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   Chapter 10 My Nicole.

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"Are you ready?" I asked again when I looked at my watch. Almost an hour has past and I'm still waiting for Nicole to be ready. What is taking her so long to choose her attire?

"Almost!" She shouted over the door.

"You know, that 'almost', you said the same thing an hour ago!" She finally walked out of the closet looking .... Wow.

"I found this buried under your other clothes. This is such a beautiful dress Ava. Why don't you wear it often?" She asked.

"I was seen in that dress twice." I replied. She gave me this look that show how ridiculous my reasons are.

"Come on. It's almost time to go." I stood up from the bed and offered my arm for her to hold. "I like your jumpsuit today. Simple yet elegant and our colour match as well!" She seems excited.

"Thank you for having the time to be my date for this reunion. I was planning to go with Mary but she got a date." She sighed. Hold on, Mary got a date?!

"It's fine. It turns out I'm free tonight as well." We went into the car and like always she always have this awestruck feature on her face.

"Seriously, just how many cars do you have?" She asked when I started to drive towards our destination.

"A few?" I tried to think while focusing my eyes on the road. "How many?" She still asking that question?

"In our house, we have 5 cars and 2 super bike and a helicopter. I have this hobby I inherited from my mother who loves to collect car as well."

"What about your father?" She asked.

"He ... likes to collect dresses and dress up my mom and Veronica like a human size barbie doll." I sighed heavily. My dad really needs a new hobby. "He tried to dress me up one time but I punch his face instead."

Nicole chuckled upon hearing that.

She may be laughing now but the horror when he's into his work too much, that's a situation I really hate to be in. The rest of the drive was in complete silent except for the music she puts on the stereo.

This is the first time I went to a reunion that held inside the school's gym. To be honest I think it's a budget reunion. It feels like a prom rather than ... but, oh well, a reunion is a reunion after all.

"Wait, where's the valet?" I asked when I can't find anyone. "What valet? Giving your car to a complete stranger in this part of town, you must be joking." Then where am I suppose to park?

I face her with trouble looks. "Don't tell me you never park your own car before? That's just impossible. Anyway, let's park over there, next to the Nissan." I did as told.

When I finally pulled the handbrake, we both got out and taking each other's arm.

"It's weird to have a reunion here plus you haven't been out from high school that long as well." She shrugged. "I received the invitation from Mary. She said that the whole class year wanted to make an early reunion." Mary was the one who told her?

"Why the gym?" Nicole chuckled. "As you can see, we don't have that much green on us. We kinda pitch in ourselves. The school probably was kind enough to let us have it here." She seems distant.

"What's the problem?" I asked. "It feels like we're going to prom but without Chris." Him again.

So she went to prom with him huh.

"He can't even dance. But yet, we went to prom and dubbed at prom king and queen on our senior year." That vote probably been rigged.

"Nicole!" Mary shouted over us. She came to us before hugging Nicole and I. "I'm so glad you could make it." Mary winked at me before she talk to Nicole.

She's glad that I decided to come? I'm not even the one who attending this school.

I looked around the school compound. This must be what they said as the under privilege school huh.

And here I thought a government based school probably has the best facility available. Even the school pool is out of service. How will the student be able to learn something without the proper tools?

Nicole must've been facing the same problem when she's in this school.

"Ava, what are you waiting for? Let's get in." I nodded and took her arm again before walking inside the gym together.

"So Mary, where's your date?" Mary pointed at a man in red suit not far from us. "Who's that?" Nicole asked.

"My doctor." Her doctor? She's dating her doctor?!

"Mary you naughty beast." Nicole chuckled while playfully poke on Mary's cheek. "Your doctor? You mean Verns?" She nodded.

"Your dating that man?" Nicole voice outvwhile checking him out. Mary shake her head. "Not dating, just ask him to accompany me today. He was free." He flew all the way to Maestropolitan from London?

He was all smiling before he came face to face with me.

"Ugh, seems like my luck has change. Hello Lady Avalynn." I heard he said as I crossed my hands. "Hello Doctor. What brings you here?" He gave me a nervous laughter. "I told you many times before that you shouldn't date your patient, doctor."

He took a step back from my gaze. "Honestly Lady Avalynn, your gaze just made my

hts begin to dimmed and the show started when the sound of music can be heard.

"Oh my God! This seems like a concert rather than a fashion show!" She seems excited rather than nervous now.

It was when Fiona walked down the runway she begin to lost the excitement all together. "Ugh ... why is that bitch here of all people." I chuckled before watching Fiona walked down the runway with such perfect expression.

Not long after Veronica walked down the runway as well and she even gave us all her famous flying kisses.

"Veronica looks different when she's working huh. She look so serious. It's so not like her personality." Since when did she became a judge?

The show went splendidly and it's almost time for me to show myself on the runway as well. I stood up from my seat and was about to go back stage when Nicole grabbed on my wrist.

"Where are you going? Don't leave me."

My mother touched her shoulder. "Ava need to show herself on the stage. She's the designer." Her face was surprised. Wait. Don't tell me she doesn't even know that I am the designer for tonight's show. She even read the damn pamphlet!

She let go of my wrist but I offered my hand at her. "Come on. Let's walk down the runway together." She was reluctant but I took her hand and pulled her body towards me.

It was sudden but the people from the media probably love the idea. Time to make use of this situation for some publicity stunt.

Series of flashing lights hit us before we went to the back stage. It was hectic like always and I noticed some of the model formed a line.

"Finally! Stand here." I heard the head crew's voice. Well, it's nice to know he's bitchy as always. Nicole seems so out of place.

"FIONA! Come on. Stand behind the boss." Nicole's whole demeanour changes when she heard Fiona's name.

"Umm.. boss, who's that girl?" Head crew asked. He claimed to be my right hand man but he doesn't even know about my own wife? Pitiful indeed.

"My wife." Was all I said before we were given the 'okay' to walked out on the runway.

"Listen to me." I smiled at her when we face each other.

"This ... is your stage. Flaunt your inner beauty and make them surprised by your aura. You have them but you just don't know how to expressed them. It's not a bad thing to smoulder once in a while you know."

I winked before we shown ourself to the world. With this, I've officially introduced Nicole to the world she never even dreaming of stepping on.

There's no more half ass rumour about me and my personal life. I waved, smiled at the audience and so does Nicole as she followed my gesture.

It's so natural for her that she even smile, thanked everyone with a bow.

Only one word played in my mind at this moment and the word would be perfection. She's perfect in my eyes. There's no doubt in my heart anymore .... she's the one for me .... my wife, Nicole Grimaldi.

There's no one better suited for that name to be their last.

I don't know why I did the thing I did now. She was as shocked as I am when our lips touched each other in front of all these people and probably the world. At first it was awkward but when I pulled away, her redden face told me that she likes it as much I did.

I chuckled before we face the world ..... this is my life now .... with Nicole.

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