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Playlist : Naked by James Arthur


After freshen up a little, I took my laptop from the table and lied front facing on my bed. Opening up Facebook, I scrolled down the older notification and stop on one of Nick messenger.

"Anne, where are you?"

"You have been missing all day, "

"Where are you Anne, I never meet you at the library?"

"Anne, have you submitted your thesis?"

"Anne, just meet me somehow, I need you to listen, "

"Anne, this is all misunderstanding, I promised you I will never let you go, again, just listen to me this one time."

"Anne, at least, listen to this, *audio recording*

So then you know, I am coming for you, Anne."

I heard the last message from him. It was a song, acoustic song he played.

??Hey, you there

Can we take it to the next level, baby, do you dare?

Don't be scared

'Cause if you can say the words, I don't know why I should care

'Cause here I am, I'm givin' all I can

But all you ever do is mess it up

Yeah, I'm right here, I'm tryin' to make it clear

That getting half of you just ain't enough

I'm not going to wait until you're done

Pretending you don't need anyone

I'm standing here naked

I'm standing here naked

I'm not gonna try 'til you decide

You're ready to swallow all your pride

I'm standing here naked

I'm standing here naked??

??Hey, get out

I've got nothin' left to give for you give me nothin' now

Read my mouth

If you ever want me back, then your walls need breakin' down

'Cause here I am, I'm givin' all I can

But all you ever do is mess it up

Yeah, I'm right here, I'm tryin' to make it clear

Getting half

first kiss. I don't want to tell you either, because I don't want to see you hurt. It will hurt me.

To say I am surprised, it may be overstatement, I am embarrassed actually. I can feel my cheek red.

Nick : You may not be my first kiss, but Anne, you are my first love. Even before we are friend.

Nick : I never had a chance to tell you this, Nick : I love you, Anne. I love you ever since, ....

Nick : Idk, I just loved you and please say something, you are killing me here ??

I read his last message. The emoticon. And the truth is, I don't know what I should type on this keyboard. It takes me a few minutes, I guess to come out with something but I was too clueless to think of anything right now.

Nick : I guess you have sleep, I hope you read all of my nonsense tomorrow.

Nick : Goodnight, Anne.

I read his new messages. I don't know, I should reply something already!

Me : ??

Emoticon? Shocked face? Yeahhh, way to go Anne?!

Nick : ??

Me : You know what? Actually, this game have ended. Yeay!

Nick :?

Me : ??

Great way to escape, huh?

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