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Dear Diary, Today I am leaving my hometown. I am leaving my childhood, I am leaving the best part of my life. I am leaving my best friend, the one and only best friend I ever had. and it was all started with me.

Who can I blame for these development of feeling. If I can turning back to the time when all of these things happening, I would. I have broken the most precious part of my memories because all I want is him for myself.

And he is not giving back what I want. I bet he even didn't have it, isn't he?

I am crushing him since middle school, and he is crushing on someone else.

The moment I saw him heartbroken and failed, I just can't help myself. Just like I always do. I want to comfort him. Ensure that everything will tuning out fine and he was not alone.

I am there all the time.

But now, I choose to be gone. Because honestly, I know, I never be there in his heart.

And so, now here I am, packing all my stuffs, leaving my memories of him, and move on.


Perhaps seeing someone new. Yeay! for me.

I will be back very soon.

Here LA, I am coming!!!

Love, Xoxo


I quickly shut the book and put it in my drawer when I heard shuffling behind me, follow by a soft groan.

"Urgh, my head." Daniella say groaning while holding her head. I chuckle, turning my chair facing her.

"The best part of drinking to much, and grinding may I add." I say waking up to the door.

"Urghhh, I don't know, I did that?" I hear her say as I walk to the kitchen.

Grabbing some w

head, muttering something before cutting of the line.

She sigh loudly.

"You just need to do that, right?" is all she said. I just laugh harder seeing her lay down on her back with a thud. Maybe her head hitting the headboard, I laugh again.


I spread the top and jeans that I got this morning on the bed before walking out of the room. I look around one more time inspecting if she need anything else before the bathroom door wide open revealing Anne with only a towel clutches tightly on her chest.

My eyes stare anywhere but her face afraid that I can't control myself. She chuckled nervously pointing to the clothes on the bed.

"Thank you for that Nick, I thought I am gonna wear this disgusting clothes for the day." she said. I gulping the huge lump forming in my throat before answering while back out of the room.

"Yeah, just… just… just get done, I will be outside." I stutter not looking back. I think I heard her laugh and saying coward but I ignore anyway.


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