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   Chapter 6 Revoke

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"Are you sure we're suppose to be here?" I asked Kelly once more. "That's what the schedule says. Come on. We don't want them to wait for us." Why on earth does my schedule today include my presence in a gentleman's club?

This club purposes was vary but the real reason for anyone to be here is for a interview by the owner of this club. She's just happens to be one of Maestropolitan most famous reality tv personality. I sighed. Since it's the afternoon, there's no dirty geezer wondering around for now. I thank God for that.

"Nicole?" I called out my wife when she's sitting on a couch, waiting. "Wait, Ava? What are you doing here?" She asked me back. "I should ask you the same. I have work here." She opened the mouth but nothing coming out of it.

"What are you doing here of all places?" I asked. "Mom asked me to come here today. She said she wanted to discuss something to me." Suddenly my mom appeared from the back door, walking towards us.

"Mom, what's going on right now?" I asked. She just smile before she forced us both to follow her to a place. I was shocked when series of light beginning to blinded me and I feel someone's hands on both my shoulder, pushing me down.

I heard distant music playing and when I manage to look around my surrounding, I froze when there's cameras everywhere around us.

"Ava what's going on? I can't see anything." She grabbed on my hands tight. "It's fine. My mother just being a pussy, that's all." I'm going to kill that woman when this is all done.

"Why theres people clapping at us? Is this a prank? What's going on?" Nicole beginning to panic. "It's fine. We're just a guest celebrity for a certain talk show." She released her hands.

"What? I don't want to have anything to do with this!" She was about to leave when I grabbed on her hands.

"Remember our deal. If you run away now the contract is pointless. Beside, I have a reputation to care for." She wanted to push me away.

"I have a school life I want to maintain myself. Let me go!" It was too late to avoid this mess when I saw the host walked out from the back room.

"Ava, nice seeing you again. And Mrs Grimaldi, welcome. This is your first talk show correct? Don't worry, it will be done soon. I am aware of your busy schedule." Nicole sighing hard.

"Excuse me, what is this interview about?" She asked.

"Oh, What else? Your announcement about your marriage of course. Aaliyah thought that it's time for the world to know about this marriage and how Ava will be taking over her family business from now on." Say what now?

Even I don't know that! I know I'm taking over the business but they didn't say anything about announcing it.

Ugh! Mom!

The interview went well but I can't help the deathly glare Nicole has been throwing me. I sigh. "Nicole, I don't know what's going myself okay. Even if your mad at me now, it won't change the fact that we just announced our marriage to the world." She was about to cry when her phone ringing non stop.

"Ugh! This is not something I want to handle right now!" I signal for Kelly to deal with this mess. Kelly smile at her before she took her phone away. "Look, I'm sorry. So what if they know your a Grimaldi now?" I smile at her but she scowl at me.

"Have you forgotten I have a boyfriend to care?" I scoffed. "You have a wife to care but did you ever heard me complaining?" She was about to retort but nothing came to mind I guess. "Fine! What do you want me to do?" She asked.

"Break up with Christopher, revoke the contract. Let's be happy forever. What else?" Her eyes widen. "I've been together with Chris since middle school. Do you ever fallen in love before?" I scoffed.

I can't believe she still think that he's dating her for love.

"Wake up genius. I'm sure that since he's been changing job lately, he's asking you to pay for his tuition too right? Knowing my parents sent you a hefty amount of money each month, he's beginning to being lazy." She was taken aback.

From her reaction, did what I just said actually happening? I was just trying to strike a nerve or two. I smirked.

"I can assure you, if you do what I say, you won't have to worry about paying anyone's tuition or bills. All you have to do is study hard, graduate, and if you want to build your own company, so be it. I have the money for all those things to happen for you." She seems thinking.

"Look, we're married. All I want for you is a secure environment. I am not like certain boy who used you as you please." Why can't she just accept this matter into her thick skull! He is has been using her without she's noticing it herself!

"Don't you think everything you said makes me feel like a whore?" I was surprised.

"Your treating me like I'm one of your mistress. It's not all about the money. It's never about the money. I marrying you for the sake of our parents. And here you are, telling me you'll use your money for my future? Am I that cheap in your eyes?" Seems like she's misunderstood me.

"Nicole Grimaldi. What I'm saying right here your

ts way." Announced one of the adults.

"I hope you feel happy using the money you received from selling your friends and former girlfriend." He looked up at me with such expression.

"Yes. FORMER girlfriend. I don't even want to see your face again near my wife, got that, Christopher." I was about to walk away when I remember something I must do.

I grabbed on the bat's handle with rage and hit his stomach as hard as I could. The police patrol car came by and they saw what I just did. "Officers, that's the man I told your superior about. Arrest him for further questioning."

"Yes ma'am." Everyone was surprised by the sudden change of events. The police arrest Christopher and I wonder to myself, who's that man and group of girls who ran off when the police raided the party.

I want to capture every single one of them.

"Ava! Please no! I'll tell you the one who wanted Nicole. Please let me go!" I held my hand up when the police wanted to shove him inside the car.

"What's his name?" I asked. He looked up with blood coming out from the corner of his mouth.

"Gerrard Newman. Hes quite well known around the campus." Gerrard. "He's the one who drugged Nicole?" Christopher nodded.

"He drugged them both, Nicole and Mary. I'm sure he's the one who started .... Mary ..." he can't finished his words.

"Take him away." The police nodded.

I grabbed one of the student by the collar. "Say pretty boy, tell me where can I find Gerrard Newman, please." He started to tell me where can I find him.

"Your not the model we all know!" He said before rubbing for his life.

"You can't march in the faculty building like this. We have rules to follow. This is an act of violence! Why doesn't the police arrest you instead!" One of the nosy lecture expressed her thoughts. "We have the obligation to protect the student's safety!" Added another male lecturer.

"Protect the student's safety? Don't make me laugh!" I glared at them both. "You let your student hurt Nicole Bonavich! She's married to me now and anyone who crosses a Grimaldi shall pay the consequences!"

I marched down the hallways towards the student lounge area. I grabbed a passing student and asked him which is Gerrard. He pointed at one of the crowded area before I let him go. Walking around in campus with a bat is really something.

When this is done, I'm sure my mom will have a toll lecturing me about destroying my image as a model and the new head of the Grimaldi Empire.

"Gerrard Newman." I called out. The student's made a path for me and I came face to face with Gerrard himself.

"Oh wow! Avalynn Grimaldi, the world famous model. See guys, I told you every beautiful woman swoon for me." I didn't wait for I hit his face with my bat. He fell down as he started to bleed profusely.

"Your the one who rape Mary correct? And you drugged Nicole Bonavich, right?" I watched him suddenly laughing at the situation.

"What a feisty one. I like feisty woman. So what I asked a few of the guys rape that bitch up. She deserved it. And yes, I am the one who torture them to bits." I sighed heavily.

My job here is done.

"Heard that officer?" I asked.

"Loud and clear. You have to come with us, Mr Newman." I let the police do it's job while I let go of my bloody bat on the floor. I ignored every stare I received.

It's time for me to go back to Nicole.

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