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"Anne, where have you been last night, I thought you go back straight to your dorm." Dean started. I make a pouting mouth telling him do not even start, but then, as usual, it was no use.

"Yeah, I even call Angeline this morning and guess what?" said David coming into picture.

"She is sobering up with a guy, that Nate guy!" the both yell together. I cringed my eyes.

'oh god!'

" Listen guys, first of all, I am 22 years old. Please, god help me! And second, you call Angie before me, what a brothers you are." I told them.

" Yeah, I know all of your lame excuses and call her first, so then you can't back up each other."

" We are genius." David say high fiving with Dean.

"Tell me, where are you?" Dean ask me. I hesitating and then I saw David new hair dye.

I chuckled lightly. He always hate his blond hair saying that it look girly and differentiate him from ours brown hair. What can I say, he got our grandmother southern hair.

"hey blondie, nice hair bro" I shout to the phone trying to actually change the topic on air when suddenly Nick appear into the room. He chuckle loudly.

I give him a glare and he shut his mouth.

" who is that?! Anne, don't tell me you are hooking up right now?!" Dean yelled his eyes almost popping out of the sockets.

"is he our customers? I told you Dee, someone is hitting on her." David interrupt nudging his shoulder to Dean. I rolled my eyes then look at Nick face change a littl

he crowd on the sidewalk in front of the hotel are quite expectant. He quickly going out of the car and I follow him before he reach my door.

We were walking into the crowded lobby with girls in bikinis and surfer when a child shouting somewhere near us. Nick quickly look at the lounge couch.

"Papa!" I stop walk. Watching as Nick fast walking towards her.

"Hey, sweetheart." he said kissing both the little girl cheeks, probably two years old.

"Where is mommy, " he ask her. I see her hand pointing toward the reception. My eyes follows.

There, Stephanie walk slowly toward them holding a luggage and a signature handbag. Smiling widely, of course.

I quickly walk back blending with the crowd toward the front door.

I can't believe my eyes. So, Nick and Stephanie are actually a thing. Oh my God. I feel my eyes sting with tears as I gliding out of the door.

"They have a daughter, " I whispered, walking away from the hotel.

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