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It has been a week after the dinner with Nick. Today I am at a cafe' downtown helping my brothers with their lack of manpowers since their workers take a few days off. Family matters they said.

So then, me and Angeline, and our kind hearts willingly sacrifice our weekends, here in a half full cafe, devoted our charms and smile to each customers. Note the sarcasm.

"A slice of red velvet cake, and an iced americano, " said a customer while rummaging her purse.

I keyed in her order in the monitor, and wait for the receipt, "and here the receipt and your beeper, your order will be served shortly, thank you, miss."

I said giving my utmost hospitality and of course a huge smile on my face. I look at the woman searching for a waiting table at the corner of the cafe'.

I release a small sigh.

'I miss my bed.' I mumbled hopefully no one is hearing.

"Me too, "

I startled, looking to my right. There stood Angeline preparing the order in front of the coffee machine before putting it on a tray and give it to me. She give me a huge grin.

"It's almost over though." I say, receiving the tray and push the beeper button.

"Yeah, and I can't wait to go back to our dorm, cuddling in my soft blanket and netflix!" she replied with a small jump on her foot.

I chuckled.

"Whatever, Angie. I just want to sleep." I sigh, looking to the front counter where the woman earlier picking up her order. A few customer leave the cafe' while I following them behind with my eyesight.

Suddenly the doorbell chime before a few people come in.

"Who the hell coming over, we almost close, shit." Angeline mumble slowly, not exactly please with the visitors.

I look up at the cafe entrance and smile looking at Nick, and a ….. girl. My smile fade. Nick looked at me, surprised. I guess he did not expect to meet me here, right. Attending to his order and all.

And the girl. She is Stephanie George. His crush and his almost girlfriend, except he never have the chance to ask her for a date. Before.

My heart racing. I t

hough. Why? Maybe because I am sick of heartbroken. Yeah, that was it.

But why I felt a familiar feeling storming inside me. Why is my mind never at ease thinking of them laughing, touching to each other although Angeline said Derek laugh as much as them too. And why is my mind refuse to agree with Angeline this time?

'It is called jealousy, you fool, ' I hear myself say. I shake my head in denial, but the building emotion in my mind raging uncontrollably.

Angeline continue mumbling incoherent things. I thought I heard she say customer and Dean, and a little bit of Kyle, and some other name, Nate maybe, but I pay no attention. My mind was wondering elsewhere.

"So, are you in?" she ask suddenly. I stopped walk, looking at her.

"In what?" I ask. She grin hugely holding her hand to the left. I follow her hand. A club?

"Yesssss." she say excited. I frown. I don't think I am in the mood to drink.

"Come on, Dan. Nate will come join us later." she say dragging me to the entrance. So, I am not mistaken I heard she said Nate before.

We are at the bar drinking shots when Nate come along a few minutes later. I look up at him, my eyes a little bit blurry.

"Hey Natieeeeeee, " I slurred holding another cup of shot.

Think I am not in the mood to drink, right? Well, guess what? I need to loosen up a little bit.

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