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I am just about to pull my car into my house driveway when my phone ringing on the dashboard. Who ever call this late at night must be insane. Fortunately, I am not sleeping yet.

I look at the caller before picking it up.

"Nate, it's late, what do you want?"

"Nickyy, we got a problem here….." he said, a little bit slurred may I add.

"I told you Nate, I am not going to be your designated driver all the time. I-..."

"Daniella is insane!" suddenly he shout to the phone. I frown. Daniella? The hell?!

"Nate, where are you, " I say as I heard him say about a local club downtown.

"Whatever, just hold on, i'll be there." I say before driving out of the driveway to the club.

I am almost at the club when I see a bunch of people out of the club crouching down at a lamp post. I slowed down my car when I see a familiar blonde. I pull off my car right in front of them and quickly going out.

"Nate what the hell man, you got them drunk?!" I yell looking at Nathaniel drunken self.

He hold up both of his hand in denial.

"Hey, you got me wrong hereeee, " I frown clenching my fist.

"Hey wait...hold on bro, they were already drunk when I got here. I just joining them. Look, isn't she adorable." he added while came over to pinch Daniella flushed cheeks.

I quickly slapped his hand earning growl from him before he grab Angeline's shoulder, grinning.

"I told you, he got it

ight?......" she stop talking. Silence surrounding us, the vacant car eventually feel confined and pack.

I finally releasing a huge breath that I hold until now after a quite long moment. I look at her when suddenly she started whimper and her cheeks are wet from all those tears.

Sleep Talks. A habit she always had when she is overly drunks. I quickly unfasten both our seatbelts before pulling her on my lap, resting her head on my shoulder while soothes her back, trying to calm her down.

" I loved you…" she whispered before tiny snores following her evenly breathing.

I stunned, a lost for words. But then, a huge smile forming on my face. So wide I think my cheeks hurt. She loved me? I thought they were just like, as in like-like. As friend? we used to be best friend right? And now I am overthinking.

"You gotta be kidding me, Anne." I whisper back to her, although she might not remember tonight.

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