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   Chapter 7 Peace

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It's been a week since I refuse to go out from this very room. By now every single student knows what happened to me. I was lucky ... but ... Mary, she's not.

I blame myself for forcing her to attend that party. Who would've thought Chris would .... he would ....

I heard someone knock on the door a couple of times before opening the door.


A voice called out before I felt an arm wrapped around my neck from behind. "How are you today?" She asked.

She's not giving up on me huh. I've been the worst kind of people towards her this past week and yet she's still come to see me.

"I bought you something." She let go of my neck and placed a huge box of flowers in front of me. Its white roses and there's a lot as well.

"I see you don't even touch your food again." I ignore her comment and hugged my knees.

"Nicole, it's been a week. Please, let's go out for some fresh air. We can have lunch at the balcony too." I shake my head no. "Or do you prefer we go somewhere else. Outside of Maestropolitan?" I rest my forehead on my knees.

"Hows Mary?" I asked. "Traumatised but I sent her to one of the best hospital in the world, she should be fine." I'm glad to hear that. "Don't blame yourself for someone mistake. I don't like that." I heard the chair next to mine moved by then I know she's sitting next to me.

"Do you want me to cook? What do you want to eat? Or you would want me to surprise you?" Ava asked. I shake my head no.

"You need to eat though. I know, I'll surprise you, okay?" She's been doing this for week now. I know she's busy with her work and I'm being selfish right now but ... I just ... I'm scared...

"I .." I looked up from my knees and face her. I was surprised to see her glowing like that. "Sorry. I came here as soon as I'm done with some photo shoot." I smile. "I want some Chinese. Can we go to a Chinese restaurant?" She nodded.

"Let me get change to a decent clothes." She suddenly called out for the maids. "Tend to your mistress." She said before walking out of the room.

To my surprise these maids helped me up, undress me and even help me to bath as I feel so ... lazy to do it myself. They took care of everything even putting on my underwear for me.

When I'm done being pampered like a spoilt brat, I went out from the room to meet Ava on the phone with someone. She smile when she saw me and she hang up. "I just made reservation." She informed me as we went inside the elevator.

The trip to the restaurant was awkward. This is my first time seeing the outside world after Ive been isolated myself from it. It's refreshing though. When I felt the car stop I know we had arrived at the destination.

"Welcome." I was taken aback when a member of the opposite sex opening the door for me. I shake my head and went out from the car to Ava's side. "What's wrong?" She asked.

I shake my head before she lead me through the hallway until we met a hostess.

"Mrs Grimaldi? Right this way please." This is some fancy restaurant.

Well, this is Avalynn after all, she never eat somewhere not decent. The hostess lead us to our table and placed a menu in front of us.

I think I'm in the mood for noddles. We ordered and as we waited, Ava asked for their best wine.

"Say Ava, why do you always drink wine with your food?" I asked. She shrugged. "I like the food after taste compliment with the wine I guess."

Should I tell her about my desire to quit university? I don't see myself coming to the university ever again. People will talk and I hate it.

"Ava, I want to quit my study." I said out loud. She took a sip of the water before nodding her head.

"Let me ask this, do you really want to quit or your just don't want to deal with the drama?" I ... don't have the answer for that question. I want to succeed but ... with the things happening around me, I don't think I can go on like this.

It was not long after that the food came and I actually feeling hungry for the first time. "I informed your school about your absent so don't worry about that. Your lecturer did say you have to open your email. We will be going somewhere peaceful for a change."

What does she mean by somewhere peaceful?

"Where are we going? We just came back from an island for Vero's birthday. Do we really need to travel again?" I feel like my whole life has been passing by while I'm inside a plane or a yacht nowadays.

"I have some work to do and I thought you might like some peace of mind after what happened. It won't be long. Only for a week. Once we get home, I'll ask the maids to prepare for the luggage for you. Don't worry about a thing. You should enjoy this trip to the fullest."

Now that she said that I can't protest any longer. If she want to do something she will always get what she wants. I sighed mentally.

"Where are going? Oversea?" She nodded while eating her food. "Where?" She smiled and placed a finger on her lips. "Maybe I should give you a hint huh?" She winked. Why does she have to be so annoying!

"Just tell me will you." She chuckled. I watched her move and waited

s with a pencil and a paper.

I'm a designer.

"Since your a designer, maybe you should try be a clothing designer. We can even built your own clothing line if you want." She suggested.

"The industry need fresh talents like yours. I've seen your design. If you could adapt to clothing that would be great." Did she just compliment me?

"I almost forgot." She reached for something from her jacket. "Here."

She gave me a box of ..... chocolate. "What for?" I asked. "Seriously?" Seems like I'm forgetting something.

"It's your birthday." Wait, really? It's my birthday? "Happy birthday." She gave me a box of chocolate my birthday... my eyes began to have such fuzzy vision.

Who fucking put the 'onion' near me?!

"You gave me a gift ..." she chuckled.

"Even after I'm being so ... mean to you.. you still treat me like I'm worthy of something." She leaned in to me before she kissed my cheek.

"I understand what we been through. But, there's no harm in understanding each other from now on, right?" She leaned back before finishing her wine.

"I know it's a dull birthday for you but, when you walk inside the bedroom, I'm sure it's all worth it." Huh? The bedroom?

"The chocolate is enough for me Ava. What more can I ask for?" She smile. "Hmmm. I don't know. Something normal perhaps. You should see it for yourself." She winked.

Whenever she wink it's never normal for me. I stood up and went to the bedroom. I know I went inside the bedroom before going out at the balcony. There's nothing here when I left it.

"It's nothing much. Just some daily essential like shoes, bags, accessory, clothes. Hope you like it." Like it? It's a Chanel! I have to love it! It's fucking expensive to even buy the little wrist strap.

"Oh, I bought you set set of traveling bag as well." She pointed at the supposedly empty closet but now it's filled with bags.

"I hope you like the brand. We matched." She pointed at her suitcases below.

"Look, I bought you these things because your my wife. There's nothing wrong for a wife to buy something for her love one." Did she just said 'love one'? I blushed.

"To be honest, I never dream on wearing, using or even eat something worth more that my whole existence." Ava smiled.

"Well Nicole, it's going to change now. You'll be living with me, with my lifestyle. Don't worry, it's fun." She winked before she went to the bed.

"I hope the size match. Honestly I never shop for somebody else." She picked the whole thing herself?

She suddenly stood up and went to the bathroom. I was just looking at the gift when her phone started to ring indicating that she received a text.

I know I shouldn't be nosy but ... I am curious.

I took her phone and thank God that she's didn't put any password on it. When I read the text, I never thought that my heart could even exploded with jealousy.

Why is this woman sending a picture of herself in bed to Ava?!!

I heard the flushing sound and immediately placed her phone down, pretending to looked at the gifts again. She went back to the bed and opened her phone. Her expression changed a little before she locked her phone again.

"Such nuisance." She mumbled but I heard her clearly. Nuisance? Me? Or that woman?

Who is that woman?

She have an affair behind my back? I thought she love me.

Is this my punishment for dating Christopher even after we're married?

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