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   Chapter 24 EPILOGUE

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Updated: 2018-06-12 21:54

"Mama!" a voice of a little girl echoed through the vacant room. Yes, she is Emily, Stephanie and Derek's little girl. She is running around the vacant room before quickly running to me in front of the huge mirror, one inside the room.

I looked one more time into the mirror, looking into a woman in white dress and simple yet glowing make up and turn around towards the little girl.

"Sweetie! Come here." I said holding out my hand for her to come into.

"Em, sweetheart, don't hug her too hard, you will ruin her dress." Stephanie voice sounded behind the door. I looked up carrying Emily in my hand.

"Its okay, Steph." I said to her.

"Oh, I missed you, little girl." I tickled her belly, she giggled. Stephanie steps inside the room, holding her arm around her round belly. Yes, she is almost 8 months pregnant and with a little boy.

I smiled looked up to Stephanie.

" Thanks, Steph. I dont know they let 8 months preggy woman on flight."

"Oh, we dont have too. The perks of being a billionaire wife." she answered me while rolling her eyes.

"Oh, I hate that title." finally she said. I chuckled a little at her reaction. Ever since they got married, they always seems to be hot and cold. Sometimes they were so sweet and caring but sometimes I rather not be involve between them. I mean, we.

" Hey, little boy, how are you in there?" I walk a little to her, touching her belly. How I wish I was her. I want that little joy too! I sighed.

"Hey, no bad mood on a wedding day, okay!" Stephanie shout, stopping me from any though.

I looked out the windows. Its been two years after the proposal, we have been living together. I really want a child, and never had any protection so then I would have a little girl, just like Emily. Well, maybe it was not my time, yet.

I put a little smile again, and look back to S

" I love you, Mrs Jordan." he said finally as his lips leaving mine. That moment I can't wait anymore.

" You should love us, Mr Jordan."I looked into his eyes, as his confused expression appear on his face.

" I am pregnant, husband." I whispered to him while holding her neck down to me.

He froze midway and looked deep into my eyes. When suddenly he smile, my heart seem to find its way to beat again.

"Oh my God!" he yelled, loudly. All eyes on us.

I looked down almost immediately, oh god!

"My wife pregnant!" silent.

"She is pregnant!" he yelled again. 'Please, god help me' I muttered to myself.

Suddenly loud clap erupted in the hall following by a few wish and congratulations between them.

I looked around and finally looked at him staring right onto me. I can feel my cheeks blushed red.

"Anne, you have made me the happiest man alive. The happiest husband alive, the happiest papa alive." he said tilting my chin. I followed his direction toward his deep green eyes as tears keep falling down our cheeks. Yes, he is crying.

I wipe down his tears.

" I love you, Nick."

" I love you both, even more." he whispered as he come down and kiss me, again.

The End

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