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I am putting my lip gloss when my mother appeared on my door frame. Smiling proudly looking at me. Her motherly smile never bother me before. But tonight it seems to stop me from what I am doing right now.

"Mom…" I said grabbing a piece of earring. My mother come over and grab it from my hand while come closer and attached it to my ear. I stand still fidgeting with my manicured fingers.

"Honey, you look beautiful." she said, smiling holding my shoulder. I smile.

" You think so? I don't think black is a good choice…."

" Look sweetheart.. black is a safe colour, an elegant safe colour. Anybody wear black look gorgeous, and adding confident to their silhouette." she explained.

" And you are beautiful, in any colour, Anne." she add, her eyes tearing. I quickly hold her hand.

"Aw, mom. No need to cry, I am here, and am not going anywhere, yet. I am just going to a prom.." I add, and smile reassuringly.

"Yes, yet. My only baby girl will leave me soon. And I am going to stay with you old man." she said pouting. I chuckled.

"Aww, mama, I will make sure he is going to take a very good care of you. Or else…." I said tapping my chin, and tilted my head up pretending to think.

" He will face my wrath..?" I said asking her seriously before laughing hard. She follow laughing with me.

" I will miss this moment, baby girl." she said slow down her laugh before hugged me.

" Go have fun, your date will be here soon, I guess." she add, releasing me from her. Suddenly the doorbell rang. She look at the open door.

" Speak of the devil, " she whispered, chuckling. Well, me too, but nervously.

"Well, I go check on the door."

I nodded and walked slowly to the stand mirror at the corner of my room checking myself.

My long two piece A shape gown fitted almost perfectly on my body. The halter neck top fitted perfectly on my bust giving me decent but sexy look. I smile nervously to myself.

"Daniella Anne, your date is here!" my mother yelled from downstairs.

"Yep, I'll be down in a second!" I looked into the mirror once again, before releasing a huge breath.

"Let's do this, "

I walk downstairs slowly peeking through the open corner to the living room. My heart beats loudly in my chest. I am very nervous, I guessed because tonight was the first time I actually dressed up for someone.

He was there, standing beside the cleopat

as Nick. He look a mess, his hair was messy and his eyes were dark.

" Hey, Nick, I thought you-...." my mouth was shut up by his lips. I stunned, after a few second, I pushed his chest away to tell him that this is wrong, thinking that maybe Stephanie will see us.

But he dont bulged a bit. His kiss was roughed and sloppy. I keep pushing him until my eyes land on them. There on the dance floor, Stephanie and Derek were kissing passionately as if the dance floor was theirs.

Suddenly, Nick stopped and rested his forehead on mine. Releasing a huge breath fanning my face. We were inches apart and I can see he is disappointed and heartbroken.

My hand slowly creeped up his neck and to his jaw. Giving him a reassuring smile, telling him it's alright. Just like I always do.

I am to tell him there is plenty of other girl that he can devoting himself to but instead..

I searched for his eyes, small smile appear on my lips. He looked at me confused. I hold down his neck, and bring himself to me. Our lips barely touch before he grab my waist, holding me close to him and deepen the kiss.

He kissed me passionately, never like before, this time was soft and sweet.

That was our first kiss.


A/n: hey guys.

A chapter for their flashback, and the point where all of this mess up begins.

So for who is wondering, why the hell a kiss was a problem, then let me tell you, a kiss supposed to be something special and sweet, and appreciated after that.

If not, I guess you should apologise because you have played those fragile heart!

Okay, that's it.

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