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   Chapter 3 Announcement

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"Are you still mad at me for what Avalynn did?" I asked my boyfriend when he's ignoring me. This blow! I mean, what type of man feel insecure after being lecture by that old hag!

"Christopher!" He stopped walking before turning his body to face me. "What she did to me was not acceptable for a man. Screw her and your new life." I sighed. This is childish! "Chris, your lucky she didn't forbid us from riding her plane back here. Just ignore her." His face turned red.

"What? Now your siding that bitch? Don't tell me that little dyke manage to change you." Now he's getting on my nerve! "You know what, screw you and your ego! Go fuck yourself." I had enough and leave him alone. Maybe Avalynn was right. A man with mountain ego like that better be dead in a ditch or something.

Hold on, what am I even thinking like that old hag! Ughhhhh her negativity starting to rubbing off on me!

"You look like your about to go crazy." Said Mary, my best friend and roommate. "Oh I am." She's the only person aside from Christopher who knows about this marriage.

"I thought that your going on a lovey-dovey trip with Chris the whole week. Why came back fighting?" She asked as we walked through the campus.

"Avalynn happened. I don't know how but she knew that Christopher was following us. It was such a bad trip but Santorini was amazing!" We walked to our first class together and immediately all eyes on us.

Some even whispering to each other as their eyes never left me. What's wrong with these bunch?

Did I forget to zip something up? Is it my face? I wanted to asked Mary but she beat me when she leaned in. "Seems like your trip to Santorini made these bunch wondering what were you doing."

"Hey Nicole, did you meet anyone famous? I heard that the famous model Avalynn and her sister Veronica were in Santorini as well." Asked one of the boys.

"Yes. Avalynn is so hot I wouldn't mind being her slave!" Added another boy. I think she would like that. If only they know how evil and sadist she is.

"My real question is how was it possible for you to even afford to go to Santorini. I smell something fishy going on." Said one the girls in class. Seriously, why does a gal girl like her doing in this class?

"Hey! There's no need to be hostile." Mary supported me." I thank her with my eyes and suddenly I heard my phone ringing. When I answer my phone even Mary gawking at me now.

"Hello?" I said through the phone.

"I told you to bring the car. Why didn't you?" Ugh. I really should save her number.

"I told you I will not use that overly expensive car to uni! It's bad enough my classmates asking me about Santorini and seeing me with this phone." I whispered.

"Why are you whispering? Anyway never mind, my butler will send the car later on. Make good choices." I didn't have the chance to protest when she hang up. I screamed mentally and wish for that hag to be burn alive!

Why can't she just let it go about my transportation! I could just call for Kelly or hitch a ride with Mary if I want to go somewhere!

"Oh wow. Now I too wanna marry into the Grimaldi." I chuckled. "You can take Avalynn." I laughed it off. "What's wrong? She's the one who called isn't it?" I sighed. I explained everything to Mary who see it as funny bantering.

"It's just a car. What's the big deal?" She asked. "Her kind of vehicle are different than the one we usually use. It will bring more questions and gawkers." The class was about to start when a familiar face walked in the classroom together with the lecturer.

"Oh ... my God! NO!" I abruptly stood up from my seat. I can believe she's doing this to me! The butler bow his head discreetly at me. "Yes Miss Bonavich?" The lecturer and the others probably wondering why I suddenly stood up.

"Students, meet our new member transferred from London, England. Mr Jackson Smith." Theres no doubt that he is Avalynn's butler that with us in Santorini the other day!

"Jackson Smith, I hope we will be great friends." He smiled. "You may sit at any free seat Mr Smith." The lecturer informed. I sat down while watching him going up to the free seat next to mine.

"I hope we will be best friends Lady Nicole." He winked before the other guys started to talk to him. "Settle down boys and girls. I see your joining us Miss Bonavich. How was your trip to Santorini?" The lecturer asked.

"It was okay." I smile.

"Marvellous. We've gone through several chapters when your gone. I'll make sure to email you the materials later on." I thanked the lecturer for his kindness.

When the class start I can't shake the feeling that this butler has been watching me since he seated down.

"Did Avalynn sent you here?" I asked while looking at the front.

"Of course Milady. Her orders are absolute." Lady? More like tyrant lord. "Whatever your doing, I want you to stay shut about the Grimaldi and even your purpose coming here. I don't want any unnecessary attention towards me, do you understand, Jackson."

"Loud and clear. Whatever my lady wishes is my command." Ugh, he said that but he's doing it right now! I glared at him. "I have to tell you this. I am not the only one transferring here from the main Grimaldi manor." What? There's more?

I wanted to ask him when the lecturer noticed I wasn't paying attention. I curse the situation I'm in. Why does she have to be this way?! I thought we agreed on not interfering with each other's personal life! We had a deal and a contract that we signed!

"Oh cheer up Lady Nicole. Your car is waiting at the dorm building." My eyes widen. The car ... the pure white Bentley ...Is here?!



