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Monday come again after two days lazily hanging around at the apartments. Alex didnt came yesterday because of his recording and meeting with his production team. Leaving me alone, doing what was best to fill in my free time.

I cant even went out for jogs or walking around the streets due to heavy commotions about our scandals. Of course, this phenomenon making me sick to the core, but what can I do, whats done is done.

Yes, that was our moment. Our sweet moment where no one dared enough to disturb our peace. Our romantic kissing inside the elevator was photograph on every single tabloids available throughout the nation.

Gwyneth even got too many calls on interviews and press conferences, any one who willing to commemorate out love and of course gaining fames and profits after that.

But I am not a celebrity. I am far from that. And I am not the kind that searching popularity through that way. It was just a simple mistake because we were too occupied to deal with the consequences.

But it was a sweet mistake.

I remembered every tiny bit of the events. From the clicks and flashes, the whispering and gasping, live streaming and all kind of devices that made us visible in a fortnight.

But what I remembered most was him. His lips and his warm embraced.

You missed him.

Am I?

Ah, stop messing with my mind. I dont even know what I am feeling and now you started to decide what I felt. I am sure I am far from that teensy romance novel where everything turned out good and everything happened to be fine and flowed the way they wanted it to be.

Trust me I am not an immature teenagers where love equals to red and pink everywhere. Flower and petals, kissing and touching, dating and... Or am I?

Well, at least I try to be mature.

Forget it. I dont give a damn.

And now I started to swear.

Tell me, what has happening to myself?

You are Alex's addict.

Am I?

"How are we going to entrust this project to your young hand instead of your father, Miss Ardell?"

There it is, someone asking me about a project, and I am here daydreaming about my love

ling at her insecurities.

I saw her eyes twinkling with confusion but still standing in front of me, didnt even budge a bit.

I tapped on Miss Gemma shoulder a little to let her knows that this lady in front of me is manageable. She isnt a harm at all, instead she is a harm to herself.

"So, what we have here?" I started.

"Didn't you have another colour to lighten up your dull of life?" I said, folding both my hand onto my chest.

Looking down her pink sleeveless business dress, with black Christian Laboutine shoes, she raised her head again to confront me. But I had enough of her remarks a few years before.

"Oh, finally you got that original Laboutine shoes." I said, pretending to be surprise.

"How is it feel to be in a shoes like that? Oh please, dont tell me it was your sister's." I said mocking her horror face. I heard Miss Gemma chuckling lightly beside me.

"No words? I guess I should go, time is golden, baby." I said, grabbing my handbag from the table earlier and walked away.

" Stay away from Alex." she said finally, after a few steps past her.

"Why Brittany, afraid that he will be mine?" Upon hearing the one word, I turned slightly so she can hear me.

"He will be mine." she answered and quickly walked passed me. Her shoes clicking in a distance when I finally realized that this is the reality I have to face.

Alex isnt mine, yet.

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