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   Chapter 2 I Know Everything.

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"Do you want me to wait for another day? I arrived an hour ago. I don't like waiting. Do not waste my time." She looked like she hates being lecture when she walked in.

"I'm sorry. Unlike you I have a responsibility as a student, a daughter and a girlfriend to someone I love and cherish." I scoffed. "Too bad because now your using my last name, Nicole Grimaldi." I heard her famous tongue clicking.

"I thought we had a deal about this. You do your own things and I'll do mine. We both hated each other and this marriage is a joke." Kelly suddenly appeared behind her and went to my side. She leaned in and whispered into my ears.

"Seems like we have uninvited guest. He was found hiding himself in the captain's lavatory." Did she ... I smile. "Let him stay inside that lavatory. Tell the captain he may use the one I'm using if he need to go." Kelly nodded.

She took a seat near where I am and looking at the books I'm reading. I noticed she's trying to read the book description at the back. I let down my book just to see what she's up to.

"You know if you want you could just ask for it." She scoffed and took one of the books on the free seat.

"You read a lot of thrillers. It's all over your apartment when I first move in. How do you even find the time to read books?" She asked.

"It's not that hard to read a book on your free time. You have a lot of free times. In the toilet, before you go to bed, even when having your meals. That's all some free time." I replied while turning my book to a next page.

"Lady Grimaldi, here's your wine." The flight attendant offered a wine glass to me. "Thank you." She turned to Nicole. "Do you need anything to drink?" Nicole think for a moment. "Soda and some snacks would be nice." She smiled.

The flight attendant smile and continue to do her job. "How do you even live like this? Don't you feel suffocating being surrounded by your workers?" She asked after she thanked the flight attendant.

"Why would I feel suffocating for the people who take care of my chores and getting things down for me?" I asked her back.

"Honestly I will never win whenever I talk to you." I smiled.

"Why would I have the need to lose to you?" She finally sigh and ignore me until we take off. I was really enjoy reading my book when I heard a loud noise of someone's stomach grumbling.

"Wow. Just wow." I waved for the flight attendant.

"Feed that hungry beast over there. It will be such a pity if she's start to eating me." The flight attendant tried as hard as she could to control her sniffle.

"We have western, Mexican and Asian meal on the menu today. Which do you prefer?" She asked Nicole.

"Can I have all of them?" After what I saw for the last week, that request doesn't surprised me anymore. "Hey Nicole, do you think that boyfriend of yours need to eat something as well?" My question made her froze.

"What the bloody hell are you talking about?" She laughed it off.

"I know that he's in there. You can't lie to me. I have eyes everywhere." I winked.

"Milady, aren't you going to order something to eat?" I looked at the time and shake my head. "Maybe just prepare some hot cocoa for me. I won't be eating high carb food tonight."

Nicole scoffed. "Miss model is afraid that she might go fatty." She made fun of me. I hope she choke on her food.

"Not really. I love to eat just its past the time for me to eat. Why would I need more energy to sleep?" I asked her. She was busy shoving food inside her throat.

What an eye sore behaviour to see. She may be beautiful but her attitude and etiquette just horrible. I continued to read my book while waiting for my cocoa.

"What kind of fashion sense your wearing right now? I'm pretty sure your show tonight didn't involve a lot of the colour black." She asked while opening another food container.

"You have smudge at the corner of your lip." She use the back of her left hand to wipe it off.

"I wonder what did your boyfriend sees in you. Rude, messy eater and loud mouth. That's all I'm seeing right now." I shake my head at the sight. "Oh shut up. Your lying if you never eat like this." I show my expressionless face.

"Hmmm. I never recall of eating like an animal before. I was raise to be a lady." I'm pretty sure I hit a nerve when she glared at me while swallowing her food.

"Are you saying .... I was .... raise by an animal?" She said with her mouth full.

"The answer for your own question belongs to you. You have the answer and I don't." I smiled.

"Milady, I found this man hiding in the lavatory." Nicole who's eating literally spit out her food from her mouth when she saw her boyfriend were caught.

"Christopher?!" She acted as if she's shock seeing him.

"You don't have the talent to act Nicole. I know he's in there all along. No need to hide anything. Welcome Christopher. I am Avalynn Grimaldi, that woman's legal wife." I smiled at him who's looking at me since he first walked in.

"Well, at least you manage to get yourself a man who's good looking. For a woman like you to have a man like him must be a miracle." I chuckled.

"Are you saying I have no quality?" She finally finished her meal and now she's wiping her mouth with the wet cloth the flight attendant provided earlier.

"Oh no. I'm just saying you have nothing to admire about." I said with my serious remark.

She's not happy at all.



It's sicken me to see these two being all loving towards each other right in front of me. "Is that Santorini? Wow!" Whatever that came out from this man's mouth really makes me want to punch him. "It's beautiful."

