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   Chapter 11 Tolerance

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It's 3 am.

And I am wide awake.

How can I sleep with this woman beside me? I tried to tossed and turned on this unbelievable soft bed but still, my eyes decided to stay awake.

When I felt the bed moved, I immediately noticed that Ava turned her front to face me. My heart started to pound like crazy when her hot breath hit my shoulder. Jesus Christ she's going to be the death of me!

With her wearing such sexy attire, how can I sleep like nothing's going on! If I knew this is how I reacted, I would never agreed on sleeping on the same bed.

Come on eyes, sleep!

I need to be at the university the first thing in the morning. This is not the time to fantasising how soft her skin are. But seriously though, will she be awake if I brush our skin against each other?

Hold on, what am I saying right now?! I am completely losing my mind.

Not long after, I heard her phone started to ring. Ava seems like she's dead asleep too and that ringing started to annoyed me to the core. I decided to reached for her phone and looked at the caller ID.


I accepted the call and talk to Veronica.


"Nicole? Good. It's you. Open the door please. I'm outside your house."

She's outside the house, at this hour? She hangs up before I put on my silky night robe and went to the front door. I wonder why didn't the maids opened the door for her.

When I opened the door, there she was, looking like she had too many to drink. She was about to fall when I managed to catch her body.

Immediately the smell of alcohol invaded my nostril. "Seems like you had a little too much." She laughed while I lead her to the living room couch. I never knew she's this heavy! Veronica slump on the couch while covering her eyes with her arm.

"What's wrong? Love problem?" I asked while I sat next to her.

"You can say that. We broke up." She abruptly leaned in to me and looked at face with disarray looks on her face. "How did you manage to live with my strict, stick in the butt sister? She's rude you know." I leaned back while covering my nose.

Damn that breath! I never liked alcohol before and this smell like something died in her mouth.

"Never mind don't answer that. She probably lure you with gifts and sweet words. I mean, her last relationship only based on those. Her being the next head of the family, people tend to be ..... "

She didn't get to finished her words when she passed out on top of me.

"What is she doing here?" I heard Ava's voice behind the couch. "She's drunk." I tried to pushed her to the side but somehow she's getting heavier. "Ava, please help me." She chuckled before she easily moved her sister body from me.

I stood up as she tuck her sister to sleep on the couch. "Get the blanket for her from the laundry room." I did as told before I went to the living room again, seeing her caressing her sister's hair. That's kinda, weird for me to see because, well, I never seen her out of character before.

"When She was a little girl, she always went o my room to sleep because our parents doesn't come home much." Ava placed the blanket on her body. "She was a cry baby." We Both chuckled.

"Now that she's an adult, she's still a cry baby." Ava wiped the tears on her cheek. "What happened?" She asked. I explained to her about her relationship status. Ava replied with a hum.

"I told her many times that he's not a good man to be with. She just ignore my warning." Ava stood up.

"Shall we go to sleep. I'm sure your tired since you haven't get a blink of sleep yet." How did she know that? We both went back to our room but she didn't walked to the bed like I thought she would.

"Where are you going?" I asked. She pointed at the love seat.

"Get some sleep. I know your uncomfortable with me beside you." What? No! I grabbed on her wrist before she went even further to the love seat. "Nonsense. Just come and sleep on the bed, please. To be in such huge bed alone, that's rude of me."

"But ..."

"No buts. Just come here and sleep with me!" I accidentally raised my voice but she immediately went to the bed, afraid I might raise my voice even higher.

"Good night." She said when I removed my night robe. "Good night." I smiled before I lay my head on the pillow next to hers. Not long after that I heard her soft snore again while I .... still can't let my eyes go to sleep.

Seriously, what is wrong with this eyes?

I tried to closed my eyes but the only image that come to mind was Ava ... in that lingerie ...

I shake the thoughts away and tried to think about something else. When my attempts were futile, I opened my eyes and looked at myself on the mirror that's on the ceiling.

So she's the type of person who likes to see herself go to sleep huh?

I can't help but to think about what Veronica had said to be earlier.

About Ava's past relationship.

Does Fiona in the same category?

Did they had some special relationship together?

If so, why did Ava broke up with someone like her?

She has a bodacious body ... unlike

counsellor nearly choked on the pie.

I ignored these two and decided to opened the box. I was surprised when a dress came to view. I read the card that came with the dress and smiled.

"I'm sorry for choosing this dress for you to wear at the dinner party. When my eyes landed on this dress, it reminded me of how beautiful you'll be. With love, Avalynn."

I heard someone whistled.

"That's a nice dress you got there. Lucky you. To be married into money. I am officially jealous." Married into money?

She got it wrong. I was about to say something when Jackson beat me to it.

"I'm sorry but, what you just said made such unnecessary image to my Lady. Lady Nicole never once were married into money. Both Lady Avalynn and Lady Nicole love each other. Do not tarnish my lady's reputation, counsellor."

Jackson seems pissed.

"If Lady Avalynn learn about this from certain someone, I don't know what will happen to both of your career and your personal life. The Grimaldi's will never let anyone tarnish their family members name." Suddenly a few of the maids shown themselves.

"We, the servant of the Grimaldi household will not hesitate clean our lady's name in a heartbeat." The counsellor gulped down her saliva before facing me.

"Seems like I just made a terrible mistake. Forgive me Nicole Grimaldi." The counsellors seems struggling. "Stand down Jackson ... anyway, where did you hide yourself?" I asked the maids.

"Around. We were given orders to stand down until it's necessary for us to show ourselves." I can't believe it ... Ava actually did this for my sake? Jesus Christ.

"For saying our lady married into money, that's unacceptable!" I raised my hand to stop one of them from attacking the counsellor. "Jesus! Calm your tits will you." I sighed while pinching the bridge of my nose.

"Don't threatened her like that. She doesn't do anything wrong. Seriously guys, stop being too overly protective." I smiled at the counsellor. "Say miss, do you have plans let's say ... the day after tomorrow?" She shake her head.

"Great! You and Mary should come to the dinner party together. Beside, you need to find a husband yourself, Aunty." I finally revealed her true identity to the others.

"Aunty?" Jackson was confused. "Yes ... Aunty ... she's my aunt. My mother's little sister to be exact."

Jackson, including the maids seems to realised their mistake now. "Well for me to find a rich husband .... " she leaned in to me. "That would be the best day of my life!" I chuckled at her reaction. Just seconds ago she feared her life being taken away.

"Is that a Yes?" I need to confirm this.

"Yes of course! I will never miss a chance like this!" She seems excited for some reason. Well can't blame her. She's been single for .... well ... I'm not sure myself. When she knew that I was being married off, she's the first to yell at me for no reason.

"Hey ... I know what your thinking there. Your thinking of how pathetic I look right? Single at this age?" She seems agitated.

"Oh no no ... I ... hmmm... nothing." I looked away from my aunt.

I really don't need to be in a staring contest now. Mary leaned in. "Why not we look for a potential husband for her. She seems ... desperate." Suddenly we both felt sudden chill coming from my aunt.

And that's when we both knew to never judge a single 34 year old's feelings.

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