"Lady Nicole!" My eyes widen when a group of girls called for me. I know them from Grimaldi manor as well! Seriouy she sent a group of maids?! He was right when he said theres other transferring to the university.

"Shhhhh! Just Nicole when we're here. Okay?" The girls apologised. Currently I am at the cafeteria, trying to find something decent to eat. "Lady ..." I glared at the one who opened her mouth.

"I'm sorry. Nicole, you don't have to pay to eat while we're here. Lady Avalynn asked us to prepared your lunch." They showed me their food container.

"We have enough for your friend as well." They smiling at Mary. "Really? Don't mind if I do. I'm wondering what kind of food those Grimaldi's eating everyday."

Mary grabbed on my hand and force me to sit with the butler and maids. When the maids opened the container, Mary gasped. "This is what you eat every single day?! Jesus Christ." I sigh. One of them gave me a fork. "Eat up." They smile. Well, the food does look promising.

And I love to eat .... "Alright." My first bite was heavenly. It's perfect for my taste bud. Not just perfect it's amazingly done as well! I gave my thumbs up to the girls who prepared them.

"Tea." Jackson offered. "Jackson, no need to be a butler here, you promised! All of you did. Please, don't see me as one of your master here, okay?" They all nodded.

"Why are you hating this treatment? If I am you, I'll love it. Hell, you even marry someone as hot as Avalynn. Lucky bitch." Mary said with her mouth full. "There's plenty of food. You don't have to shove it all." I said while wiping her mouth.

I took a sip of the cold tea. "Hmmm. Apple tea. This is nice." I thanked Jackson. "Lady Avalynn exclusively ordered them from Turkey. It's the finest blend she could find." I suddenly had such uneasy feeling eating the food and drinking the drinks she provided for me.

"For a person you claimed to hated you, she's been spoiling you rotten. New phone, new car, these servants she asked to transferred for you, is this the person who supposedly to hate you for some unknown reason?" Mary was being a smart ass.

"Nicole." I looked up to the person who called my name.

"Hey Chris. Join us. We have plenty." I invited him. He took a seat beside me and I offered to feed him. "I never knew you have friends other than Mary." He said when he's chewing.

"These are all servants for the house of Grimaldi." I explained.

"Anyway, I won't walking you to the dorm today. I have a job to go to." I nodded. "Hold on, new job? Where?" I asked. "The SaraBucks." Oh the coffee shop? "As a barista?" He nodded. "Another job? What happened at the last one?" Mary asked for my stead.

"I was fired for being rude to the custo


"Why would you be rude to the customer?" Mary asked again.

"Because he's being a dick asking for something that doesn't even exist." Chris shrugged. "You need to be more polite towards your customer Chris." Mary warned him.

"Nicole, I'm sorry for being the way I am. I let my ego control my behaviour. I just ... I hate that woman to the core." I rest my head on his shoulder.

"It's fine. I understand why you were acted that way." This is one of the reason I love him so. He doesn't wait for me to apologised.

"Lady Nicole, I have to say this before you regret it yourself. Lady Avalynn has eyes everywhere. We might not be there when you look around for us but she has her own ways to make sure you don't make a stupid decision like ... now." Jackson stood up from his seat.

By now all the Grimaldi servant stood up. "Once the mistress is on the verge of losing it, no one could stop her from being herself. I hope you consider this as a warning from your loyal servant." Jackson end his words with a smile in the end.

That sound so serious for some reason. Does Avalynn really that scary? Nah... they just trying to make me feel uneasy right.

I laughed it off and enjoyed the rest of my lunch time with Chris and Mary. I thought I had it under control but when my mind can't shake off the things that Jackson said, I ended up unfocused for the whole day.

It was until Mary and I were on our way to our dormitory when we both heard commotion coming from our building. I was curious till I saw the real reason for it. I was trying hard to ignore the pure white Bentley that were parked in front of the building until a voice called for me.

I wanted to ignored it so bad but that person took the liberty to chase me down!

"Lady Nicole. I came here with a message from Lady Avalynn." Said the butler. I sighed before facing the butler while taking the keys he's been dangling in front of my face. "What is the message?" I asked. He smile.

"Lady Avalynn told me to tell you to get ready by 7 pm. A helicopter will come to pick you up at the soccer field. You are obligated to joined the Grimaldi family for a dinner." He bowed and walked away before I could even say anything else.

Helicopter? By 7? It's 6:30! How am I suppose to get ready by 7! Wait! What am I saying, I shouldn't even be going to that dinner! But if I don't .... I sigh. I literally ran towards my room and get ready as fast as I could.

This will be such pain in the ass!


"What took you so long?" That was the first question Avalynn asked me when I walked out of the helicopter.

"What? It's your own fault for not texting or calling me beforehand. It was 6:30 when I came back to the dorm." She doesn't look like she's even listening to my reason!

