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Finding Her Star (HRL) By N Shairah Characters: 3022

Updated: 2018-09-24 14:18

It had been three days after the incident with my freaking exboyfriend and how Alexander came into my life and tend everything perfectly.

Yes, perfect was a very strong word, but what can I say when he saved me everytime I started to stare into a distance blankly, reminiscing whatever I had done with Ken, if ever I missed anything.

I meant anything that he can use to blackmail me again about our past.

And seriously it was an utterly a mistake. A mistake in which I hope I never made but you know what oldfolks said. To let bygone be bygone.

"I caught you pensive again, sweetheart." Alex suddenly came into where I stood at the balcony of my apartment.

"Alex, I didn't hear you came." I said, startled.

"Of course, you have been staring into the building for the last ten minutes without a break." He said, encircling his hand around my waist.

"I...I am sorry.. I didn't mean to..."

ing to be the moment I miss the most whenever he was not here.

The night after the party were where we decided to be apart. His launching party where he will be going away with his team for his roadtour.

We are going to be temporarily apart until the thing that happened finally subside and I can be myself again.

What I was facing right now isn't even a huge deal to some people. But carrying the huge title on my shoulder is not a toy. I am presenting my name to the people and I am afraid I have to lay low.

"I will miss you, love." He whispered before he left.

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