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   Chapter 2 CHAPTER TWO Memories

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I watch from the distance two girls gaping at something. I don't know what it is, but it seems to be around me. Wait, they are gaping at me? Seriously? Control your hormone bit….Wait, Hold on..

Those light brown hair that I long for years. The wavy curl flowing by the wind, everything seems in slow motion. I dont see clearly her face but I am willing to know, since her hair blocking the view.

' Is it her?' I thought to myself.

No, maybe not. When she try to look at me again, I just simply look away. My heart racing, just like the first time I see her. Oh, I don't think I am ready yet. But I am not very sure too, is it really her?

Suddenly, it's raining heavily.

I look back at the stairs of the main entrance, while I picking up my stuffs but then, those girls are gone and I don't know where to. I let the rain soak my body as I think that maybe, just maybe, I had another chance to repeat the memories.

** flashback **

" hey, Anne, please don't cry, " I told the girl in front of me, which her shoulder slump.

I crouch slightly so then I can see her face. I want to wipe those tears away but she refused.

" you're a jerk." she say, more like whispered. I stunned while trying to figure her face.

" you a jerk… you are the bad boy my brother told me to stay away… you pick me, and then you befriend with me, and then you go away!!" she yelled. I don't know what is wrong, but the words left me astounded.


why am I a jerk? I just said I don't like you the way you do, just that. I don't think it too much for you, you know…"


" what?!" I jerk.

" I hate you!" she stormed away leaving me behind.

Seeing her fleed make my heart clenched, gasping for air. It is so stuffed that I can barely breath myself.

She is gone.

" But I love you….." Is all I said before I step back.


I grip the steering wheel tightly. My mind still wonder about that girl. About that beautiful hair that I love. I remember the silky smooth of those hair between my finger when we play together.

Even when we in middle school, I still love to touch the hair when we study together and she tutored me in her room.

And how we talk about our dream……

I missed her.

After all these years, I still miss her. Badly.

' I am going to find her.' I chant.

' I make a mistake and I am going to find her.'

I drive into our pavement short after. Slamming the car door, I rush into the house quickly storm into my room.

The wet shirt that stuck onto my body slowly irritate me.

After cleaning myself I wonder on my bed. I have to do something about finding her.

' where are you, Anne' I whispered slowly.

Since I am still new to the campus, I barely have friend, but I am willing to try. Though through that massive campus it seems impossible for me to find her, but then, let make it worth the effort, yeah?

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