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I stare at those hazel orb. I can't take my eyes of her. Her eyes is so mesmerizing, a glint of shocked wash over her face, making her eyes dilated a little darker, while her cheek creep with blush.

My eyes roam a little bit higher and I notice the hair. The waist length hair, soft wavy hair that I recognise.

Out of reflect, I touch the hair.

She gasped. Her cheek blush even more. I don't know what possess me, but I dare to run my finger through that hair.

It was the same. So soft, yet so silky.

"Excuse me, " she said almost abruptly standing up and leave.

I am stunned. What I should do? Should I run after her? Should I stopped her? Should I just call her?

I opened my mouth to shout, but no words come out. I just stand there watching as she gather her belonging and leave the library.

Oh my god. Did I just missed her?

'Chase her!'

'No, I am afraid, ' I am debating now. Am I not ready yet?

I run along the corridor while zipping my bag. I realise it a little too late to chase her. Heck, I don't know where did she go!

What am I gonna do?

I roam alongside the main corridor lead to the main entrance of the library. Yes, this university is huge that it has their own library in each faculty and this was one of five other library that available.

My eyes still wander, until it land onto someone behind a huge pillar just before the main entrance. I run faster.

"Anne." I hold her wrist as she start to walk toward the entrance. Beside her, the brunette that I saw gaping at me back then, looking at me with her surprise eyes.

She look over my hand on her wrist, and then look at me. She nod at her friend telling her to go first not waiting for her.

"Nick, " she said.

Oh, how I miss those voice. The look in her eyes when she look at me.

How I miss her bad



Anne : Hey Nick, I'm going to get ready. what time again you are gonna pick me up?

Nick : Why sweetheart. Do you miss me already? Awww….

Anne : ……. as if nick, as if….

Nick : ouch, I know you love me.. *wink

Anne : *gag* … I rather not married and live with 40 cats!

Nick : awww… you surprise me, talk abt married already?

Anne : ugh! .. I take back being your date to the prom!

Nick : okay.. okay… no need to threat me.Hutu

You know you want me that much… *wink *wink

Anne : heck, it's you who wants me, dude.

Nick : whatever make you sleep, cupcake. be ready by 7 <

Anne : ok, asshole!

I shut off my phone and put it on the nightstand. Its 5.30 pm, I have some time to linger around though.

I smile widely remembering my text with Anne. I love to tease her. Ever since we kid, I always love to tease her and she always annoyed.

I even remember that one fine day, where we just laying on the grass at the backyard of my house talking about our dream when a huntsman creeping on her dress.

I don't know she was so afraid of that little tiny spider so much that when I catch that huntsman and shove it to her, she ran away to her home a few blocks away.

I laugh at her, even when we texting I still making fun of her until she did not reply to any of my text anymore.

I was furious that she might hate me. I cycle down the grocery shop in the middle of the night, just to buy her favourite chocolate and leave it in front of her house.

That was that stupid, that I getting scolded and grounded for week because I sneaking out in the middle of freezing night and catch a flu.

Turn out she did not mad, but she got a fever instead.

How funny.

Little did I know that tonight, is the night where everything between us will change forever.

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