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Updated: 2018-09-21 17:27

It's the pictures. It's the photos from our past. Among a few that he persuaded me to have it. To snap it for us and it was us, naked on a bed, with only a white blankets covered both our bodies.


Our intimacy was actually a secret. A secret that never known by any of my colleagues and friends. Better yet, my father. He didn't supposed to know about this. About our past.

Kendrick Tyler had gone beyond trustworthy. I shouldn't have trust him. Before or after I should have know that he is untrustworthy. I knew that but yet I was blinded by love.

Yes, people. I loved him for all my heart can take. I loved him with all my life can have it. I loved him despised the bad rumours they spread about him and now I am eaten alive by my trust for him.

And yes. I regretted it the moment I saw him on the bed with my friend. But love have another thing for me. Love blinded me again when he came kneeling in front of me, with a promise I should have known he won't make it.

That was me before. The lonely Anastasia Ardell who would do anything for a piece of cheap love. And I promised I won't fall for it ever again.

"Stacy..." I heard someone called me in a distance.

Although I really wanted to open my eyes, my head felt heavy and spinning around like a freaking spin top.

I tried to wake up and sitting

." He added before a knock was sounded throughout the room.

Miss Gemma came in with a knowing look and smiled to us. She nodded slightly to my father before she continued.

"Ale.. I mean, Mr. McQueen is outside, Miss." She spoke before her eyes fall onto my father.

My father turned around towards me and threw a knowing smile. And I knew what it is.

"I guess you know about him too." I said, smiling helplessly.

"In fact, I called him." He spoke and quickly stood up.

"Papa..!" I whined but he just laughed.

"There, good girl. Get some rest and I will take care that Tyler boy." He said and crouching down, kissing my temple.

"Papa... Thanks and I missed you." I replied.

"I missed you too, sweetheart." He answered before he walked outside leaving me alone gathering whatever news I just got.

Seriously, that were a lot to digest.

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