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Dear Diary, It's been a week I am here at Santa Monica. Next week I will enrolled into a University nearby. I don't know what I should even feel. Excited?

Last night I was at a bar. Alone. Of course my brothers doesnt know. They are too protective and I am getting sick of that. Maybe I will try to get into a dormitory too. That would give me some space, right?

Back to the bar.

I feel I could have some drinks, that strong enough so then I could forget all these pain, but then the bartender was so gentleman and yet annoying, I think he is hitting on me. haha.

I argue with him to give me something strong, but he pretend to be deaf. Oh how frustrating. I growl and argue, before he give me a drink.

He said it was strong enough for me. Well I guess it is what he said. The bar was too loud.

Haha. He think he would fool me. That was not strong at all!!

I can still drive home, but you know the end.

Of course my brothers find out!


Now I am grounded.



I chuckled lightly shutting off the black book and put it in my backpack. Not long after, I frowned. There are somebodies hitting on her, and yet she ignored.

I smiled. She is waiting for me all these times. She ran, but she still waiting fo

keep silence.

" I have found my love because I don't give up. He come back even though he half believe that Emily was her daughter. But I believe in love. Love that bring us together……" she said but stop mid sentence. Her eyes look outside the window but she is smiling anyways.

"Yes Steph. But she kept running away. She doesn't even wait for my explanation." I sighed. I am so frustrated that even hope and wishes seems blurry and hard to get.

She keep smiling and hold my hand, again.

"I will help you."

I lay on my bed thinking of what Stephanie said earlier.

'Never give up on love.'

"Yeah, right." I said rolling over on my bed, facing the night stand. There I see the black book by the table lamp.

I grab the book, sitting against the headboard and open the latest pages I have read.

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