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**unedited and extra long chapter**

"Nothing much." I said short, standing up to walk. Alex looked up at me and frowned.

"You met Brittany and nothing happen?" His confusion state making me smile again. I knew he is running away from something swirling inside him, but I am not going to be a pushy girl, trying to get something out of him by force.

He needed time for himself, that is what I thought. But talking about Brittany making me want to ask that not so important question, or maybe important to me, but I dont know where I should start. I dont want to sound so desperately jealousy girl, for goodness sake!

"Yeah.." I said, trailing from my words. Alex slowly standing up and beginning to walk side by side with me.

My apartment was approximately ten or fifteen minutes away from this park. But I never noticed them ever since I started to live around this neighbourhood for past 7-8 weeks. See? I dont even remember exactly when I started to move in here. So no wonder I didnt notice this small playground.

There were some spot where kids used to play skates and near to them was the small carpeted playground which consist of mini castle slides and some swings at a little bit further area from the spot.

There were also some climbing builds for kids around 10 to 12 years old, a small park with shady trees planting around them, and also some small truck shops parking along the road. They probably providing some sugary sweets for the kids and gained profit from there.

Now, I dont think this park is small. Its complete and I wonder how many kids visiting this park everyday.

Kids, small human being that I love the most.

"So, how do you guys met?" I asked him, tasting the water. I pretending to look in front of me as if its doesnt matter if he wanted to answer me or not.

But, please..

"Its a long story.." he answered.

"Well, we get about 10 minutes before we reach my apartment."

"Curious much, aren't we?" he said. But I can feel he is smirking next to me. Ignoring his playful remark, I shrugged my shoulder.

"Fine.." he started. Although I am pretending not too focus on hearing to his story, but actually, all my ears are opened, except my eyes lingering away from him, looking around the neighbourhood, or at least, at my shoes.

Seriously, I am bad at pretending.

"We met almost 10 years ago. At that time we have been busking everywhere around the streets and thought of giving up on singing."

"She was among one of my audiences. That day we were singing around The Time Square. A place where we got paid most for our performance.. When we finished that night, she came over, along with his father, and offered us a contract. To sing at their restaurant, and in returned they provided us with a place to stay and some pay rate." He stopped, for a while.

"That time, they just started a new hotel franchise in LA. And we are really desperate for a nice place to live apart from being a constant runaway kids and sleep anywhere we could at night. It has been a few months after we ran from the orphanage."

"Alex.. you dont have to continue." I cut him off, touching his bare arm softly.

"Its okay. It is not a sad story after all." he replied, smiling.

"Everything went accordingly, Mr Majestic, her father is a very nice person, and still are, but one of his daughter probably need some mental check up." he continued, beginning to chuckle. I raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"I am talking about Brittany.. I dont know what possessing her, but since she stepped into high school,

of air.

His hair is still wet from the shower, his body is bare down to the v-line around his waist before my eyes fall on the shorts that he is wearing. This must be some of other thing that he always carry inside his backpack.

Gulping a huge lump down my throat, I saw from my peripheral view Alex took a sit next to me among all of the couches in the living room. Yes, my apartment isnt too big but it is enough for me to locate a few of my favourite chairs.

And this sexy man next to me acted like he owned the house since the first time he came here. I mean, I dont mind but he is too open and free.

Of course, I like that.

"I always like his acting." My thoughts were caught up when he turned to his side, catching I am staring blankly on the screen.

"Mind to tell me what's playing inside your pretty head?" he asked, tucking a little bit of hair behind my ear.

"Uh.." I trailed thinking something appropriate for my answer. Its not that I can tell him just like that, that I am staring at his beautiful abs and all of the black ink on his body, right?

Its inappropriate, shame on you, Stacy!

"What should I wear.... this Friday?" I said after a few seconds of quick thinking. My brain should get an award for that, for sure.

"For the launching party?" he asked me back. I quickly nodded.

Honestly, that is also some of the thing that running inside my head for the whole day, but I am awfully distracted.

With that Brittany, suddenly slapping my cheeks, with Alex and his surprises, I frowned.

"I dont mind if you dont wear anything though." I snapped.

What did I heard?

"Excuse me?"

"Thought you never listen, " Alex said smirking playfully.

"Oh.. uh.."

"How about you tell me what is happening today. You have lost in your thoughts for past ten minutes." Alex said, adjusting his composures and face me.

"Nothing, Alex."

"Well, if you want to start our relationship with secrets, then I will too." he said, shrugging his shoulder and turned back towards the movie.

"No, Alex. I mean, it is really nothing. A little bit high five on my cheeks, nothing much, seriously." I said, slowly and whispering.

"What did you say?" Alex answered as soon as those words leave my lips and I am here sat innocently like it was not a big deal.

Yep, nothing much in my dictionary.


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