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Rolled eyes.


Hatred remarks.


There are the words to describe what happen the last time I met Alex. I am not sure if he is ready for a proper date as he promised, but since then, I never heard of him. Its two days ago, and I am feeling something unusual.

You missed him.

Am I?


The day he left with that freaking Brittany Majestic got me wondering if what we have started earlier that day were still exist. Does he remember what happened between us? If he does, why there is no calls or email popping into my phone.

The news blaring on the media going even more crazy each day. Probably he is staying lowkey just to protect his position? Perhaps his management ask him to lay low for a while until the news reside.

Well, maybe.

Brittany is another thing.

What's with her, purring and touching anywhere she likes with no shame. Is she his ex? Is she his friends or what? I am confused but it's a shame to ask them directly.

What if all my thoughts are right and its break my heart again?

"What is it with you frowning like a mad woman?" Miss Gemma voice chased away my thought.

Walking into the kitchen where I sat around the kitchen island, she passed me a full bag of groceries. What's with vegetables and some meat, I make a double frown.

"Who are going to eat this much?" I asked.

Of course, gaining mysterious smile from her. Whats with her? Honestly I am asking because there are so much she bought and I dont think I can finish them within

s, a black cap and... a backpack?

Isn't he looks too casual for the heart of the nation?

"Hi." I said before inviting him into the house.

"Hi, love." he answered grinning profusely.

"How'd you know about this place and what's with the bagpack? Are you travelling?" I said, giggling.

"I may be have some source, thanks to Miss Gemma, and these..." he said, still grinning and pointing to both the cap and the bag.

" just a normal camouflages."

I wrinkled my eyebrows, a little.

"Oh, the paparazzi!" I said finally. Getting what he is telling me just now.


"So, have you cook?" he asked, suddenly walking into the kitchen like he owned the house.

Doesnt have a time to think about his manner, I quickly followed him closely upon his last question.

"Cook? What cook?" I asked innocently, looking around the kitchen for anything that can help hiding my red face.

Turning around dramatically, Alex faced me with a frown of his own.

"For our date?"

Date? What date?

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