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I flipped through the magazines pages on the kitchen island, almost bored to death. My brothers just got back to LA last night, leaving me alone with both my parents. Apparently, it's still ten in the morning and my mother have been out to the market while my father out to work.

"Geez, I am going to die myself today." I whisper talking to myself. Munching on the cheerios, I slide open my phone and open the facebook apps. Browsing through the newsfeed and all the notification.

There is a few messenger from Nick though, but I didn't bother to open. I just got back here after all the nook and crook of hiding from him, does reading a messenger from him give me any good? Yes, it isn't. I sigh slightly making face.

"You know you would look older than me soon if you keep making that face." my mother said walking through the back door to the kitchen. I looked up at her bringing all the groceries from the fresh market.

"Yeah, right mom." I said shrugging, too lazy to argue over her this early in the morning. She look up at me, probably weird of my so calm attitude.

"So, what you have been up to today?" she ask, arranging all the groceries that she got into the kitchen aisle. I shake my head, obviously telling her that I had nothing in my mind, my eyes still on the phone.

"Well, how about a little mother daughter bonding time. I bet we ever have our time together, one of these days." she suggest. That sounds good actually. Although I have nothing to do either.

" I don't mind, mom. This boredom has slowly killing me already, and it's barely half of the day." I sigh, putting my phone on the isle.

"Okay then. I think I am gonna bake some cookies, would you want to help." she ask, but its sound more like demanding. I grin.

"How about baking a cake. I barely had cake

n the evening. I can hear the kids at the playground in front of me yelling and laughing, some of them playing little soccer, and some of the girls grouping around the corner, probably playing with their dolls.

I smiled. Finally I feel relieved.

After a lot of thinking and walk down my memories lane. I thought it's better for me to move on. To stop waiting for something that never come. To stop wishing for something that never even there at the first place.

I admit. Its true that all of those three years running away from home, I still hope he will wait for me. Although I never thought he would find me there, a million miles away from home, to Santa Monica, where the beach was always be my best friend, I still hope.

I thought I finally got a soft spot in his heart when he find me, but then I stuck in a friendzone. The blind date was the starting point.

Then, I still hope. Until the day I met with those blonde little girl. The same hair that Stephanie has, I thought maybe, just maybe it wasn't him. its must be someone else. But she called him, Papa.

My hope crushed and I decided to run again.

And here, today, it's finalized.

I have to let him go.

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