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Updated: 2018-08-05 03:22

**unedited and two updates in a day, yay!**

"Who is it?"

Alex making a gesture in front of me asking me who I am talking with through the phone. I ignored him and continue talking.

It was Derek, my old friends.

Apparently, he got a problem of his own. He got a daughter and he just knew about it last night. Well, that's what you are going to get when you left your last love hanging without wings.

No news, no call.

And now, he got another problem other than searching for his love only. He have to prove the little girl is his. Kevin on the other hand, in my opinion, doing a good job hiding a little bit of truth from Derek.

Derek have to learn that being almighty doesn't take you anywhere. Dont expect someone to understand you while you are not giving yourself a chance to understand them. To consider their situation when you left them without words.

Of course I have advised him so many time before. But what ever it is, his father is number one in his list. He will never disappoint her father. Or it was probably just what I thought it was before.

I hung up the phone a few minutes later when Alex making bored face right in front of me. Munching on his lean steak, saying that he is on diet, I rolled my eyes. Isnt it is what women do instead. Watching on diet daily afraid that they will getting fat right after just a meal.


"So, he is actually the one that make you smile the other day." Alex guessing when I smiled nonstop even when the phone was already off.

"Stop with your jealousy, Alex." I rolled my eyes.

"Of course, I am your...lo.." Alex replied but of course, he should sto

, just enough for me to hear him.

Wait a second. The name sounds familiar. Brittany, blond hair, pale white skin, pink dresses.. I tilted my head a little thinking where did I ever heard that name before.

As the girl came near to our booth table, I smell a strong fragrance. I dont know this brand, but I am sure I hate it after this. Its smell of strong vanilla and.. jasmine? What combination is that?

"Hi, Alex." she said as she stopped beside us. Both of us raised our head and I am surprise. Very surprise that this blonde lady's smile disappeared as soon as she meet my eyes.

"Brittania Majestic." I whispered, but I know she heard me when she quickly faking a smile and holding out her hand for me.

"Nice to meet you, Anastasia Maria Ardell."

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For being very supportive since my previous book and still are.

You know I really appreciate all of them, thank you so so so much!

And I hope someday you will succeed in everything you do too!

P/s: I just discover your poem, and they are amazing!


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