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   Chapter 5 Kindness

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"This looks like a rave than a birthday party." I heard Avalynn said when we arrived at the beach.

"This is a lively party to boot." I said while astounded by the wildness. "Most of Veronica's friends are the same age as her. Same age like you. I see, hmmm .... will you be as wild as them when you attend a party? I would love to see that." I playfully pushed her away.

"Don't count of that. I won't be that low to be drunk in front of you." To my surprise, my mother and father in law are dancing in front of us.

On the second thought, I don't think that it's even consider as dancing if they both grinding to each other like that.

I heard Avalynn laughed. "Well, they both are party animal to begin with. This type of party is daily routine. Either they host a party themselves or they just dance inside their room alone, you know what I mean." This is the first time I even witnessed parents like those two.

"Where are you going?" I asked when she left me alone. "The bar. I'm parched." I grabbed a hold of her arm so we won't get separated.

I don't even know why I want to cling to her like this. "This is new. Why? Scared you might be a target?" She asked.

I didn't answer her for I don't know the answer to her question myself. Why did I grabbed on her like this? Is it because I don't want to be separated or ... because I feel the intimidation of the girls around us with their big breasted chest?

I noticed most of the girls here took a gravure shoot for a centrefold. Basically they're sooo not in my league.

Avalynn ordered our drinks and we sat on the bar stool. We talked for a little about random things until someone called out for her.

"Avalynn, hey! I thought you were skipping this party." To my surprise, it's the world famous actress, Emma Gordon. She won countless awards for her brilliant acting skills.

"Emma, and here I thought you were in London for your upcoming movie. How long has it been? 2 years?" Emma chuckled.

"3 actually. The last time we met was when I broke our relationship." Hold on, they were together? But Emma has a fiancée now .... a male fiancée.

"Yes I remember. You end it all for you have fallen for that boy walking towards us." Emma suddenly turned her gaze to me.

"Is that the Mrs?" I felt Avalynn's arms around me. "Yes. This is my Mrs. Beautiful isn't she? I'm such a lucky woman to have her." Somehow I think she's using me to make her jealous.

"How about that, someone who can use Avalynn's influential to her liking. Good for you little girl." Ahhh, she's pissed.

"Good for you huh. Well I'm going now." Emma waved at us before Avalynn laughed. "She's pissed. Well, it's her own wrong doing that made her stuck with a man like her fiancée. She was blinded by his charm 3 years ago." Avalynn removed her hands from me and somehow I missed it already.

Ugh! What am I saying!

I don't miss anything about her!

"Nicole, the people you'll meet today will mostly came from my past. I hope you will follow my lead so no one will question the legitimacy of our marriage, okay?" Did she just being nice to me?

I never heard she asked for my help properly.

"Sure." I replied. "Good, now here comes another group of well endowed woman to our way." Ugh, she's right.

Is this how we will always face if we decided to go out together? Wait, why would I even consider going out with her!

Seems like these girls didn't go out with Avalynn but they worked together before. They've been asking a lot of question about me and I was grateful that I manage to answer them perfectly.

Avalynn seems impressed as well.

"Did you prepared an answer card in advance? I never knew you had that answer ready for their question." Avalynn smiled, genuinely.

"I figure that we will be meeting your family and friends, we need to make it as legit as possible right, so I asked Mary to help me come up with the answer. It worked!"

Mary has been helping me a lot while we're alone in the dorm.

This is the first time I had decent conversation with her. She's quite charming if she's being polite.

"Oh, did you bring some evening wear? Turns out the after night party for the company is a go." My eyes widen. "What?! Evening wear? I don't have any of some sort." She shake her head.

"It's my fault for not telling you sooner. Never mind. Since we wore the same size, you can wear my stuff that I had brought. Is that suffice enough?" Wearing her stuff?! For real?

Her stuff usually worth thousands! I smirked. "Are you sure? I mean, like you said before, my body doesn't deserve extra attention."

"My bad. Your body need attention since your married to me." She careered my cheek before smiling lovingly.

I was so in trance until series of flashing lights invaded my eyesight. When I turned to the origin of the flashing lights, I saw a few people holding their camera, taking out picture.

Ugh! This is all just an acting!

"Don't worry. What I'm doing now, I've been wanting to do it since the first day I met you. You may think it's all an act but believe me Nicole, it's not." She whispered into my ears.

When she let go of me, I can't help but to blushed at her statement.

"Oh sister you made her look like an octopus." Veronica joked. I immediately turn my attention to Veronica and wish her happy birthday. "Your gift is in our room. I hope you like it though." Veronica smile. "Of course sister in law! I would never hate gifts."

