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Dear Diary, There was once, after school, we will go to the nearby park, buying our favourite ice cream and sitting leisurely under a tree near a playground. That was once our favourite spot of all places we ever been.

The wind was very refreshing, a little bit secluded and facing a small man made lake where the water was as clear as the nature.

We will sitting there just talking about random things. But one day, as the teachers have taught us about our future, Nick ask me a question.

" what do you want to be when you grow up."

I want to be a lawyer. A very good lawyer. Even if I am to fail public speaking, I am still want to be a lawyer.

But then, times flies fast, and I becoming adore with some people surrounding me. The one that I admire the most is his parents. They are so loving, so committed to their loves one as equally as to their commitment.

They never taught Nick to be so proud of their wealth, and misused to something less benefit.

They taught him life was like a business, sometimes you have to negotiate, sometimes you have to lose, and sometime you have to be exact to what you want.

And I failed each of them.



I sit underneath a tree in front of the main entrance of the campus alone, enjoying the view where some student rushing everywhere, and some arguing somewhere in the corner of my eyes. A

This is just a misunderstanding. I know it. She never ever go on a date with anyone even when I forced her to. She is too naive Kyle, she is too pure, too believe in her love that she is ready to die old alone." she continue.

"I know there is a story behind those sad eyes, but I never knew that the one she is longed for was you. She run away from you, because she believe she is not in your heart the way she wanted, but when you came here wanted her to be your date. I know she is not even dancing alone. But still you are a fool!" suddenly she yell and sighed loudly.

"Just make out already and make babies, " she said looking me in the eyes. Her hand holding mine passing a piece of paper. I startled a little, looking at her as she running down the field towards the parking lot.

I looked at the piece of paper and unfold it.

'George Washington High School, San Francisco'

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