Kelly touched my shoulder. "Are you sure you won't be needing any transporter from the pier? I could call for the pilot for you. The villa has it own helipad." I shake my head.

"I want that woman to have a little pain in her ass for bringing such vile human being to this trip." Kelly chuckled at my remark.

I walked towards the railing where they are and looked at the island that we will be staying for a week.

"You should be grateful for I have the chance to bring you both to a country you'll never be able to go to." I turned my head to them.

"Your lucky I even let you on my yacht. I usually never let creatures on my ride." I was staring at the man beside that wife of mine.

"Stop being rude to my boyfriend. We're sorry we're that poor in your eyes." Nicole scoffed at me. Was she always this dumb? How dense can she be?

"Kelly shall show you to your hotels. Good luck with your life decision. I hope you have a very long hard thinking of what you want to do with your future Nicole Grimaldi." I waved my hands and leave them with Kelly.

"Lady Grimaldi, we have a message from Lord Grimaldi." I was surprise when I saw the helicopter waiting for me.

"But I didn't prepare that." The butler bow. "Lord Grimaldi said he wants to give you and your wife the best honeymoon ever. Where's Lady Nicole?" He asked.

I smile. "She's with Kelly." I don't know how to keep lying like this for a whole week. I need to inform Kelly and tell Nicole about my father's plan.

The butler smile when I looked up to him inside the helicopter. "We're going to the villa, correct?" I nodded. "But one of the butlers who's in charge at the hotel you book saw Lady Nicole with another man."

He showed me a picture from his phone.

"Alright. Listen, Nicole and I have a contract. We will not interfere with each other's businesses. Tell the others to leave them alone and don't tell my parents about this. If they know, I know who to find." I said with a little threat. The butler nodded.

This is getting out of hand. Kelly sent me a text and she wrote 'busted' just to annoyed me.

"Lady Veronica arrived last night from London. Do you wish to meet her?" Huh. Veronica is here? I didn't know that.

"Yes please." The butler nodded.

I yawned before closing my eyes for a little bit. When we arrived, the butler lightly shake my body and informed me that we had arrived.

When I walked out from the helicopter, Veronica was waiting for me in a such revealing attire. "What's going on?" I asked while she crossed her hands.

"I need help. Your the only one who I trust to be my partner." Huh?

"What partner?" I walked side by side with my sister after I dismissed the butlers and maid who greeted my arrival.

"I need you to model with me. That's it." And here I thought I'm going to have some me time. "What kind of project?" I ask

ed when we entered the villa.

"Well, a charity project. I'm not sure myself but the description and cause was heart moving." Charity? Heart moving?

"Alright. I do it. Beside, I need to support my friends, right?" Veronica seems happy. "Good. Let's change your clothes now." Wait, now? Is that why she dress like that?

"Now? You want me to work now?" Veronica nodded.

"Deadline is the day after tomorrow. We need to work hard." She dragged me all the way to the outdoor pool that filled with the crew. "Swimsuit?" Now it explained the way she dress.

"Here, wear this." She showed me the most revealing swimsuit ever!

"Are you sure it's a charity related project? This looks like what a gentleman's magazine model would wear." Veronica sigh.

"Look at me. Do you think those kind of magazine even wanted to hire me, a small breasted woman to be in such sexy magazine. Unlike you, you could be in it." I sighed and took the swimsuit from her.

"Fine. I'm only doing it because I'm your sister." I wonder who sponsor this kind of project in the first place.

"Do you best sis. Mommy will look through the picture. She is the producer." I rest my case. No wonder it's revealing. Mommy has some exotic taste when it comes to fashion.

After I'm done changing I went to the person who's in charge of the music. "Let me." I smile and search for my kind of tunes. We need to set the mood first and foremost.

I decided to played Vertebraker by Herobust and went to my sisters who's now wearing her own swimsuit.

"I can't believe I have the opportunity to work with the Grimaldi sisters again. Beautiful ... what a beautiful human beings you two are." Said the one who's going to take our picture. I was getting ready when my eyes landed on Nicole who's watching us.

She's alone? Why would she came to the villa?

"Show me ... fierce." I heard the photographer said and did as told. "Show me ... innocent." How can I act innocent when that woman is laughing at me!

"Now hug your sister and look into each other's eyes. Show me the love, forbidden love." I heard the photographer moan. We both turned to him and wondering what was he thinking. He cleared his throat and take a picture of us.

"Exactly what I looking for. Now lifted Veronica's left leg to your waist, hands under her thigh, your lips on her neck. Your other hand went to her back, breast touch each other." What kind of shoot is this?!

I'm basically touching my own sister this way!

"It's either you or with a man. I choose you. I don't need anymore erected penis hitting my body." Thats one of the bad side of being a model. But that doesn't mean we hate our job. We love it.