"Veronica love receiving gifts since she's a little girl." I froze when I felt Ava's hands on my waist. This swimsuit doesn't help at all concealing my trembling skin. Every touch she gave me felt like electric!

"What's wrong?" She asked as she leaning in.

I leaned back while instinctively pushing her away. "I'm fine. Let's enjoy the party shall we." She nodded.

I don't know why but I'm beginning to think she's going to make me fall in love all over again.


"Who would've thought your such a intolerant alcohol drinker." I heard Ava said when I woken up from my, let's say headbanger moment with Veronica and the others last night.

"My parents were astounded when you went wild at the evening party." She chuckled as I holding my throbbing head.

"Can you please just get me something for the pain." I said weakly. "Here." That was fast. She gave me a pill and a glass of water. I leaned my back at the headboard and just close my eyes for a minute.

"Here." I opened my eyes just to have a tray of breakfast on bed. I was speechless at her gesture. "I figure you won't have the strength to go to the resort's restaurant to have our breakfast, I had them sent us food." The first thing I did was smelling the rose.

"This is suspicious. You never this nice to me. There's something going on, am I on camera or something?" I was being sceptical.

"There's no trick, I just thought you would be too lazy to go down for breakfast." She said before she went to sit by the window and have her own breakfast.

She took the liberty to have this made and yet she didn't even joining me for breakfast. I sigh. Hold on, what am I saying!

I never, ever want that to happen! Oh God I'm losing my mind. I started my breakfast with a sip of the juice. I don't know what happened but my eyes landed on her while she's drinking her coffee, reading the newspaper.

As the sunlight hit her face I thought I was seeing an angel descended from the heaven. I wonder if she's wearing something else or going commando under that robe. "What is it?" She asked while looking at me.

I didn't even noticed I was staring!

"Nothing. It's just ... nothing." She squinted her eyes but let it go in the end. "If you want to have another set of breakfast I'll call the staff for you." She said when she placed her newspaper down.

"Oh no... it's fine." She smile before continuing with her breakfast.

"After you feel a little better, why not we explore the island. Most of the guest yesterday probably flew back last night or by morning. Beside, you haven't been on an island before right?" She asked.

I shake my head as I swallowing my waffle.

"Is it okay? For you to skip work like this?" I asked. "It's fine. Kelly got it cover for me. I need some alone time myself." She fin

ished her coffee before she removed her robe in front of me.

She was naked under the robe!

She went to her suitcase and put on a bra before she bend down, showing me her womanhood like I wasn't there at all!

"We all know you have a great body, you don't have to flaunt it around." I said while looking away.

She chuckled. "I like the breeze." She said before she put on her underwear. I watched her get ready and I thought that even if she's wearing the worst clothes ever, she would look amazing in them.

After she's done putting on a little make up she went back to the table she had her breakfast before and sat back down.

This time she took her iPad out. I continued to eat my breakfast and rest a bit more before I got up from the bed and to the bathroom.

After I'm done, I went out wearing my robe and took my suitcase inside the bathroom so I could change. "You know, it's alright to change in the room." I heard Ava said through the door. "And for you to look at me changing? Not in a million years." I shouted back.

I could just imagine her smirk after I said it. When I got out, Ava was waiting for me while looking at her phone. "You done?" She asked.

I nodded. "Let's go have fun." I followed her out from behind. I actually enjoying this as her scent invaded my nostril.

When we're outside the hotel, I thought she would drive around with a rental car but when she told me that we will be using our foot instead, I was having a second thought.

Here I am, hoping she would use her money to have fun so I could relax shattered to million of pieces when she's being all serious about walking towards the local market.

"Oh come on. It's not that far to begin with." She chuckled. "See, you could see the market all the way from here." She's right.

I can totally see the busy street from the road here. "Come on." She offered her hand to me. I was reluctant but when she grabbed a hold on my hand, she smile.

"I don't bite." We walk towards the market hand in hand honestly I am enjoying this side of her. She's so ... caring and such a gentlewoman. Is this really the woman I was force to marry 2 weeks ago?

"Oh look! Souvenirs. Don't you want to buy some for your friends?" She asked. She's right.

Maybe I should buy some for Mary and Christopher .... Chris... I haven't called him since I arrived here. I don't know how to explain it but, there's no need for me to tell him how am I doing here.

I mean, having Ava here is enough. Why am thinking this way? I have no idea.

"For the first time, I don't have anything to worry about. I don't have to worry about money, bills, Chris's problem, my assignment, nothing. Is it because Ava took care of everything in my stead?

