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   Chapter 4 Damned

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"Grace? It's Avalynn." I knocked before entering her room. "I'm rea....." She was sitting at the edge of the bed, putting on her shoe when she looked up to me. "Why are you wearing sunglasses inside the house?" She asked before she went to sit on her wheelchair.

"Is it really okay for you to send me to school today? I know it's suppose to be mom's turn this week." I smiled.

"It's fine. Beside, I have nothing to do for today. It was surprising that mom called me last night." Grace smiled. "She did asked Nicole but ... she's busy with her university." I helped by pushing her wheelchair out before knocking on Milan's door.

"We'll be waiting at the car." I shouted before Grace and I went to the car. I heard Grace chuckled when we were out from the house.

"It's different that the one you usually use." She meant the car? "Well yea, I don't like to use the same car every day." I opened the passenger seat and waited for her to get inside before I folded he wheelchair and put them in the boot.

Minutes later, Milan walked out from the house after locking it and apologised for being late. After she got inside, I went to the driver seat and turn on the engine before driving towards their school.

"What time should I pick you guys up later?" I asked while driving. "3." Grace said. I looked at Milan using the rear view mirror. "What about you? Any activity today?" I asked. "3. I'll skip my club activity today. I nodded.

I almost forgot something my mother in law had told me on the phone. "Mom told me about a open house in your school? Which one of you having them today?" Milan leaned forward.

"Hold on, mom told you about that? Is it okay for you to come instead out parents?" She asked.

"Ill make it happen. Well, if you want me to." She think for a second before touching my shoulder.

"Will you be coming with a disguise or you'll be yourself?" Thats a good question. "Why would I need to disguise my beautiful self?" I smiled as I parked my car inside the school's parking lot.

"Somehow I am not ready for this." Milan said when we helped Grace out.

"Lead the way Milan." I helped Grace pushing her wheelchair towards the school building. Coming back to school does brings back memory. Even though I didn't went to this school but the atmosphere are the same as the boarding school I attend, St. Miriam.

"I can take it from here. You should follow Milan." Grace said before she went away herself. "Hey Milan, does Grace have a great time at school?" Milan didn't say anything. "Milan?" She smiled.

"I don't know how to say this but, she's constantly the topic to make fun off for her disability." I figure. Hmmm. "Honestly I never been into a public school before. It's fun." Milan chuckled. "Rich girl. You probably went to a private institute huh."

"Yes. Boarding school in England since the age of 11." Milan gasped. "You went abroad at the age of 11?! When I was 11 i hate school so much I want to quit. But you, you don't have the choice to do so!" I smiled. "There's a good side though. I get to leave Maestropolitan." She sigh before we both walked in a classroom.

Milan greet her friends as she walked in while I went to the back with the other parents. So far, none of them recognise me. Maybe they won't recognise me at all. I was about to relax when a group of noisy cheerleaders walked in and screamed in front of my face.

So much for peace and quiet. I even took the liberty to wear these sunglasses inside! Hmmm.

"That outerwear. That's exactly what I found at the mall recently but can't afford to buy them." Huh? My outerwear? My jacket? Oh, she meant my clothes. She doesn't recognise me. Phew!

Soon the class started and I'm wondering... what's the point of this open house exactly. Parents just stood here, watching their kids in class. When the bell rang, the homeroom teacher asked us all to be at the gymnasium for the refreshment.

"Life must be nice for you huh." I heard someone said but it's not directed at me. It's for someone standing beside me. She ignored the comments as she took a cup of coffee. She look young to be a parent. Maybe a sister perhaps?

The woman earlier went to stand beside her and comment even more. She even mocked the woman but the person next to me ignore every single comment and enjoy her coffee.

"I'm sorry for that. Some of the parents here thought it's bad influence that I came today to support my step daughter."

Ahhh. Now I get it. She is a mother, step mother. "It's fine. But why would they saying those nasty stuff about you? Your marrying the man legally correct?" She nodded. "Correction, I married the woman, the mother of my step daughter." Ahhh. Now I get the full understanding of the situation.

"Still, they shouldn't comment those things to you. Their ideology of marriage as dull as ever huh. They believed that Eve only for Adam. Well screw them!" She chuckled. "Your right. I feel better." I didn't even said anything to make her feel better.

"I should get that in mind, screw them!" She chuckled even more and excuse herself.

It's kinda fun being here after all. The open house ended with a speech from the headmaster how they searching for funding to upgrading the school facilities and other ways to make the student feel more comfortable in school.

The most crucial part of the school that need to be repair is the multi purpose field and the gymnasium itself. I do noticed a few of the mentioned issues in the gymnasium. It peak my interest when they mentioned about the plan to opened the schools door for more disability student like Grace to enter school.