"Excuses. I was in Vegas for some work before I use the plane to come back home and be here on time." Wait, she went to Vegas? "Come on. We're late already." She grabbed on my wrist and dragged me inside the main Grimaldi manor.

I really should getting the hang of being greeted by their many butlers and maids when we walked through the long hallways to the main part of the house. Usually that's where her family gathered. "Avalynn, Nicole, you two sure taking your time."

Said Avalynn's father, Theodore Grimaldi. He does look smashing in his suit except for .... his girlish side. He came out to me as bisexual the first time we met. For someone who has two daughters, he's really open minded.

"Oh forgive them Teddy. They're newlywed." Aaaa... that voice only meant one thing, Avalynn's mother, Aaliyah Grimaldi making her way towards us. "Oh no. Nicole went back to the dorm today. You should plan this dinner sooner next time mommy."

Avalynn said to her mother. A group of butlers and maids made themselves known to us. "Dinner is serve." Announced the olde butler. Just how many servants does they have?!

"Where's Veronica?" I asked. "She will be joining us shortly. She told me that she's on her way from Santorini." Replied my mother in law. I was surprised when I saw my parents and little sisters sitting on the dining table as well.

"Mom? Dad? Why are you here?" I asked when I hugged them. "We were invited as well." I truly missed my family. "Milan, Grace, how's school?" I asked my sisters. "Good." They both said in unison. Somehow Grace seems distant. Maybe I'll talk to her later. After greeted my family I went to sit next to Avalynn.

"Don't embarrass me." She's annoying as fuck. Maybe I should embarrass her. Before my father in law could say anything we heard someone coming towards the dining hall while singing.

"Sorry for being late. Daddy, we should buy a new private jet. The one I'm using break down right before we taking off. I'm lucky that it didn't break down while in the air." Veronica took a seat beside me and smiled at my family.

"Really? I will make it done then. Anyway, the reason why my wife and I summoned you all here today is to announce something we thought we never announce again." Huh? Announce what? They both took each other by hands and smile at us.

"Well, Aaliyah is pregnant." Veronica who's drinking her water actually spit it all out. My parents were happy to hear that and I congratulate them.

For Avalynn, I'm not sure how she felt. Her expression the same as always. Sometime I wonder if all the smiling she does for her shoot were actually edited.

"Well, it's about time I have a little brother or sister." Veronica said. Avalynn took a sip of her wine and still didn't say anything. "Avalynn, are you okay?" Her mother asked.

"Oh yes. Why wouldn't be I okay? Congratulation." She smile but it goes as fast as it comes.

"That explain the countless of yelling." Veronica suddenly said. "Exactly." Avalynn supported her sister. What the hell are they saying now?

"So this dinner? Just to inform that?" Avalynn asked. "No. There's more. Since your married now, your mother and I thought that it's time for you to take over the family business." Avalynn looked up from her plate. "Keep talking." Thats what gained her attention?!

"The agency, the production house, the theatre, the fashion boutique around the world, the malls, and even some stocks and real estate, will be yours to handle. Well, if you wish to handle them." As if I can see her eyes sparkling from the news.

"So ... I get to have that because I'm married?" She asked.

Her parents nodded. "You do need to take care of your wife now that your married. We figure that the job that require you to travel a lot wouldn't be ideal." No no no... wait! If she's working in the office without travelling, meaning I can be with Chris all the time!

"That's interesting. I'll be glad to take over. What about you Veronica? Do you want to work with the main office rather than be a model?" Veronica quickly shaking her head at her sister's suggestion.

"There's no way I let myself be in some room, looking through mountains of paperwork. I am not Avalynn. I am an adventurous human being. Beside I love to travel the world." I heard Avalynn sigh.

"Well, I'll make sure to work you like a dog. Don't worry my sister. You'll have your chance to travel the world." Avalynn winked.

Somehow I think that wink meant something sinister. "How's married life, Nicole?" I heard Veronica chuckled but I stepped on her foot immediately. "Something the matter Veronica?" Her father asked.

"Nothing daddy. Somehow I think my foot is going numb." She's staring at me. "Nicole?" My Mother in law called for me. "Married life has been fun. Avalynn are kind enough to let me continue my studies." I'm pretty sure she's proud of herself now.

Ugh! Why do I have to speak so greatly about this wench!

"So Avalynn haven't been giving you trouble? You can tell me the truth, Nicole." Ugh, I so want so speak ill of her but, with my parents here, I don't want them to be worried about me.

They have enough problem to think about. Avalynn promise me that she will help my parents.

"Nope. She's no trouble at all. She's been a good wife for me." My Mother in law hummed her respond. "That's weird. Avalynn always known for being the troublemaker. What change?" Avalynn sigh.

"Mommy, that's just mean I've grown. Don't be so shock, okay?" Now I'm curious. Just how much of a troublemaker was she? If I know that secret much, I can use it against her.

Hmm. This is perfect. I grinned.

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