"Ahhhh. Mrs Grimaldi! Join us. I could take your honeymoon's picture as well." The photographer finally noticed Nicole waiting for me and literally dragged her towards the set.

This will be fun.


"Don't touch my ass." Nicole warned me but I ignored her plea. Why should I listen to her? I don't see the meaning if I listen to her words after she brought that despicable man to this trip.

"I warn you. Do not touch me there!" I tightened my grip on her ass and smile for the camera. "I have rights to hold you anywhere I want. We are legally married to each other. You let that man touch you everywhere." Nicole gasped.

"Is that a tone of jealousy I hear? Are you jealous?!" She's mocking me. Why am I even feeling this type of feelings towards the person I hate? I shouldn't feel anything. I pushed her body against the wall and just stared into her orbs.

I need to find a reason for why I feel these .... foreign feelings for her. It's her choice to bring that man to this trip. I shouldn't feel anything except ..... don't tell me that I beginning to feel something for this useless woman. No! I refuse to believe that.

"It's a wrap! That's one of the most beautiful shoots I ever taken Milady. You two truly are the hottest couple in Maestropolitan." The photographer said before I released her.

"Why are you here?" I asked when the crew beginning to leaving us alone.

"The butlers completely forbid my man to go into the hotel room. I'm here to make a deal with you so you could order the butler to stand down." I chuckled.

Serve him right for crossing the line. "Also, What is this bill the receptionist gave me? You expect me to pay? You know I'm not as rich as you."

I took the bill and smile. "Since you decided to being him, I have no obligation to pay for HIS expanses. I am not that stupid to let myself be paying for someone's trip. It's enough I let him ride on my plane and my yacht for free. The other expanses that he needs will be completely on him."

Her face turn red from anger. "Is this your way of revenge? What did I ever do to you? If you don't want to even be her just say so!" I smiled before kissing her cheek. "You've done nothing to me my wife. All I'm saying here is that, I will not be paying for someone else's vacation trip."

Her face looks like she's in trouble. I know she's thinking of a way to pay for his expanses. I turned around and pick a robe to cover myself. "I have a suggestion if you want me to pay for your man's trip." I turned around and face her again.

"What is it?" She's that desperate huh. I chuckled mentally.

"Let him be a man and meet me himself. If he send you to meet me instead, I don't see why you should even let him stay by your side. He can't even handling this matter himself by meeting me. That's a coward in my eyes."

Her mouth open and close but no words coming out of it. "What? Cat got your tongue?" I mocked.

"If you love him so, tell him to meet me and ask me to pay for that bill for him. Don't be a coward. Okay, my wife?" I winked before leaving her to her thoughts.

I was surprised when Veronica suddenly clapped her hands when I walked inside the villa.

"What?" I asked before I went to my room followed by Veronica. "You know, your the dumbest person I've ever seen. She's finally here alone and you lecture about her man being a coward." My sister was not happy with my little speech huh.

"I have something to make sure off. Like it or not she's my wife and I have to make her choose her life choices wisely before the 2 years time we agreed on come to an end. As smart as she looks, she's quite stupid when it comes to making good choices." I explained.

Honestly, if a person like her doesn't see an ignorant man like he is, I'm not sure if she can live her life when she decided to be independent.

"Your lying to yourself here sister. Your in love. Right?" Veronica smiled.

"What on earth are you saying? She's just someone I was force to marry." My sister laughed.

"Ava, I know you. Don't lie to me when you denied that a spark has been ignited in your cold, bloodless heart." Am I? Really? No.

She's wrong. Nicole would be able to do that. She's ....

A knock forbid me from continuing my thoughts. "Come in." Veronica let whoever that knock in.

The butler bow. "You have a guest. He came with Lady Nicole." He really came huh. Good. I dismissed my butler and get myself ready. Ugh, I really need to relax after this.

It's suppose to be my relaxation time alone. I've been working non stop for a few months and I need the rest. I went to meet Christopher together with Veronica. She's curious to why I invited him to the villa.

"Thank you for coming here. Have a seat." He took a seat next to Nicole. I looked around the room and snapped my finger. The butler and maids close the windows and doors so no one would see us like this.

"It must be nice to have this kind of treatment every single day. To have power to make anyone feel bad about themselves." He said while looking down to his thigh. Was he trying to make me look bad?

"Well at least no one hitch a ride in someone's plane and yacht." I literally added salt to his wounds with that remark. "What do you want me to do? Beg? I don't beg. I rather work for it than to ask for your money to pay for the bill." He's that type of person huh.

"You think I don't know what your thinking?" I reached for my phone and play part of the recordings I manage to capture from the little device I planted on Nicole's clothing.

It's their conversation where's Nicole suggested that she will pay for his expenses using the money my parents gave her. And how his voice seems happy and relief in the end.

"How did ..." Nicole was confused.

"Game over Christopher." I smiled. I enjoyed seeing his expression. Now, that's life.

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