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Photograph by Ed Sheeran

Perfect by Ed Sheeran


Dear Diary, Today is my birthday! Yeay!

Today I am 19.

Yes, Nineteen and all I ever do was drinking helplessly.

Never hook up with any one, never even be in a relationship, never have a boyfriend, ugh, even to have a guy friend seem so hard.

Remember I have two annoying older brothers?

Well, my brothers do give me presents, and it was annoyingly frustrated. Guess what? They both decided to give me a box of condom. Yeah, they control over my relationship and yet give me those unuseful things. Yet.

Remember my last birthday, Nick have gave me a necklace. A platinum necklace with diamond letter N locket.

It was his initial letter, but he said it is the short form of my name. ANNE.

Yeah, right.

Toddles, -supposed to be a happy day!-



I watched from between the dinner tables, a lady was dancing around the hall with the groom. Her perfect body, to her beautiful curves, and the hair. The beautiful golden brown hair, almost transparent under the dim light. Her soft hair, hanging loosely on its owner back never bore me.

Sometimes I saw her laughing casually, and sometimes I saw her smiling widely, and sometimes I saw her frowned. Anyways her face would be, I will always miss those beautiful face. Although hiding beneath the golden rose mask, I know its her. I.. just.. know.

The song almost ended when I decide to walk through the guest towards them.

" May I ?" I say, politely. The groom nodded, slowly backing away after giving the lady a little kiss on the cheeks. She smiled.

I hold out my hand for her when another song was played. Her hand holding mine, while my hand holding her slim waist. Of course, slightly brushing those silky soft hair. I almost groaned, her hair was such a turn on.


A slow song by Ed Sheeran was played.

We move slowly, silently at first, back and forth. Her eyes looking anywhere but me. She seems shy and quite unc

r doorstep, side by side. I wait for her to unlocked the door.

"So…." she said, playing with the house keys. I looked up to her. Questioning looks obviously plastered on my face.

" Do you want to come in?" she ask, but I can see she is actually hesitating. I rub the back of my neck.

'What should I do, I don't want to go back, yet.'

I looked inside her dark house. Her parents are not home yet, so I think being with her alone is not a right choice, yet, right?

"Erm, I don't know, are you sure?" I ask. She looked into my eyes, confused.

"No, I mean, yes, I'd love to, but…… maybe next time." I ensure her. She nodded. Her shoulder seems to relax a little bit.

"Well, then, goodnight?" she said, but it sounds like a question.

"Yeah, I.. I.. I should head first." I stuttered. 'Shit.'

"Ehem, ..."

" Bye, Anne." I said, backing away from the doorstep.

"Bye.. oh, by the way, thanks Nick, ..." she replied.

"For the ride."

I grinned almost happily. Hell, I am excited!

"Oh, alright." I back walk to the car, my eyes still on hers. She is smiling!


As soon as I reached to my car, I see her slipping into her house slowly before I open up the car door.

"Shit! That is all you can do, huh?" I whispered to myself, I started the ignition and quickly drove off.

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