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   Chapter 8 New Light

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After I signed my remaining paperwork, I looked up to Nicole who's playing with the office chair, singing merry go round.

"Bored?" I asked as I cleaning up my desk. I stood up and pour a glass of champagne. "Kinda. I've lost count how many times I yawned." She said as I looked at the time before sipping my drink.

"It's 1 pm. Let's have lunch. Where shall we go?" I asked, she shrugged. It's my fault for asking her. "Alright. It's a surprise then." A surprise for me as well for I don't have an idea what to eat myself.

"AVA!!! Let's have lunch together." A figure suddenly barged into my office like she own the place. It gave Nicole a shock as well. "Oh .... the Mrs is here." Nicole's demeanour changes when she met Fiona.

"Hi, we never met I guess. I'm Fiona, one of Ava's talented and hot model." She offered her hands. "Nicole. Her wife." Whoa! She actually said the W word, that's new. "Anyway, shall we have lunch together?" She still asking me that after knowing Nicole is with me?

"I was hoping to have a romantic lunch with my wife. Yesterday was her birthday and we haven't celebrate it yet. If you please excuse us, we have some island to explore." I grabbed on Nicole's hands and dragged her out of the room.

"Who's Fiona?" She asked when we manage to get away from her. "She's just someone who works for me." That's not a lie though. She does works for me and she ... developed such unnecessary feelings towards her boss. That's it.

"You seems pretty close to her when she called you Ava. She even sent a photo of herself on the bed half naked last night, right?" Wait, how did she knew about that? Did she ... "You went through my phone without permission?" I asked.

She didn't respond to my question at all. "I don't mind you went through my stuff but please, ask for my permission next time." I sigh mentally. There's no need for me to lecture her about privacy anymore, we're married after all.

I lead her out of the building and we both agreed to walk towards our lunch venue. Once we arrived, I was surprised to see some familiar faces having their lunch as well. I smile and introduce my wife to them before we being lead to our seat.

"Is this place okay? Or do you wish for something fancier?" She shake her head. "This is quite lovely. I love it." My eyes landed on a couple not far from us who's sharing a plate of cake.

I am not particularly liking the couple who's feeding each other with the cake but the cake itself looking delicious.

"Nicole, do you bake?" I suddenly asked.

"Bake? Hell no. I'm not into drugs." She replied. Wait, drugs? She misunderstood my question. "What I meant by bake is cake, cookies, muffins and cupcake. Not drugs." She blushed.

"Oh!" She laughed. "Hmmm. Bake Huh .... I did tried once for Christopher ... it was okay... I guess."

She guess?

"Bake some for me when we're home. Anyway, have you thought about the university? Do you really want to quit?" I asked. She didn't respond to my question when a waiter came to us with the menu. We ordered and I still waiting for her answer.

"I don't know. I want to continue but .." I chuckled. "But you don't want to face them all, your friends that is." She nodded. "You can change university if you wish to. I can manage it for you. We can even enroll you in overseas university if you want." I offered.

"I think my old university has an interior design course." She sighed. "Let me think about it, okay." I nodded.

At least she will think about it. When our food came, I sighed heavily when I looked up at the entrance and saw Fiona and the others walking inside.

"Whats with the sigh?" Nicole asked before Fiona shouted for my name that makes Nicole seems annoyed for some reason.

"You actually went to this restaurant as well?!" Fiona was being a nuisance. "Look at what the cat dragged in." Nicole said while looking away from us.

Fiona beginning to be such a bother now. "Fiona, go away. I want to spend this time with my wife." I chase her away from us.

I was rather harsh but I have to or she won't listen to me. "So harsh. I wasn't being a bother." Fiona pouted before she went back to her friends.

Who is that woman, really." Now she's crossing her hands in front of me Huh? I chuckled before pouring a glass of wine.

"Wine?" She shake her head no.

"Fiona is just someone who works for me. To be honest, she has feelings for me but I never gave her a chance. Now that we're married, why would I lay my eyes on others? I have you now." She literally blushed.

"She's looking at us like hawk. Can you like sent her away from this island?" She actually asking me to abuse my power?

"I can't do that. Despite her being that pain in the ass, she's one of the top models in the agency. Her face makes profits, a lot." She suddenly chuckled. "She sound more like a thi

ent shopping? I was waiting for her when I noticed something on the walls.

"Hey Nicole, can we go here next?" I pointed at the walls. "Archery Bonanza? You want to go off some steam?" I nodded. "Sure. I would love to see you in action." I smile.

We enjoyed our walk before we went to the archery event not far from where we are. For the first time, I let myself loose and let my passion for archery taking over my whole body. This is heaven for me.

There's so many kinds of bows across the globe here!

"Oh look. You wanna try?" I showed her a trainer bow. She shake her head vigorously. "Why? Don't you like archery?" She laughed it off. "It's not that I don't like archery just I never learn them." Oh ... not everyone has the passion like mine.

"Well, do you want to learn? Or see me battle?" She said she's fine with watching me so I pick a bow and request for a duel. I smile at the man who agreed to take me on.

He take the first turn I am impressed by his precision.

"9." The announcer said.

He smile when he raised his hand, telling me it's my turn. I took a deep breath before letting my skin determine the speed of the wind. When I draw the bow and aimed it at the target, I closed my eyes before releasing string.

"10!" I smiled before opening my eyes, turning my attention to the man next to me.

He draw his bow again and aimed. This time it's perfect 10 as well.

So for me to win I need to hit another 10 huh. Suddenly the day became too windy for a normal arrow. I noticed he began to smirk.

"Good luck." He said before I draw my bow. I aimed carefully and matched it with the speed of the wind.

I released a little breath before releasing the string. When my arrow hit the target everyone who's sitting on their stool stood up and clapped heir hands at me.

"Incredible! PERFECT 10! AGAIN!" The announcer seems a little excited about this.

The man laughed at nothing in particular and bow his head at me. "I lose." He said before gave me a full respect. I placed the bow on the table nearby before I went to Nicole who looks like so out of place.

"You look like you've seen a ghost." Nicole didn't say anything when she handed her phone at me. It's a text from Mary. It says 'everyone know about your secret now.'

What secret?

"Everyone at the university know about us. They claimed that Christopher made me pregnant and you took me in. How am I suppose to face everyone now?" She sound worried.

How did they found out so soon? I wonder what she's going to do now that the secret is out. "Do you want to quit now that everyone spread horrendous rumour about you?" I asked just to jolt her spirit a little.

"It's a false rumour. I am not pregnant. And Christopher and I are over. He's history to me. No ... I won't back down. If I quit that'll make the situation worse." Thats the spirit. This is the Nicole I fallen for.

Wait, fallen? Did I really just said that?

"Once we're back to Maestropolitan, I'll show them that those rumours are wrong and it's time for us to announced our marriage in public. I will not live in the shadows anymore. Like you said, I am a Grimaldi now."

She finally realised it. What took her so long though.

"Good choices." I smiled.

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