Maybe I could donate few dough to help the cause. After all, I have 2 years to be Grace's sister in law. I should help her to have the best school experience.


"Have you decided yet?" I asked my so call wife.

She's not happy when I suddenly show up and pick her to have lunch together. She's been sulking because I learned that she's suppose to have lunch with Christopher today.

So what I took her away? She's legally mine.

"No." Was all she said. I sighed. "Come on. Don't be a child. You will have plenty of time to be with that boy after I sent you back to your dorm. Hell, you could even have sex all night long. Just pick something already." I said while placing the menu on the table, calling the waiter earlier.

I ordered my food while she still looking. I was surprised when she ordered more than 2 dishes and desserts. "Your quite a eater." I asked for the best wine while she asked for a jug of fresh apple juice. "You said I can have anything that I want." She said when the waiter excuse himself.

"Yes I remembered." She took her phone out and text whoever she's texting while I stared at her from top to bottom.

"Take a picture it'll last longer." She said while eyes still on her phone. I reached for my own phone and I did took a picture complete with a flash. I chuckled when she's about to grabbed my phone but I was too quick for her.

"I didn't mean it literally!" She puffed her cheek.

I took a another picture and kept my phone away. "Avalynn!" She's completely mad.

"Yes that's my name." She's scowling at me but I find that humorous. The waiter came with our food and I'm sure these will ease the tension a bit. I mean, she's practically in love with food.

I was watching her eat when I noticed a damned man walking in the restaurant. So she was texting him to come here huh. He noticed us and I watched him made his way towards us.

"Hey." Nicole looked up and invited him to join us.

I didn't say anything but I watched them both. It was when he called for the waiter I open my mouth. "What are you doing?" I asked calmly.

"What? He's ordering food obviously." Nicole answered. "But we're having lunch together. Just the two of us. Why tell him to come?" I asked as if he's not there.

"Because I want him to come. It's weird for us to have lunch together. It's lovely to have him with us." My wine came and I offered my glass for the waiter to pour in.

"Alright. It shall be." I smiled when the waiter placed the wine bottle and bucket of ice in front of me.

"Say Christopher, let me say this." They both looked at me. "I despise you." He smile. "I know. But, I got the girl." I pour t

he wine in my empty glass.

"Sure you have her. But my name is on a piece of paper stating she's my WIFE. Who's winning right now, Christopher?" I asked while placing the bottle in the ice bucket.

"Domaine de la Romanee, the after taste is amazing. Well, for a $11, 000 Maestros, it should have that kind of after taste. Thank you for paying for the food, Christopher." I smile when Nicole cough the food inside her mouth.

"Are you insane?! We don't have that kind of money." I acted as if I'm shock.

"Oh ... really? Is it my fault to invite uninvited pest with us? Oh no.. it's you." I turned to Christopher. "Good luck finding a way to pay for it." I enjoyed my food with a smile on my face.

"Where Are you going? Bailing on us? That's quite a gentleman's move you have there Christopher."

"Shut up old hag." He left us while Nicole calling for him.

"What is wrong with you embarrassing him like that again!" She's blaming me?

"No the real question here what is wrong with YOU. I pick you up from the university and ask if we could have a decent lunch for a change because I have something to discuss."

She didn't say anything.

"But no! You took out your phone, calling that mongrel here to join us. Is that how you wanted to act with me for 2 years? Tell me now Nicole GRIMALDI." I emphasise her last name so she would understand the situation she's in.

"Yes, I admit we agreed on that we can do whatever we want for our personal life but do you remember in one of those list I enlisted, there's a part where we have to be a married couple of it benefit us both. Right now is one of those time that it will benefit us." I end our argument with her looking down on her plate.

"What's the point of looking down on your plate? Just eat your food so we could discuss the things regarding Milan and Grace's school." She finally nodded and actually listening to me.

I beginning to explained to her about the headmaster's plan and how I want to fully sponsor it all for her sisters.

At first she was surprised by my idea but in the end she agreed. Why do I have to ask for her permission to use my own money, is beyond me. It's not even a joined account.

I sighed. She seems reluctant to eat her food now that I scold her earlier. "Just eat your food. Forget what just happened." She didn't say anything but nodding her head.

"Come on. Eat up. We're going shopping after this." She finally looked up.

"Why would I need to shopping with you?" She asked. "Because I said so. Beside, you need a new set of clothes for a party you and I have to attend. Veronica's birthday party." She sighed but didn't protest like always.

If only she's this submissive every single time we spent time together, that would be golden.


