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" Nick, please dont do this again." she said, holding my hand. I saw her tremble hand trying to steading us, more like herself.

" Anne, I am sorry. I am sorry, I don't apologize to you earlier. I am sorry I let you go." I said. She nodded looking at our hands.

" It's not your fault Nick, I am sure it is not your fault from the start."

"In fact, it is actually my fault. It is just infatuation, it is just a crush. Just like how Stephanie did to you, even though she knew you had a greater crush for her." I looked at her as she talk. I tried open my mouth to interrupt but she hold up her hand, asking me to let her continue.

" Nick, I am sorry. All these time, I am ashamed. I am embarrassing myself in front of you just because one kiss. Eventually, it takes two to tango, and I danced alone. I thought you feel the same because it was both our first kiss. But then, I was wrong."

I hold her, closely until our chest meet. I want her to feel my heart beating, I want her to know that she is all wrong. But still I wait for her to continue. Because I know, I need an explanation.

" I am becoming paranoid Nick. My pride tore just because of you, my best friend. I know I have to see you everyday, at school, in our neighborhood, in our favourite cafe, everywhere."

" Remember Dean, my brother? He arranged for me to move here, further my study over here, far from all of our memories."

Suddenly I heard her sobbed

release a long breath I never know I hold.

"And what are you doing at this late hour, " she said from behind startling me.

"Oh Daniella, you just add a few year to my life." I say while rubbing my chest. She chuckled.

" I am sorry to scare your poor heart, you should see your face." she laugh.

"Okay.. okay.. since I got a poor heart, how about you help me fill my poor stomach?"

"Hey, that is not how it works, by the way, what is a stomach have anything to do with a heart." she answer, smirking.

"It is. They are a few part of my body."

"What can I say, dude. I guess I have to, considering ridiculous excuses you have. I don't have to hear other parts of your body that I don't want to know later, " she say shrugging her shoulder.

"Believe me, this other part is where the fun begin, " I replied, proudly of course. She give me a look that say 'seriously?' before brushing me of the hallway.

"Lead the way."

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