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Updated: 2018-09-22 15:26

A few minutes after my father was gone through the door, Alex came in calmly with unknowing expression masked on his face.

To think a better way to explain the pictures to him was an understatement because I dont really have a good way to make up this kind of mistake. Moreover it was in my past.

Alex walked inside my room, slowly walking down to where I was sitting on my bed. Flashing a small smile on his face, he spoke.

"I am sorry, Anastasia." He said.

I don't know what he was sorry about but I really don't want to think about anything negatives. I may be think that he was regrets able get to know me, or probably he was thinking a way to hold himself back from furthering our relationship.

I can't help myself to think about every bad things that would happened in our future. But for now, I should hear what he want to say. I just thought that to myself.

"You don't have to.. It's.. It's my mistakes." I whispered, hopefully he didn't listen.

"Stacy, listen to me." He said, sitting down to where my father sat before. It was closer to me this time and the envelope itself was still there on the nightstand.

I looked up to him wondering what ever would come out from his lips. What ever decisions he had make for us.

"None of this happen with your consent. An

felt numb. My head spinning again and I almost fall to the floor when Alex grabbed both my shoulder.


"Stacy..." He called trying to stable my body.

"Thank you for being by my side." I whispered as I stood there in his embrace.

" don't mad?" He asked, surprised.

"No..." I said, getting closer to him until our chest met.

"I don't.." I added drawing myself closer to him until our lips met.

I can feel he stiffen for a second before his hand encircling my waist and bring me even closer to him. His hand slowly tracing up my arm until he stopped just near my ear and finally he deepen our kiss.

The kiss itself was as light as a feather and I felt I could fly anywhere he would bring me. This kind of feeling has finally set me free and I am becoming myself again when I thought I would never be.

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