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Dear Diary, I am in the library, thinking about something that recently wandering in my head. It's been a week after the tree incident, that I no longer go there. I don't know what I am afraid of.

Is it him?

As much as I don't want to believe my eyes, I keep thinking about it. I try to put it aside, put it in a very crook corner of my mind, but it still wander around. I am helpless. Just like the old time, I still as helpless as before when it come to a hot blooded creature that can make my heart racing just by looking at his eyes, that boy.

Am I willing to find out? or is it just a mirage that trying to play trick with me?

Am I going crazy soon?




Roaming in between the bookshelves trying to search for some reference according to my thesis I pull out some of the book that may catch my eyes, looking at the year and the publisher. Yes, I am as weird as that.

Studying Business Law might seems very tough to someone. Just by mentioning the word law, everyone seems terrified. That is until I meet Angeline, my roomate. Yeah, I just unlucky like that.

She is the one that keeping up with me since the first year I come here.

Yeah, I just so far away from my family. I choose to be distant. Why? I don't know. I just want to simply forget something. Forget everything. Childish right? But it what make me who I am.

" Danny, I have to go to see Prof. Nicholas at his office, regarding my group project." Angel whisper behind me.

I look up to see her with wrinkle forehead. My face scrunched.

" Is it about that Nate guy again?" I sa


" Hell, yes. I don't know what that prick problem is. He just gave me massive headache everyday. That son of a…." I put my hand over her mouth when her voice raise another decibel.

"shhh, first, language woman, its library!" I half whispered.

"second, just go, I will be fine. just text me when you are done. okay?"

" okay, fine. I will text you later. bye"

By that, leaving me alone between the bookshelves while I browsing through the books.

I walk slowly until I found a thick book with gold lettering. It looks ages, but then I still want to look at that book. You know, old reference may be good for a few cases too.

That is when I pull out the book I meet with a pair of beautiful green eyes. Under the literally dim light of the alley, I notice that the green colour was so warm just like the ocean on the sunny day, very calm that I don't remember I stare into the eyes for so long until the book fall over onto my feet.


" Oh god, its hurt!" I hissed half yelled to myself, immediately crouch down to my foot. How come I am so careless.

A pair of hand suddenly appear in front of me looking hesitate but touch my feet anyway.

I look at the hand, and the bruise on my feet that slowly turn reddish due to my clumsiness. Slowly my eyes trail along the arm. Those biceps, to those sturdy shoulder, to those lips that saying something but I can't hear because my eyes stuck to his green eyes. It's not just beautifully green.

It the beautifully, calm, and warm green with a spark of hazel, just like the beach.

And I love beach.

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