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   Chapter 0 Author's Note

Her Little Black Book By N Shairah Characters: 1144

Updated: 2018-06-12 18:54

Hey guys, I am N, a hardcore wattpad reader and now going on making my own story. I have read a lot of amazing stories and amongs my favourite was romance, teenfiction, billionaires, bad boys, bad girls, and a lot more interesting and superb stories I have ever found in this application.

Thinking of making my own book have ever cross my mind ever since I read my first romance, historical story of Royal Blood by 4evahannah. But then, that was two years ago.

I spend almost two years spending my time, reading and searching for a good source of idea therefore my s

tory later on will not be as cliche as you ever read.

So then, I hope, I am not dissappoint you guys, and most hopefully you satisfy with the plot I created. As I mention before, this is my very first story, so I really wish I get your support and comment, they really help me to further finish my story.

And finally, here I presenting you my story, Her Little Black Book, hopefully you enjoy reading, and of course feel free to point any mistake, typos, or even grammar for all I know.

I am a learner and still learning.

Lots of love from afar, NShairah??

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