"Yo! You've been dreaming. Should we get it?" She asked when she brought me back to reality. "Sure. Mary would love it." She smile. "What about that boy you love?" She asked with annoyance.

"Maybe, just for today, let's not talk about Chris, okay?" I smile.

NO! Why does my mouth talk on it's own!

"Really? That means we could be a couple for a change?" I nodded.

NO! Why am I nodding! I don't want this! Why does my heart taking over my body!

What is going on!


"Just how many yacht do you have?" I asked when we're in a different yacht than before.

"The one we use in Santorini belongs to my parents. It's for private use when we have our vacation there. This belongs to me. Well, belongs to you as well since your my wife.... for 2 years." She said without looking up to me.

"What are you reading?" I asked.

"A book I used to read when I was a child. This brings back memory." I can't believe the book she read when she was a child was about nuclear power plant.

"I always wanted to be a scientist when I was a child. I don't what happened while I was growing up and choose my profession now." She chuckled.

Please don't tell me she's one of those aspiring girl genius when she was a child.

"Oh I remembered. I saw my mother walk down the runway and how beautiful she was. That's how I came to choose this profession. Beside, would it be weird to have their oldest as a scientist while the family has a company for entertainment purposes." She laughed it off.

"But I'm sure your parents doesn't care if you wanted to be something else right? Why not pursue them?" I asked.

She seems like she's thinking for a moment. "I like my job now. It remind me of what my parents love to do. I know it's weird but, seeing them putting on a smile on their client's face made me wanted to do the same."

She smile. Putting a smile? What does she meant by that?

"Anyway, how do you like this trip? You get to see an island for a change." Hmmm, do I like the trip? Honestly I love it.

Change of scenery made a lot of difference for me. "It's okay." I can't tell the truth. She might think I waltz into her trap! It's enough I thought of her differently.

"Hmmm. Next time we should go to Japan. Flower viewing in that city of the rising sun is the best." Eh, hold on.

If I recalled correctly, I wrote something about Japan In my ..... bucket list..... it's impossible for her to know how I wanted to see the Sakura blooming unless ... she took my diary.

That's impossible. My diary has been with me for the entire time. There's no way she could .... maybe she found a way and read it! Come to think of it, I always wanted to go to an island. This is too weird to boot.

"Excuse me. I was talking to you." Her voice brought me back to reality.

"Yes?" She sigh. "I was asking you if you wanted to buy something before going back to the dorm." Buying something? Hmmm.

Let me think. I think ... maybe some food for a late night snake.

"Can we go grocery shopping before going back to the dorm?" I asked and she nodded.

"Alright." Was all she said before she reached for the remote and turn on the television.

"Do you always watch the news? Don't you watch real television?" She turned to me with such intensity. "I don't particularly like to watch nonsense news. I'm just watching for the stocks and current economy."

Talk like a true businesswoman.

"Don't you like to a watch movie?" She nodded. "I love movies. Especially the ones with ghost." Ahh, she's one of those horror freak. She turn off the television before standing up from the couch and started to stripped off her clothes in front of me.

"Jesus! What's wrong with you!" I looked away.

"What? We're married and most of the servants in the yacht saw me naked countless of times." She smile before she went out to the outdoor pool.

Then it hit me, she didn't wore any undergarment from the start. She went full commando since we left the island!

I watched her jumped into the pool and started to swim around. I went to sit at the end of the pool and soaked my feet.

"Aren't you going to join me?" She asked. "As if. You may enjoy yourself." She chuckled before she pushed herself to the middle of the pool.

My eyes widen when she really float using her breast! Such a lucky bitch.

I looked down on my own flat board chest and sigh. "When are you going to grow up like hers!" I mumbled d but she heard me. "They will grow... maybe..." that's very assuring Ava.

The maids suddenly appeared beside me.

"Lady Nicole, you have a phone call from Mistress Aaliyah." Huh? From my mother in law? I took the phone from the maid and went to a secluded area.

"Mother?" I said through the phone.

"Nicole, I believed your own you way back to Maestropolitan?"

"Yes we are Mother. Do you need something from me?" I asked.

"Actually I do. Will you be free the day after tomorrow?" The day after tomorrow? Let me think ....

"I'll be free that day. Why? Do you need to see me?" If she wants to see me that means business!

"Yes I do. Please meet me at this particular place at noon. Okay? I'll be waiting."

"Yes Mother. See you on the day after tomorrow." She said her goodbyes before we not hang up.

Seconds later a maid appeared again with a piece of paper to present to me. This place... how am I suppose to go into a gentleman's club?! I'm only 19! The proper age to be inside the club must be over 24.

Why a gentleman's club of all places?! What is my mother in law planning?

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