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After the amazing local seafood dinner, I excuse myself to the washroom bringing my purse along for a little touch up and fixing.

My mind actually still wonder, what is up with him attending blind dates and all. If not me here tonight would he still go on this blind date. Oh, wait? Was he supposed to go on this blind date with Angeline?

How if Angeline want to know about him? How would I tell her? Should I tell her I met with my misery tonight? or should I blame her for dragging me out of my comfort zone. I should have just cave in tonight. I shouldnt come here.

What if he want a second date. Well, tonight was not bad. In fact I am happy. We talk about casual things, just like a blind date supposed to be. We never mention about the past. In fact, we talk as if we just met today, and did not know each other.

That is why I am wondering from the beginning of this date. He is such a gentleman, just like he is before. But in another new level. I don't know someone manners can be upgradable.

Oh my heart!

Its beating fast again.

I fix my lipstick that had faded from the dinner and apply some loose powder to fix the blemish. Then I checked my dress if there is any gravy splatter around.

Thought I take a lot of time in the washroom, I peek a little to my wristwatch. It is almost ten o'clock. About half an hour have past. Think I

at him, again.

" So that I can see those beautiful smile, again, on your face." he said.

"Nick, we were just friend. You can always see my smile if you want to. You don't have to go this far. It is silly."

"If you know I would come tonight, would you come too?" he said.

"Not just tonight, I don't see you anymore around the campus, the library, the cafe, we are you, Anne." he continue without even waiting for my answer.

Well then, I don't even know what I would say either.


" Even at our home back then, I never see you, Anne, after that day."

I gulp slowly, my lips tremble, I know, right here, right now, the little pool in my eyes will burst out, but I refused, I refused for him to see this tears again. I walk backward slowly, attempting to run away.

"Don't go, Anne." He whispered, tightened his grip on my hand.

"I won't let you go, again."

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