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Dear Diary, I finally meet him!

I finally meet the cause of my misery. The cause of my silence all this time. The cause of my social awkward around people. The cause of bigger humiliation. I don't know how much I hate him, until today.

I just hate him so much.

He is the one person that I trust since kindergarten, although he is not a good boy, but he never agreed with his friend picking on me. He is the one that encourage me to dress up the way I like instead of listening to my mother to dress a nerd.

He is the one and only friend, my best friend back then, that I afraid to lost. He is the one that initiate the date to the prom, because I don't have a date.

And he is the one that kiss me from jealousy because his crush hook up with his enemy… He stole my first kiss. And I thought we have something.

No, I always though we have something.

I confess, and he de

head, and Nate as lazy as pig.

I don't know about them. But seeing them together bring small smile to my face.

Angie, I know you have a feeling towards Nate, that is why you always sided him whenever the professor question about him.

"Danny, the professor call me again…"

"Danny, I am sorry, its that pig……"

"Danny, I see you later, Nate text me about the project, we need………"

And sometimes, she just texted me, that she can't make it. And I always understand, not that I don't care, but I always love to be alone.

Don't ask me, even I don't know why.

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