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I sat at my table inside the teachers quarters after the last period. It's been months after the Stephanie's wedding, and now I am an intern at an international school here in San Francisco.

Nick and I has finally settle down, and decide that maybe to go with the flow. We have known each other more than ten years already. There are really no need to rush things, right?

I just thought that maybe I put too much trust in this new relationship. Yeah, maybe too, because I have never in a real relationship before. It's not that I ever have a relationship, am I? And now we are having long distance relationship. oh, now I am thinking nonsense.

The sounds of knocking behind, stopped my thought. I quickly turned around, facing the door a few feet away.

"Come in, " I said. Two student from my class enter, they are searching around room before their eyes fall on me.

"Miss Moretz." they said in unison.

"Yes Candice, Justin. May I help you?" I asked.

" We came to deliver this." they said, walking towards my table. I looked at them carrying a box and quickly nodded. They put the box on the table. I looked down, and frown.

"Who send this?" I asked again. They looked away, hesitating. 'Okay.'

"That's fine. I will take care from here." I said dismissing them.

After dismissing those students, I grab the box, a medium size box, and open it. There inside the box was a book. Not an ordinary book. It was my black book. My Little Black Book.

"Hey Little Book, where have you been?" I whispered to myself. The book was fine, no scratch at all. That's mean it was with someone all these time. Someone I know probably because he eventually found its owner. I wonder.

I checked

is hand.

'oh my god!'

Suddenly, a few students that lined up behind him turn their back to me. Showing a few letters on their back. I looked up immediately.


Awwwww sounds erupted almost immediately. I looked down again to see Nick on his knee holding a small black velvet box.

"Please, make me the happiest man alive and marry me." he said. His nervous face almost making me laugh hard. Oh, I love this side of him.

I kept quiet for awhile. Tears slowly falling down my cheeks, and my hand still clutching the book.

"Em, Anne, I am not getting younger here." finally he said. I burst out laughing. A happy laugh actually.

"Oh, Nick. Yes, I do!" I replied. He quickly stand up and hugged me. A relieved breath fanning my neck.

"I am afraid you had a second though over there, " he said. I chuckled lightly. He frowned.

"Maybe, don't you think this is too soon?"

"No, Anne. I have known you my entire life. I can't afford losing you this time." he replied. I smile, a happy smile, a loving smile, a wishful smile.

" I love you, Anne." he said fling me around.

" I love you too, Nick."

"I loved you more."

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