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Dear Diary, Now I am sitting in a semi fancy restaurant waiting for someone I have no interest for. Just another help for my lucky friend Angeline.

I just don't understand what make her set her day for this ridiculous blind date and in the end I have to cover for her because of her headache and argument with Nate and she is no longer have the mood.

What a good excuses! I mean, is it a lot more easier to approach people we like right to their face?

Or maybe not.

Just forget I ever mention anything. Maybe that is why they call it blind date. So that we don't rush into something more intense and unbearable, and major heartbroken afterwards.

Yes, not every people around us want us the way we want them, right?

There, there, another way for me to, I quote, walk down the memory lane. I guess I am not fully moving on, yet?

And that is why, Angeline insist on me to go on this absurd blind date. Where I will meet another unknown person, to getting know each other and bla bla.

Apparently, no one have shown up, so then it just me and you, I guess.


Me : where is this guy. my butt aching! and I am hungry! *grrr

Angeline : Idk. Maybe the traffic. Oh god, please don't embarrass me!! haha

Me : I don't care. I hope he pay for the meal. I am ready to eat a human you know. hmph!

Angeline : You can eat him all you want, you know. haha.

Me : well then I hope he is tasty and deliciously looking.

Me : does he know how to find me?

Angeline : yes he is. just wait okay.

Angeline : I wanna continue dating my bae… *cough Dylan*cough

Before I could reply to her texts, I feel a silhouette near my table. I tilted my head, and my hand suddenly feel numb, my phone slowly fall on the floor, and my heart racing.

Very fast.

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