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   Chapter 9 Wait, what !

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"Why can't you hold me in the street?

Why can't I kiss you on the dance floor?

I wish that it could be like that

Why can't we be like that?

'Cause I'm yours ...."

I was just walking towards the kitchen when I heard Ava's voice singing in one of the rooms. When I tried to peek she was looking at the bookshelf, searching for something.

This girl can sing!

That's what I thought when she repeat the same verse over and over again. There's a slight part of me wanting her to sing that to me but ... it would be weird to suddenly demanded those things right?

She might think I'm such a weird woman.

I slowly closing the door again and continue to go to the kitchen. A group of maids greeted me when they walked passed, carrying a lot of clean sheets.

I smile at them before I went to sit on the stool, waiting for my food.

"Morning Lady Nicole." Greeted the head maid. Is it just me or her breast gets even bigger while we're gone? What happened to her? Did her breast gone to a physiotherapy or something?

"Lady Nicole? Is something wrong?" I watched as her breast jingles while she tried to act innocent in front of me.

"Nothing. I just thinking of how unlucky I am." She was weirded out but didn't ask any further. "Anyway, Lady Nicole, did Lady Avalynn told you about today's schedule?" I shake my head as I enjoy my breakfast.

"Since you agreed to announced your marriage to the press, you shall have a fitting after class today. She said her wife shall need a beautiful dress to compliment her appearance." For real? She said that?

I can't imagine she said anything good about me.

"Oh ... morning." I heard Ava's voice behind me. She took a seat next to me before she rest her elbow on the counter. Her eyes locked onto me with a smile.

"What?" I asked with my mouth full. She shake her head. "Nothing. I just love to watch you eat. It's cute." I was about to retort when her phone started to ring, killing the mood.

"Yes, hello?" She finally remove her gaze from me.

"Yes." She replied through her phone.

Seems like this is how we shall spend our morning starting today huh. Work always come first in her eyes I guess.

Why do I have the feeling of being neglected? I sighed mentally while swallowing my food.

"Your going back to the university today correct?" She hang up before asking me that. I could only nodded.

"Do you want me to send you or what?" She's offering to send me huh? Maybe I should accept the offer. This shall be the time for us to bond and get to know each other.

"Nah. It's fine. I can ask the driver to send me. You seems busy." Curse my mouth for saying no! I want you to send me!!

"Are you sure?" She asked. No! I want you!

"Yes I'm sure." Ugh! Mouth! Shut up!

"Alright then. I'll asked he driver to prepare the phantom for you." Phantom? She want to prepare a ghost for me? What is the meaning of this? Do I look like Danny Phantom in her eyes?

"Phantom?" She nodded at my question.

"It's a car brand from Rolls Royce. Why? It's not luxury enough? I can asked the driver to bring the limo for you if you want. Or the maybach." I know what's a limo but what the hell is a maybach?!

"Whatever is fine with me. I don't even know any types of car except for a Lamborghini." She chuckled. "I have one of those as well. It's yours if you want. The keys with the driver as well. Feel free to use anything in this house. What's mine is yours."

She winked! She actually wink.

"Please do remember your schedule for today after class. I'll be waiting at the office for you." Huh? The office?

I thought we're going to a dress fitting. "Your office? Why there? Lets meet at the destination together." I suggested.

"That won't be necessary. The fitting shall be done at the office. I am in the line of fashion business so don't worry. I always get into anything." I don't know if that's assuring or not.

I noticed a maid placed a suitcase near the door. "Where are you going?" I asked. "No where." I pointed at the suitcase.

"What's with that then?" She went to look at the thing I pointed. "I asked the maids to pack some of the new stuff I pick out for you. Be careful though, there's something inside that's very fragile." She stood up after she finished her breakfast.

"I'll see you later." She was about to go when she turned back to me. "The Bentley's key, it's inside your dorm. I'm sure Mary take good care of it while you were gone." She smile.

Wait, hold on, Mary's back?

The head maid smile at me when I looked up at her.

"We've been working for Lady Ava for quite some time now and she hardly came home from work. Now that she's working in the office and your coming home to this mansion, I expect she's going to be here a lot from now on."

Hmm. That's mean she must know what kind of person Ava is Huh.

"What type of person she is? At first she always so cold towards me but now, it's different for some reason it's weird." Ugh!

Why do I say it's weird?! It's lovely actually. I never get so much attention before. Not even my ex boyfriend ever give me lots of thoughts.

"Lady Ava is a kind and passionate

l choose the platforms."

They all turned to me. "Are you sure? Like we said earlier, if you hate it the first time, you will hate it for the rest of your life."

I nodded. "I'm sure. Beside, I can't let Ava be trouble with such trivial things."

"If you wish to wear the sneaker so be it. There's no need to change your fitting just for a shoe." Ava appeared with a smile on her face.

"But Lady Ava ...." the stylist were cut off. "It's fine. She won't be in he list of a fashion don't at all. It will fit her ... the theme, rebels." Ava seems like in her own little world.

The stylist looks like they hit a jackpot. "Genius. Why didn't I think of that!" Ava smiled and twirl me around.

"Nice dress. Love the colour choice." I wonder what kind of fitting she choose.

"That's mine." She pointed at a mini dress. Isn't that a little too expose?!

"What? Don't you like it?" I face her. "Too expose for me to like. For you sure, but for someone who has a figure like mine, it will look like everything is out of proportion everywhere, it will not look beautiful at all."

"Nonsense. Everything you wear will look amazing on you. How's school?" She asked when she went to sit on the make up station.

"It was okay. But, you know, I gained more attention just because you went to the university and declare our marriage to everyone." She laughed.

"I'm proud of myself. I just shown them the wild side of Avalynn Grimaldi. They should be proud."

I'm not sure which part to be proud off.

"While we're here, I have some news to tell you. Yes this company is all glamorous and all so, I want to change the setting. Of course I need to talk to you about it first since your the second largest share holder in the company." Wait, come again.

When did I .... "Hold the fucking phone! What? I never recall of agreeing being the share holder." She laughed again.

"You really need to read the marriage agreement that my parents prepared for us when we're married."

She face me. "Veronica has 20% of the share while I have 50% of it. Now Sherlock, you have 30% of it. So that's make you a second largest share holder." I .... have power in this company? I can order everybody around?!

"You look like a evil mad scientist after knowing they achieved something sinister. Are you okay?" I gave her a nervous laughter.

"Anyway, I want to make a new department. A department where you as the head of it. If that's alright with you of course. You can choose your own worker and how you handle it, will be to your liking." For real? She wants me to handle it alone?

"Grimaldi Relief Centre or GRC. I was in a conference not long ago about the dire situation of Maestropolitan young generation and how some of our people live in the streets. Even though Uncle Harvey force me to participate together with my cousin at the time but I earned some knowledge or two about Maestropolitan not so luxury part of city."

Is that why she want to form this relief centre? For the unfortunate?

"So, how about that? Will you do this with me, Nicole?" It didn't take long for me to agreed on doing something so noble.

"Good." She asked me to leaned in towards her. I did as told because I thought she want to whisper or something. But to my surprise, she was actually kissing my cheek out of the blue.

I froze right there when she pulled away, chuckling away. "Let's do our best in making others feel welcome." She whispered.

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