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Updated: 2018-08-04 13:48

**unedited, because I am doing rapid writing this week ?**

This is going to be the death of me. This is insane. I am not sure if I am still alive. Or am I just dead and someone come and save me? I dont know. Blame me. This unfamiliar feeling igniting something unusual.

I never felt like this before.

And I never thought I will.

This is ridiculously insane.

Is this just a dream? A dream mean to be gone as soon I wake up from my deep sleep? A dream mean to be quickly disappear when I open my eyes and realize this is unreal.

No. If this is a dream then let me just close this eyes forever. I shall just enjoy this moment until my heart stop beating. I should just happily move along and play with his soul.

If he can do it, then so do I.

His lips.

His warm lips. His soft gestures, his smooth movement, his embrace, his sturdy arm, his hard chest. Yes, those same place I put my hand before. The same place where beneath those jacket and shirt lie the only name I knew.

Alexander McQueen.


Finally, when I got the chance to inhale some air. Alex slowly stop but not an inch he move away from me. Our lips still almost touching and his eyes still on mine.

Probably searching an answer.

"I.. I.. Should.." his forefinger quickly on my lips, shutting me off.

"I am sorry." his husky voice speaks.

Furrowing my perfectly carved eyebrows, I push him a little further and slightly step outside of his strong arms circle. But instead, he quickly caging me back.

"Stacy, listen." he said.

"Talk Alex, what is it?" I said giving him a dare.

The truth is, I dont really care. What is it for me to listen? What is it for me to know? We arent even a thing. We are just two stranger coincidently became friends because of business. Right?

Suddenly, a slow growl sounded in the small room. Alex eyes dilated a little before he burst out chuckling. Or I must say, laughin

"Thats great. Now, move. We are getting near the bottom floor." I replied struggling myself out from him.

A soft touch from his cold hand on my cheeks enough to make me stopped moving and again staring into his eyes. Now, his eyes are different. His eyes hold some emotion that I cant understand.

Drawing me closer with his other hand until our chest touch, and our lips almost a paper thin apart.

"I am falling in love with you, " he whispered enough for me to hear and quickly insert it into my mind.

"I am falling in love with your beautiful smile." and before I can speak anything, for the second time that day, he kissed me.

But this time is different, his kiss is passionate and warm, so smooth that I can feel and remember every second his lips move along with mine, rhythmically.

And this time also different because we got audiences. A few gasps and whispers can be heard in a distant as soon as the elevator door slide opened and of course the nonstop flashes and clicks sound.

But we dont care. That moment was ours. Although I am not sure, but I want to keep this moment, because I knew, I have been searching him, and only I knew now that I found what I am searching for.

Love doesnt always have to be said.

Isnt it?

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