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I am driving my car into the parking lot. My heart still beating hard inside my rib cage, and apparently I think it's going to explode anytime soon. I looked around, fixing my blazer over my dark blue v-neck shirt while going out of the car.

I look at myself one more time through the window sill of my car before heading to the restaurant.

'Calm down, it's not like you never seen her before…' I speak to myself.

'just be myself…'

'okay, here we go.' I mumbled one last time before entering the restaurant.

A receptionist greet me as soon as I step inside.

"Good evening, sir. Table for one or two?"

She ask, as my eyes roam around the tables for someone.

"Yes, I am searching for a table with a lady in soft pink dress." I say, hopefully there is no other girl with pink dress.

"Yes, sir, I'll lead the way."

"Yes, thank you." I said, following her while my eyes still searching for the only girl that I come here for.

Although my chance for these plan seem so thin, as Nathaniel had say to me earlier. As stupid as it was, but I still want to give it a shot. At least, let it be worth the try. I am so desperate, I just want her again. I just miss her by my side, talking and laughing over random things.

Yes, as lonely as it sound, I don't see another girl as beautiful as her inside out. I don't see anyon

th a thin line. It was a beautiful smile.

"My fellow friends call me Kyle. A student at a nearby univ, and in my final year though I just got exchange here recently." I say.

" So, what's yours? I mean, your name for starter." I continue.

She shake her head, giving me another sincere smile.

"I am Daniella, Daniella Moretz. A final year student, and I guess we are in the same univ, since there is the only university nearby." she introduced. So we are going to use another name tonight.

I just stare at her while she speak. A full sentences come out from her soft lips since I met her the day before gives some pleasure to my poor ears.

" I thought so too." I say before a waitress come over to take our order.

She smile looking at me, probably shy, or maybe wondering what I am up to go to this silly just to confront her.

And I think, she have no idea.

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