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The launching party went very well. In fact, it is excellent. Gwyneth have been doing a good job since I was absent from the office and my father taking over the company for a while.

A loving father and a hardworking co-worker is what I really need right now. Thankfully they were all helpful.

Looking all the way down the hall through the crowd of people, in which I assumed they all were very closed friends to us, Ardell Family and colleagues, I found Gwyneth laughing hysterically with a man of my age.

Next to him was another man, looking like his clone. I guessed that was The Queen's brother. Maxi and Felix. Both looking handsome with casual outfits and of course they clean pretty well.

I can't seem to find Alex anywhere.

After their performance just now, I lost him among the crowd. Since I needed to entertain some very important person myself, I can't really catched up where he had been.

I guessed he is in the washroom.

Of all the gleaming fancy dresses and suits in front of me, suddenly my eyes catched a pair of eyes, looking directly to my way.

It is none other than our honourable Production Manager. I looked around looking for my father, but he is busy talking to some of his friend as well.

"Looking good as always." A small husky voice whispered next to my ears as I am about to turn around and walked away.

My stepped halt and suddenly my body collided with the huge hum

mad man. I know he did something, he will never smiling that mockingly to anyone.

"Are you okay, Stacy?" Alex voice startled me again.

Looking up to Alex whom slowly encircling his hand around my waist, I smiled softly. Finally I gotta met him after the busy schedule in this event. Fan meeting and VIP meeting surely making him a little bit busy in his own party.

"I am fine, " I said smiling, while tracing my finger onto his broad shoulder and stopped just below his neck.

In that dimly lit light of the beautiful chandelier inside the hall, my eyes focussed on something shiny and glittering under the the light. It was smudging on Alex's neck, just below his ear.

My stepped halt. And Alex looked at me, confused.


"Alex.." I said, pointing to where the red mark were.

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