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Dear Diary, Today school is anything usual not new. Sometimes I wonder if ever I get to do something new everyday. I mean, my life rule in a very simple line, more like, straight line. No obstacle, no problem so that I can think of, no fussy friends, just a plain old me.

But then I am more than grateful that my life is more or less bright and sunny so that I can move from one point to one point occasionally, but where is the fun?

Well, till then, I will wait and see….




Sitting under a very shady tree, at the front yard of the campus, I hummed to the song blasting through the earpod, Little Me by Little Mix has becoming my daily muse since I following the very word of its lyrics.

Yes, little me though, little did I am is or was, that I am too afraid to be socialize with people, I just love to hang around myself. No, I am not a nerd, in fact I barely excel in any subject according to my course. Just… just that.

Yes, I have friends, but it does not mean I have to be hang around them all the time. They know when not to disturb me, especially when I want to be alone, under my favourite tree, listening to my favourite song, reviewing my lesson. I just …. weird like that.

I heard shuffling behind the tree where I sit, but I pay no attention to that. Since earlier this new semester, my favourite spot seems to be occupy by other person, but I don't mind that. It was a very big tree, a very shady tree, that once I sit at the front, I can't even see if there are people behind me, just the sound of leave shuffling is enough.

Enough for me to slow down my humming to the song, in respect that the other person might want to study or review their lesson, or, uh… whatever.

Buzz…. Buzzz….

My phone vibrate inside my bag since I forgot to turn on th

e sound after my last class.

Angie : I'm done here. where are you?

Angeline my best friend texted. Angeline, her name sounds very angelic, very innocent, very… whatever, that you will never expect how she is actually, little Miss Devil, I assumed.

Me : as usual. come over. it's gonna rain soon..

As soon as I reply to the text, there at the middle of the main entrance of my faculty, stand Angel with her broadest smile, waving at me to come over there.

I shuffle slightly as I picking up my stuff and put it inside my backpack. Done, I rushingly walking toward her.

Suddenly, her smile grew even broader, well, it's weird.

"Hey! Sorry, my stuff scattered around, lets go!"

I huff hurriedly, afraid that it might be pouring downpour shortly by looking at the dark cloud above.

"Hey!", I wait for her to continue, but no, I wonder why as I looked at her face.

"You scare me, An, " I pretend as if I am scare, "what happen to your face, its look like it just stuck like that, " I laugh holding my stomach.

"hey!" I shout once again, following her vision point as I slowly shut my mouth.

There, sitting there, under my favourite tree, behind the tree exactly where I sat before, a beautiful creature, even in the sitting position, he look very….. photogenic, with headphone over his chestnut hair, ruffle slightly due to the wind, slightly nodding according to the muse in his ear. His eyes closed, and some pile of book beside him.

He doesn't look like a nerd. No thick brim glasses over his eyes. No button up shirt, just plain shirt hanging loosely over his body. His body…… looking at the biceps I know already he maybe did some work overthere.

Now, it's my turn to gap. He is so….. peaceful.

And yet, it something else.

It's like a dejavu'.

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