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I am pacing inside my room, thinking what way should I use to make Anne to talk to me, again. Well, it may not be more important than a few test that I have tomorrow.

But then, this thing about this simple relationship have me wondering since the last two years.

Ever since that day, to be honest.

I know, I make a huge mistake by letting her go, just like that. I mean, we are not a kids anymore. This is not really an infatuation. I know, its something else.

This is why I want her back in my life. I don't care if I have to start all over again.


That's it!

I will start all over again.


I jump excitedly while air pumping my fist around my room.

"Yes!!" I shout.

"Finally, I am coming for you, Anne. I got a plan."

Suddenly, the door burst open. My mom standing at the door frame, confused.

"well, you look quite a mood. I can hear you all the way down floor." she said.

"Care to tell me?"

"Yes, mom. I am happy. But no, not yet." I tell her.

My mother knows about us. She knows I have been in misery for these past year. She is also the one that keep telling me to ma

, I think.

I stumble down onto my bed still thinking. My open ledger book for my accounting test tomorrow was left abandoned on the study desk. I don't care about that test anymore. I know I will excel in this too. I have working out on it since last week.

All I think about is her. Its is not her fault, in fact, I thank the one above that give me another chance to mend everything. To admit my feeling again, though it take almost my entire life of me knowing her to mend everything.

And then, Light bulb!


There, again, another plan.

Quickly I grab my phone, my car keys and heading downstairs out of my house.

'Nathaniel, please you better be free tonight, I need you, pal.' I whispered to myself.

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