but no ... she rather be lazy over there.

"So basically I'm here with you ... your having an affair with me right?" She laughed at the situation. Seriously, how she joke about that. "We're not having an affair. Do not start such baseless rumour."

"What baseless rumour? We're together inside your office alone. Anyone that has the right mind would think that way." She laughed again. Seems like she's having fun teasing me.

"Fiona, I thought you have a fiancée."

"We end it."

"Is that Why Caesar Rogers asked for your hand in marriage?"

"Please don't remind me of that bastard." I chuckled.

"I'm sorry for not be able to return the feelings." The atmosphere seems awkward now.

"That's weird coming from you. It's fine. I get it. If you, someone who has the heart of steel could love somebody that's not me, meaning now you've slowly becoming a human again. I'm glad at least." That doesn't sound like she's glad at all.

"Does Veronica has a date for the dinner party?" She suddenly asked.

"I'm not sure." I replied her. I finally done stacking the paper work on my desk again. I can't believe I have to organise it again. I sighed.

"Whats with the sigh?" She have the audacity to asked me that?

"Nothing. I just thought about the person who knock everything on the floor. I wish to kill that person for adding more work for me." She laughed.

"Guilty charge. Come here and kill me. I'll be taking my punishment with a smile

Mary." They both shake hands. "Daniel. Your name remind me of a song I used to listen to." Mary was curious. "What kind of song is that?" She asked.

"It's a beautiful night, looking for something dumb to do, hey baby, I think I want to MARY you."

They both laughed at his joke. But for Nicole and I, we just don't get it.

"Is it okay for me to lead this lovely lady to my table? I am dateless after all." I nodded. I watched as they beginning to be friendly towards each other.

"Well, that was fast. Seems like they like each other already." Nicole chuckled. "Now ... we need to find someone for that lonely woman."

She was referring to her aunt. "Oh well, maybe ... just maybe ..." I noticed the man I was looking for.

"Uncle Harvey." He went to kissed my cheek. "Say, uncle Harvey, you've met Nicole?" My uncle bow his head like a gentleman.

"Of course. How do you do?" Nicole took his hand. She blushed when my uncle kissed it.

"This is her aunt, Amelia." Nicole's aunt were baffled as she came face to face with the President of Maestropolitan.

"Oh my ... what a lovely lady she is. Harvey Grimaldi." He's being a perfect gentleman again.

"Amelia James." She smiled. He took her hand and asked for a dance. "I don't dance much." She shyly said.

"It's fine. Just follow my lead." I watched as my uncle lead her to the dance floor. I was surprised when Mary and Prince Daniel also in the middle of dancing together.

"Was it okay to introduce aunt Amelia with your uncle? Won't it be a problem for his kids?" His kids Huh?

"I don't think my cousin would mind. I mean ..." I pointed at two of his kids, my cousins who's watching them closely.

"They're taking pictures and clapping their hands over there. Don't worry. They've been pressuring their father to find a bride. It's been years since my aunt had passed. He needs someone to be with." Whats will be more romantic to date a 34 year old? I chuckled at the thought.

Veronica walked in the hall together with Fiona. They seems to be in such good mood. Nicole grabbed my arm instantly when she notice Fiona walking towards us.

"Hey boss." Fiona greeted me.

"And Mrs boss." Nicole just greet her with her head.

"What hostility. Anyway, Kelly said I should apologised for the things I did few days back. I didn't meant to cause so much trouble for the newly wed. I was just joking around. There's nothing going on between Ava and I. Never was, never will."

Whoa! She actually apologised for something she did!

"Believe me when I say I'm sorry." Fiona said before Veronica lead her towards the dinner hall.

"That's something I never dream of seeing." I heard Nicole said beside me. "A wench like that apologising? What gives?" I chuckled before I pointed at the sole reason she apologised.

"Kelly's over there, observing everyone's movement. She's being extra careful when it comes to fellow models gathering together." Nicole waved at Kelly. "She looks more like a discipline teacher than your PA." We both find it amusing.

Kelly gave me a nod, telling me to get inside he dinner hall. "It's time." I offered her my arm to take. "I'm sorry .... you have to walk around with a deadweight like me." I stopped and face her.

"Don't call yourself that. Your not a deadweight. Don't ever say that again. I don't like it." I warned her. She needs to think about herself in a positive way. There's no room for negativity.

"Say, would you like to dance?" I asked. She gave me the annoyed look. "Seriously? Your asking me that now?" I chuckled.

"There's a way for us to dance. Don't worry, just trust me. Okay?" I winked.

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