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Updated: 2018-08-16 18:00

**clearly unedited ;)**

Hi, baby.

Hi, Alex.

Rough day?

A little. But I am fine.

Okay. Dinner?

At Ten? Right now?

Yep, I am on my way.

Seriously? Where are you?



I rolled my eyes as immediately as the bell ring. Alex and his surprise. Seriously I cant get enough of it. Okay, that sounds cheesy, but I dont know why there is this tingling feeling everytime he came.

Love, perhaps?

Screeching my slippers towards the door, I pushed the unlock button.

"Surprise, surprise!" Alex shouted as soon as the door opened.

"I thought you have recording today." I answered giving him a peck on his cheek.

"Just cheek? I can get more than that." He said, pouting.

"Shut up, Alex. So, dinner...?" I replied, shrugging my shoulder.

"Yep! You eat pizza?"

I rolled my eyes, smirking at his fake innocent face.

"Of course, silly. What am I? Silicone barbie doll?" my answers receive a good chuckling from him.

"You always surprise me, Stacy." he said, grabbing my waist bringing me closer to him.

"Yeah, and you should stop this surprise date. I can dress up something for you." I replied but he just smirk.

Oh no. I know that silly smirk.

"Dress up, moron! Not undress, you perv!" I said releasing myself from him with a loud smack on his head.

So then he could get a hold of himself.

His laughs echoed throughout my apartment earning rolling eyes from none other than myself.

Grabbing a pair of plate and utensils, I immediately sat on the kitchen counter, while Alex came inside the open kitchen with a few boxes of pizza and side dishes. Immediately my eyebrows furrowed.

"You did realise that this is half past ten." I said as a matter of fact. He nodded and quickly opened the boxes of pizza and taking a piece for himself.

Chunking on the pizza, he spoke incoherent words.

"Stop talking or you will choke yourself, Alex." Seriously,

ing but I knew it hold an honest emotion.

"We worked on it together, Alex."

"Yeah, but I will be leaving soon for the roadtour. I am gonna miss you." he replied, brushing my cheeks with his warm hand.

Leaning onto his warm gestures, I am afraid that I will becoming a puddle any longer.

"I will be waiting. Or I can visit sometimes, no sweat." I replied, easy to be heard.

"Its for six months time, Stacy, I am afraid. I wont be there for you, if anything."

"Dont be silly. I have bodyguards around me 24/7, you should be taking care of yourself." I said, as a matter of fact. I can see him nodded slightly but I knew there is more unspoken words beyond his lips.

"Alex, we will be always in touch. Remember I am your main sponsorship in you connectivity, I am sure we dont have a problem on that." I continued explaining.

"Thats not the problem.. Nevermind. So, you met Brittany?" I know, by changing the topic earlier he is actually escaping from his reality.

But I am a quite stubborn girl so I am just going with the flow. I am not rushing into anything but then this topic about Brittania Majestic caught my attention span. Or more like, I want to know about how they met.

Or most importantly, what is their relationship?

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