"You never been to a beach party?" I asked to make sure. She shake her head. "Wearing a swimsuit to a party, this is going to be weird." Weird? Which part will be weird? It's normal.

"It's this Saturday. Jackson and the maids shall accompany you." Seems like she remembered something crucial. "Why would you sent them to where I am? And why so many?" She asked. We're currently going back to her dorm and this traffic seems like it's going to be this way forever.

"I figure, your the kind of person who need help for the rest of your life. I mean, what kind of 19 year old who doesn't clean their room? The maids will help with the cleaning and cooking while Jackson will be in charge of security. It's their job." Finally the traffic begin to move but barely.

"I am not that incapable." She puffed her cheek. "Oh please. You don't even know how to cook yourself except for instant ramen. Beside, I've seen the room you were in when we live at my apartment. It's in such a horrendous state I didn't even know if there's a rat moving around."

"Now that's just mean." I shrugged. "I'm only saying the facts here Nicole you need to change that attitude of of yours before you have to live on your own." She chuckled. "I think I can manage. With the compensation money I receive from you when we divorce, I am rich."

She's looking forward for that day huh. "Too bad you have 2 years to wait. 2 years for you to change, 2 years for you to know how is it to love with money and fame." I stopped in front of her dorm building and waited for her to get out.

"Remember, this Saturday." I said before she closed the door. I waved at Mary before driving home to my apartment. Since I'm alone, I should go back to my bachelorette pad. It's smaller that the house I bought for Nicole and I. I sighed.

Why am I doing all of this for a person who don't even see my intention? Hold on, what is my intention? Do I feel something for that rude girl? What is this foreign feeling I have whenever I'm with her?

"Yes?" I said when Kelly called me through the car phone.

"Where are you going?" Her voice filled my car.

"Home. To the apartment. Why?" I asked.

"Oh. I'll be there shortly. We will meet at the apartment since I'm close to it." She said before I get to ask why when she hang up. She's probably driving.

I wonder why she's meeting me. She only meet me when there's a problem or for some job request. I drove home with a lot of thoughts in mind. I smile at the usual valet and doorman.

"Fancy to see you here Lady Grimaldi. Where's the Mrs?" Asked the doorman.

"Usual place, the university. Anyway, did my personal assistant walk through here?" He nodded. "She's on her way to your apartment. I'll sent your keys to you after the valet park your car." I thank him and made way towards my apartment.

Once I'm in, I saw Kelly sitting at the living, drinking my best wine.

"Who gave you permission to drink my wine?" I asked as I went to the couch and took a seat. I leaned back, try to relax my stiff shoulder. I need a massage, like right now.

"What's your reason meeting me? You usually show yourself when I called for you or you have some news for me." I opened my eyes when she shove an envelope on my cheek. "Seems like your cover is blown." Huh? I took the envelope and looked at the content with trouble heart.

"Your lucky Jackson manage to capture this in disguise paparazzi. If not, the whole city would know this scandalous act."

These pictures ... it was taken earlier today at the restaurant. I didn't even know they were holding hands. "What happened to the paparazzi?" I asked.

"Taken care off. He's probably on the first plane to Siberia for all I care. Anyway, regarding this beach party for Veronica's birthday, you approve?" That question bugs me. "Why would I have to approve or not? It's my sister's party, not mine." Kelly sighed.

"I'm pretty sure your sister will be inviting every single one of the models you've work with. That include your exes. Do I need to remind you that not everyone in the industry knows about your marriage? This party will surely be the beacon jealousy. You'll be introducing Nicole as your wife." She's having fun telling me this.

"So what? I need to be aware of my situation?" She nodded. "Ava, those girls will do anything to have you. Nicole could be in danger if that happens." Ugh, she's right. Why does she always have to be right all the time?!

Problems with Christopher are bad enough now I have to think about those girls from my past!

"I have a few suggestion if you would like to hear it out." I looked up to my PA/childhood friend. "Go on. Enlighten me." She smirked.

"We officially announce your marriage with Nicole Bonavich. We have the photos from the Santorini shoot. We can use them and publicly announce it. I'm sure your parents and her parents approve." They do but not Nicole. She doesn't like the attention at all.

"That way those pesky girls will stop harassing you and Nicole." She does have a point. "If we announce it, meaning Nicole's quiet life will suffer. Even now there's questions about how she manage to have all the things she have now because of this marriage. Maybe it's my own fault for agreeing to this marriage."

"Don't say that Ava. You were just following your parents wishes. Beside, the contract only last for 2 years correct? If you wish to keep it quiet until it's over, so be it." But, deep inside, I know I want it to last a little longer.

I kinda .... fallen for her. A bit.

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