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I woke up the next morning due to the cold windy air came in from the opened window sending shivers down my bare skin which with only thin pajamas wrapped around my body.

Looking next to me, Alex was sleeping peacefully down on the floor, without blanket covering his body. I remembered I had said to him to use the guest room if he wanted to stay over.

But I guessed we fell asleep last night.

Watching movies on my working days isnt very usual of me. I always arrived home late at night and of course I rarely have friends to come over, explaining my awful lonely life before.

Alex came over brought a thousand different colours and emotion and even I felt my time was fully used. Although maybe we were just sitting on the couch, talking nonsense. Just like last night.

After a quick warm shower and some light make up, I wore my favourite sleeveless white blouse and black pencil skirt, along with a black and white blazer. Walking into the kitchen, I poured a glass of the orange juice.

Glancing back into the living room, Alex was still fast asleep peacefully. As the thoughts came, I walked back into the guest room and grabbed the comforter before laid on Alex that was still and I guest won't even notice I have covered him with blankets.

Although the weather today is quite sunny, I suppose, morning air still a little bit chilled. A small smile appeared on my face, looking down to the man in front of me. With plain white t-shirt and shorts, he still looked handsome with those hair sticking here and there.

Yes, this man that finally opened up my heart.

"Do you trust me?"

I remembered he asked me last night after I told him all about the slapped thing. You know, how I met Brittania Majestic and what she had done to me until I became cold outside, but anyone who close to me knows, its just a pretend.

My father knows me best. I guessed that was where I got this attitude the most.

Honestly, it wasnt my intention to tell Alex all of those preppy silly incident about me and Brittania aka Brittany as he always called her. But who can blame me? I have been keeping it for as long as I can remember.

It began with just a small matter, until one day she did beyond my expectation.

I sigh. Way to ruin my good morning.

Slipping in my black pumps, I quickly wrote a short note and leave them on the fridge. Hopefully he read it before he went out.

See you on Friday. Thanks for last night.

Ps: and the house password would be ******, Honestly please stop surprising me :)


"... and today I got a surprising n

hone was taken.

This is really out of hand. Seriously this man have test my patient level.

"Give me back my phone!" I said, through gritted teeth. Ken chuckled loudly but he managed to sober himself quickly.

"I said you should listen to me, Stacy." he chuckled lightly.

"Fine, I will go." he added, his face change as soon as the words leave his lips.

"But remember what I said. You are not gonna rid me that easy, sweetheart."

Giving me back my phone, he walked away towards the door. I just stood there behind mg desk, wondering what I have done in my entire life until today, but my thoughts was interrupted when Ken stopped abruptly at the door.

"Oh, you might want to see these." he said, throwing an envelope on the side desk before the entrance.

I quickly picked them up and opened the envelope. As quickly as my eyes scanning the content, my hand immediately fall on his cheeks, sending daggers on his way out.

Instead of getting mad because of the slap, he laugh. The devil himself laughed hard like there is no tomorrow and I am standing in front of him, speechless.

I am angry and it was understatement. I was beyond mad. What the hell is happening. Why didnt I notice this? Why did he do this? When did he got this? How did he do this to me?

Regrets, yes, regret that I felt right now is too much. I cant think of anything right now. From the opened door in front of me, I saw him walked away in his triumphs, while I am here dumbstruck.

I barely see Gwyneth running as fast as she can to me when my mind was finally shut out. My eyes were no longer can see anything in front of me, and I collapsed on the floor, helplessly.

What is actually happening?

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