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I looked up at the dress hanging on the wall near my wardrobe. A plum color dress hanging graciously under the shining lamp. The dress, my mother brought in the day before was a cap sleeves long chiffon dress, it was simple yet hold a gloomy feeling.

Why? Because it was in a dark color.

As if I am mourning over something. But then, maybe yes. I am mourning over my nonexistent relationship. If it was even a word.

I sighed. Should I go to the wedding? I shouldn't even attend it, right? They will never know. It's not that the ceremony will never even start without me.

I am still calculating when the doorbell ring. I wait. Maybe my mother will get the door. Then, it ring again. It's my cue I guess. I ran to the door as fast as I can before the bell ring, again.

There, standing in front of my door, was the bride for the day. Stephanie, in all her wedding dress glory, smiling to me, well, to my surprise face, to be exact.

"Hello Anne, surprise, surprise!" is all she said before passing me through the door into my living room. Me? I am clueless standing there thinking what the hell she is doing here. God, help me.

" Hey, Steph." I close the door slowly walking to the kitchen counter. She follows.

"So, wanna drink something?" I ask. She nodded approaching me. I open the fridge, taking a carton of orange juice while she grab the glass from the cabinets.

"Thanks, Anne." she said. I shrugged.

" For what?" I ask, pouring down the juice into the glasses. She take the glass and sip.

" For not shutting off the door to my face." she said.

"I would have to if you are not shamelessly walking inside my house." her smile faded. A blank face replaced.

"Anne, I need to talk to you over something."

"So talk." I remark. I can see her surprise face that she did

Stephanie sitting on one of the benches inside the room.

" Gina, could you tell them we can start now." she order to one of the girl inside the room. I frown, this can't be it, I thought.

"Hey Steph, I don't know I am one of your maids." I say pointing towards all those girls that wore the same colored dress as mine. Except the design were slightly differs.

"Oh, of course not. You aren't." she said, I frowned, confused.

" You are my maid of honor!" she said clasping my hand and giggled.

"What?! You are crazy Stephanie."

"No, I am not. You think why I hold this ceremony until you arrived?" she replied.


"Now, stop frowning. Help me with this dress, please." she ask, almost pleading. I looked at her beautiful white dress and checked if there is any fault or disorder.

" Stephanie, you are ridiculous." I whispered direct to her ear.

"How if I ain't shows up?"

"I know you will, Anne."

" And you know what even more ridiculous?" she say while walking down to the grand hall.

" We are having masquerade reception party!" she said before going straight to the door, waiting in line for her wedding ceremony to begin.

God, help me.

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