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"So tell me Alexander." I spoke as I dig into one more delicious bite of the meatball, prepared by none other than our guest in honour.

Alex raised his eyebrows immediately as I opened my mouth but smirking anyway, as if expecting my question beforehand. Of course, gaining forty five degrees eyes rolling from me.

"Where did you learnt all of these? I mean, you did good." I ask him, pointing to all of the complete set of lunch in front of me.

Shrugging his shoulder like I expected him to do because, you know, man and his egoistic nature never getting smaller than a mountain, he wiggled his eyebrows to me.

Again that day, I resist myself from rolling my eyes.

For goodness sake, I dont want someday my eyes beginning to stay out of it sockets.

"We are orphans running away from our orphanage house because we are stubborn and hard headed and do not like to be living in a cage like house." he answered carelessly.

A gasp leaving my mouth as soon as the words orphan was mention.

"Alex, I am so sorry." I said.

"But, isnt your manager is your cousin?"

"There maybe a lot I can tell you, but for now, lets just focus on our date, shall we?" he said, trying to purposely changing the topic on air.

I admit, that question maybe sensitive to McQueen family, but isnt their background are somehow astounding.

Yeah, maybe starting from a street busker isnt really astounding but I never tho

ipping in the sweet taste of the wine, I looked down the street again as the rain slowly reside, leaving chilled air around.

"Well, I should get credit for this." Raising his glass a little bit as he trying ushered me his cheeks probably asking for a kiss. I just laugh.

"Forget it, I won't do that."

"Aww. What is the harm for acting all lovey dovey to your boyfriend." He said, pouting.

"Alex, we are not lover." I said as a matter of fact.

"Stacy. We are not. But we know we want each other." he answered.

"I.. I dont know. This feeling is strange."

"Maybe because you think about it too much."

"No... Well, maybe."

"How about to let it loose and let time do its thing?"

"Can I? I mean, is that the way this thing work?" I said, pointing to the two of us.

"I dont know. Maybe." His last asnwer caught me off guard.

What if this isnt working the way I wanted it to be?

I am doomed.

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